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Upside-down, The Good Newsletter 2020 - Week 22

The weekly interactive newsletter sent out by Plukrijp to its members

For people living NOW the school of life

For YOU to send all your good news to

upside down = instead of announcing what we plan to do
(& most often find out we do not need to do), we relate what we really did

Building communities of trust is fundamental to healing our collective wound. At Plukrijp, we offer spaces of transparency and solidarity. The community allows people to encounter each other in truth and so develop trust.
We do the garden for YOU
Plukrijp functions on your frequent visits & harvests. Take along for friends & neighbours, this way we recreate real networks between us all, breaking down the illusory restrictions that now still separate many of us from our fellow man = UBUNTU.

What you can harvest now:

rhubarb, sweet peas, salads, celery, chards, chives, rucola, summer purslane, spinach, basilicum, cucumbers, the first kohlrabi, fresh herbs for taste & medicine.

Coming soon...
This week @ Plukrijp
Drying lavas and turmeric in our solar dryer
We did:

Scratch & weed Hei all over & seeded the last lines of red beets & between the celery & savoy cabbages. How well everything keeps growing in the blistering heat without one drop of rain-water, staying fresh on dew condensation & re-circulation under the green carpet provided by our plukpots, a real proof of the cover-crop permaculture technique !

Add cucumber & gurken & soup beans (bonen van genuchten, zij doen het gat zuchten) plants & seeds to the middle bed of tunnel 5, counting on its upward growth to escape being choked by the potatoes.

We seeded late carrots( flakkese) & red beets between the lines on the 2 outside beds of tunnel 5 & covered it all with our 5 year old compost & watered the "carpet" of pots there. An explosion of greenery, carrots, leek plants, spontaneous chards & potatoes competing for space with the salad-"carpet". Plukrijp likes to create challenging environments to learn how far we can go with plant combinations. Will be followed up in next newsletters.

Weed for the last time the open tunnels & added cauliflower & (next week) Brussels sprouts close to the edges of the raised beds. We like to use the space overhanging the ditches also, maximizing the results of our surface. We are starting the cleanup of the lines of spinach & coriander we seeded between the carrots & parsnips so we can plant the beautiful leek plants we grew, notwithstanding the sometimes extremely cold spring nights.

Spread hay at Hei & straw in the open & closed tunnels (when it was not too hot there). So now all roads are filled with dry material, awaiting the deeply desired rain showers of May (?), June( yesss!), July, ....

Shoveled the perfect compost of Hei into grey boxes, ready to be brought where any space open up in the fields. Covering with lavish amounts of ripe compost in summer helps raise the fertility & keeps weed growth down.

Plant the last lines of self-seeded & received from our friends tomato plants on the sides of the tunnels. Eventually this creates a kind of jungle in autumn, but it brings us a wide variety of delicious fruits, often lasting till the Xmas season.

Clean up the boxes at Hei. Since we work with boxes for our transport & stock, we have collected an enormous amount of them over the years. Any farmer who has shoveled a heap, or even picked it up with a tractor tool, can understand the advantages of precision is stocking, transporting & placing the 200+m² compost we "move" every year by wheelbarrow & trailer.

Start the pallet repair/breakdown/reconstruction that heats our winters. A stitch done in time saves nine, as they say.

We shared:

An evening with silent movies: Charlie Chaplin & Buster Keaton, hilarious slapstick, excellent tool to break down any tendency for the group to get lost into fake seriousness from fakebook & other media-poisons.

My life as a turkey, a doc on how a man became the mother for wild turkeys for 1+year & the lessons he took from it. For us it was an eye-opener into the immediacy & precision & group force (chasing very big snakes out & escorting them) of these wild so-called "unconscious"animals. A must-see !

A doc on the life of Barry Long, a tantra teacher. Union with the beloved in human & divine form, unconditionally & continuously brought him close to divine realisation.

A morning serenade by Jaap Fischer, a nearly forgotten genius of Dutch "chanson", easily at the level of Bob Dylan. A must-listen for Dutch speakers !

