The Newsletter

Basically, there’s two options:

1. The first is very simple: we’re going to put the newsletter and articles online every Sunday. Just go to the website every Sunday & enjoy!

2. The second option is only a bit more complex. Go to any RSS-Reader (see suggestions below) & set up an account for free:

This is a desktop version:

Torrent clients, like qbittorrent, also often have an RSS option.

3. Go to our website:

4. Scroll down to the ‘Meta’ section

5. Click ‘Berichten Feed’/’Entries Feed’/’Flux de Publications’

6. On this page, copy the URL (the website’s identifier:

7. Go to your RSS-Reader & click ‘Add Subscription’/’Add New Feed’/’Add Feed’ and enter the URL

8. From that point on, you’ll receive the Newsletter and any new post on our website in your RSS-Reader


9. RSS is not just for the Plukrijp Newsletter; you can use it to get updates from tons of sites.

Ever seen this icon before? It’s the RSS icon. If you find it on any website you can click it, copy the url and add it to your reader & receive updates from any site with an RSS Feed.