We went deeper into the meaning of the story of Iron John:

The Story of Iron John, by Robert Bly – Men and the wound


"Iron John" was originally "Iron Hans," one of the fairy tales collected by the Grimm brothers in the early 19th century. In the story the boy, a son of a king, loses his golden ball one day as it rolls into the cage of the Wild Man who has been locked up in the castle courtyard ever since a hunter found him lurking at the bottom of a pool. The Wild Man (whom the king calls Iron John) refuses to give the ball back to the boy unless he opens the cage. When he tells the boy the key to the cage is under his mother's pillow, the boy steals the key and lets him out. Then, for fear of being punished, he follows the Wild Man into the forest.

As mentor to the boy, the Wild Man first introduces him to nature, then sends him into the world to learn about poverty and real people, a period Bly describes as a descent into "ashes." The boy does lowly work until he gets older and finds the kingdom where he's living at war. With the help of Iron John, whom he calls upon whenever his need is great, he becomes a successful warrior, saving the king from his enemies and winning the king's daughter in a contest involving golden apples and various horses.

Using the tale as an armature, Bly hangs his social commentary about the state of the contemporary male on it. He sees "thousands and thousands of women, being single parents . . . raising boys with no adult man in the house." And he notes the absence in general of "older men [to] welcome the younger man into the ancient, mythologized, instinctive male world." He says "the old men outside the nuclear family no longer offer an effective way for the son to break his link with his parents without doing harm to himself." Bly thinks it's time for new models.

The creation of a "new man," one worthy to carry on the tradition of patriarchy, inevitably calls forth old myths. With "Iron John" Bly invokes a long, venerable tradition of stories and rites surrounding male deliverance. Otto Rank, in his 1914 essay "The Myth of the Birth of the Hero", outlined the stories of 15 such redemptive heroes. Among them were Moses, Oedipus, Perseus, Paris, Cyrus, Tristan, Romulus, Hercules and Jesus. Typically, these boy children were exposed or abandoned by one or both parents, sometimes suckled by wild animals or a humble woman, found and raised by shepherds or herdsmen. Ultimately they triumphed over all obstacles to achieve rank and honors, in outstanding cases to found states and religions and so forth.

EMOTIONALLY, Bly had been claimed by his mother -- he told me he "ingested her nervous system." He said his mother "had tremendous shame" since childhood and Bly "took [her sense of shame] in completely."

He described his mother in her marriage as a "co-dependent" in a house with his father, an alcoholic, "high-powered man" -- a woman with "brains enough to get out of the house," who had enjoyed working for a while in the county courthouse, then came back home again, "locked in, by this ogre in his castle."

Bly clearly felt injured by overidentifying with his damaged mother. In "Iron John" he comments indirectly on himself: "I think men get used to picking up women's pain when they pick up their mother's pain." He and his mother were in the same boat -- lacking sustenance and interest from the man of the house. "To be without a supportive father," he writes, "is for a man an alternative phrase for 'to be in shame.' " He told me he blames his mother in a way for the "negative view" he picked up about his father, a view that reinforced his sense of himself as a victim. But he lets his father off the hook here.

A theme of men as victims of women runs through the literature of the men's movement as strong as a fault line. Here is Bly on "the whole experience in this country of young males, 60's or 70's males, who listen carefully to what women have said about their oppression, much of which is absolutely true . . . and they aren't happy, in fact they look beaten up." But others in the men's movement have used even stronger language. Sam Keen, in his best-selling men's book "Fire in the Belly," writes, "Men are angry because they resent being blamed for everything." Robert Moore, author with Douglas Gillette of "King, Warrior, Magician, Lover" and a Jungian analyst who often co-leads men's groups with Bly, says "It is time for men . . . to stop accepting the blame for everything that is wrong in the world. There has been a veritable blitzkrieg on the male gender, what amounts to an outright demonization of men and a slander against masculinity."

Bly claims his book "does not constitute a challenge to the women's movement" (which he has said he "supports tremendously"), but obviously it does, if the story of the boy in "Iron John" means anything at all. Crucial to the story is the boy's separation from his mother, who has to stay at home and take care of the boy, for the appearance of a male mentor to be significant or necessary. If the mother doesn't stay home, the boy will have no good emotional reason for being pried away.

There would be no initiation story.

At home, she gives rise to the "mother's son," a son unduly attached, in critical need of deliverance. In our unbalanced society, with the father not required to be a true parent in the early stages of the child's life, the mother's function includes not only full responsibility for the early care of boys but also the insult of being left at home in a society that has no respect for domestic work. Bly says boys have to steal the key from under their mothers' pillows (to release the Wild Man). Why? "Because they are intuitively aware of what would happen next -- that they would lose their nice boys."

And we might add that they know their devaluation will be complete as their sons enter the world of men and leave them behind. Male initiation always has to do with gender distinctions and the devaluation of women. If women were important, boys wouldn't need to get away from them and mothers wouldn't need to cling to their boys.

For more, follow the link: https://www.nytimes.com/1992/02/23/books/why-iron-john-is-no-gift-to-women.html

What's Missing In Modern Man | Iron John by Robert Bly

A Think Big Animation (very well done short explanation in 8 min)


Interesting Movies & Documentaries

Richard Perkins – weed free market gardening (our no dig approach)


Richard Perkins – Paperpot transplanter and other farm jobs


Scenes From an Enlightened Life - Barry Long


What is an enlightened life? And what brings it about? This is Barry Long's story, told in his own words, using a montage of film and video footage, still photos and archive materials.

The Australian Spiritual Master Barry Long died in 2003. His autobiography was published ten years later. This film complements the book with a visual record and a fascinating personal interview in which he accounts for the source of his teachings about life, death, truth and love.

Running time: 45 minutes

Courage By OSHO Part 1: The Joy Of Living Dangerously

Courage By Osho Part 2: The Joy Of Living Dangerously


Inspiring Links

Armoring and Suppression of Natural Sexual Expression from the book “Reich and Gurdjieff – Sexuality and the Evolution of consciousness” by David Brahinsky 


Spiritual model according to Bentinho Massaro:


Understanding the Causal Body — Save Yourself Years of Confused Meditations

The three bodies explained in a simple way and how to get familiar with the causal body via neti neti meditation.

Inspiring Books

How to be free of unhappiness in an unhappy world. It can be done!

The earth awaits a revolution in consciousness as day by day discontent grows around the world. But unhappiness, though accepted as normal, is not a natural part of life. Those willing to rid themselves of unhappiness may go through hell on earth to be free. But in them a new consciousness is born. It dawns with the discovery that “only fear dies”.

This book contains eight essays to provoke a re-examination of our lives and the world around us until ultimately we free ourselves of the background discontent which so often erupts in frustration and despair. Barry Long redirects our attention back to the source of all problems – ourselves. He challenges us: Why do we insist on having the right to be unhappy?

First we are shown how to deal moment-to-moment with what makes us discontented so that we can practice staying free of it. Then we examine the roots of unhappiness and how it attaches itself to us from an early age, forming a painful ‘unhappiness body’ inside our physical body. Barry Long describes how this preoccupation with discontent is played out in the world at large. There is a prophetic section on the unholy alliance of the media and the politicians – written 25 years ago, yet the implications become more obvious every day. The later essays are about where real responsibility lies, and why we must become more responsible for ourselves and our karma. The final chapter describes the drama of life from conception to death and beyond, and how we enter the mysteries of living and dying. This knowledge holds the secret of final liberation from all the ills of the human condition.


A book of essays on the causes and effects of unhappiness and the spiritual process of 'dying for life'. It shows us what we can do to
release ourselves from the tensions of living, and challenges us to give
up our 'right to be unhappy'. The perspective then shifts to the world
scene - helping us to disengage from the mass delusions of the human condition. Finally the author examines the law of karma - to give us the deepest possible perspective on the roots of unhappiness in the human condition.

Extracts from the book “Rays of Light”

About Slavery:

No law can liberate women unless they liberate themselves.

What makes them slaves is:

1) Attraction towards the male and his strenght

2) Desire for home life and its security

3) Attachment to motherhood

If they get free from these three slaveries, they will truly be the equal of men.

Men also have three slaveries:

1) Spirit of possession, attachment to power and domination

2) Desire for sexual relation with women

3) Attachment to the small comforts of married life

If they get rid of these three slaveries, they can truly become the equal of women.


About Marriage

To unite your physical lives, your material interests, to become partners in order to face together the difficulties and successes, the defeats and victories of life – that is the very foundation of marriage, but your already know that it is not enough.

To be united in your sensations, to have the same aesthetic tastes and enjoyments, to be moved in common by the same things, one through the other and one for the other – that is good, that is necessary, but it is not enough.

To be one in our deeper feelings, to keep a mutual affection and tenderness that never vary in spite of all the blows of life and can withstand every weariness and irritation and disappointment to be always and on every occasion happy, extremely happy, to be together, to find in every circumstance tranquillity, peace and joy in each other – that is good, that is very good, that is indispensable, but it is not enough.

To unite your minds, to harmonise your thoughts and make them complementary, to share your intellectual preoccupation and discoveries; in short, to make your sphere of mental activity identical through a widening and enrichment acquired by both at once – that is good, that is absolutely necessary, but it is not enough.

Beyond all that, in the depths, at the centre, at the summit of the being, there is a Supreme Truth of being, an Eternal Light, independent of all the circumstances of birth, country, environment, education; That is the origin, cause and master of our spiritual development; it is That which gives a permanent direction to our lives; it is That which determines our destinies; it is in the consciousness of That that you must unite. To be one in aspiration and ascension, to move forward at the same pace on the same spiritual path, that is the secret of a lasting union.

Sketch of the Mother’s Life

The Mother was born in Paris on 21 February 1878. Mirra, as the child was named, received her early education at home and at a private school. Later she attended an art studio in Paris belonging to the Academie Julian. An accomplished artist, some of her works were exhibited at the Paris salon. She was also a talented pianist and writer.

Concerning her early spiritual life the Mother has written: “Between eleven and thirteen a series of psychic and spiritual experiences revealed to me not only the existence of God but man’s possibility of uniting with Him, of realising Him integrally in a life divine.” In 1906 and 1907 the Mother studied occultism in Tlemcen, Algeria, with a Polish adept, Max Théon, and his wife Alma. Returning to Paris she founded a group of spiritual seekers. Between 1911 and 1913 she gave many talks to various groups in Paris.

In 1914 the Mother sailed to Pondicherry, India, to meet Sri Aurobindo, Indian patriot, poet, philosopher and mystic. After a stay of eleven months she returned to France for a year and then went to Japan for nearly four years. In April 1920 the Mother returned to Pondicherry to resume her collaboration with Sri Aurobindo. With her coming, the number of disciples around Sri Aurobindo gradually increased. This informal grouping eventually took shape as the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. From its inception in November 1926 Sri Aurobindo entrusted the full material and spiritual charge of the Ashram to the Mother. Under her guidance, which covered a span of nearly fifty years, the Ashram has grown into a large, many-faceted community.

Among the Mother’s other accomplishments during this period were the creation of the Sri Aurobindo international Centre of Education in 1952 and the founding of Auroville, the “City of Dawn”, in 1968. This growing township, located eight kilometres from Pondicherry is a bold experiment in international living with a high spiritual ideal.

The Mother personally supervised the daily activities of the Ashram until the age of eighty-four. I March 1962 she retired to her room, but from there continued during the next decade to guide the Ashram and receive people regularly. On 17 November 1973, at the age of ninety-five, the Mother left her body.

About the relationship between the Mother and himself, Sri Aurobindo has written: “The Mother’s consciousness and mine are the same”, and again: “There is no difference between the Mother’s path and mine; we have and have always had the same path, the path that leads to the supramental change and the divine realisation...”

On her ninetieth birthday, the Mother summarised her life and work in this way: “The reminiscences will be short. I came to India to meet Sri Aurobindo, I remained in India to live with Sri Aurobindo. When he left his body, I continued to live here in order to do his work which is, by serving the Truth and enlightening mankind, to hasten the rule of the Divine’s Love upon earth.”


Some pertinent questions

written by Frank


More & more through these times of panic & control-grabbing, we are finding out that we are WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrial, Rich, and "Democratic"). We forgot "Male" in the equation, didn't we ? Or was patriarchy only a masculine illusion all along ?

Are we missing the points of view of 80+% of humans on earth because of this?

Is this a conscious decision to hold on to our "ENTITLEMENT" because we think we are superior ?

Are we pushing a world view that would like to ignore them ? Continue business as usual, as in racism, sexism, colonialism, species-ism, consumerism, .....?

What if they decided they have had enough of our domination ?

Permaculture's 2nd principle "I am another you" could heal us WEIRD people of our bias, if we were willing to really look at humanity as a brother/sisterhood.

Are all these "-isms" not keeping us from reaching each other ?

Shall we  drop them ?


If you didn’t see this movie already, take the time to watch it:



This is not a new one bu one to be reviewed regularly. It is more current than ever …


This film sheds light on the nature of love, relationships, the “New Age” movement, reality-creation, quantum physics, objectivity vs. subjectivity and how it all relates to the topics of “conspiracy theories”, psychopathy, and the importance of self-work.

Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition has been selected as the #1 film 2011-2012 of the ‘Top 100 Global Development Movies’. The best positive, inspirational, thought-provoking movie of our times.”

Written, narrated and audio editing by Bernhard Guenther
Visuals and video editing by Humberto Braga

Running Time: 1hr17min

Vision Quest by White Eagle

This moment humanity is going through

can now be seen as a portal and as a hole.

The decision to fall into the hole

or go through the portal is up to you.

If you repent of the problem

and consume the news 24 hours a day,

with little energy, nervous all the time,

with pessimism, you will fall into the hole.

But if you take this opportunity to look at yourself,

rethink life and death,

take care of yourself and others, you will cross the portal.

Take care of your homes,

take care of your body.

Connect with your spiritual House.

When you are taking care of yourselves,

you are taking care of everything else.

Do not lose the spiritual dimension of this crisis,

have the eagle aspect, that from above,

and see the whole; see more broadly.

There is a social demand in this crisis,

but there is also a spiritual demand.

The two go hand in hand.

Without the social dimension,

we fall into fanaticism.

But without the spiritual dimension,

we fall into pessimism and lack of meaning.

You were prepared to go through this crisis.

Take your toolbox and use all the tools available to you.

Learn about resistance of the indigenous and African peoples:

we have always been and continue to be exterminated.

But we still haven’t stopped singing,

dancing, lighting a fire and having fun.

Don’t feel guilty about being happy during this difficult time.

You do not help at all being sad and without energy.

You help if good things emanate from the Universe now.

It is through joy that one resists.

Also, when the storm passes,

each of you will be very important

in the reconstruction of this new world.

You need to be well and strong.

And, for that, there is no other way

than to maintain a beautiful, happy and bright vibration.

This has nothing to do with alienation.

This is a resistance strategy.

In shamanism, there is a rite of passage

called the quest for vision.

You spend a few days alone in the forest,

without water, without food, without protection.

When you cross this portal,

you get a new vision of the world,

because you have faced your fears, your difficulties …

This is what is asked of you:

Allow yourself to take advantage of this time

to perform your vision seeking rituals.

What world do you want to build for you?

For now, this is what you can do: serenity in the storm.

Calm down, pray every day.

Establish a routine to meet the sacred every day.

Good things emanate;

what you emanate now is the most important thing.

And sing, dance, resist through art, joy, faith and love. ”
Resist – Be reborn

From White Eagle - https://325.nostate.net/2020/03/27/message-from-white-eagle-hopi-indigenous-on-3-16-2020-turtle-island/

Corona and Us - Aging and dying in self-determination
You don't ask us anything - But we still raise our voices

We are citizens between the ages of 64 and 78, some with an illness. According to the official definition, we all belong to the risk group.

We are surprised by the idea of belonging to a risk group. We are not afraid of Coronavirus: We assume it - yes, fear it
- no. We take care globally for a strong immune system. Death and dying do not seem to us to be a risk. Death has always existed in our families. We ourselves have accompanied people in death: our parents, friends, acquaintances… ..
We see death as a last important gesture and part of a good life, even if it includes pain, sorrow and sorrow. If we were to be infected with the virus and die from it, we would like to be surrounded by our loved ones.

As much as we salute the fact that ultimately human life is placed above economic values, we are also frightened to see the mechanistic image of the world taken to extremes. Even if purely physical survival is important and should be ensured, we do not approve of how everything that gives value to life is subjected to incredible rigidity.
We don't want that. Not for us and not at the price paid by millions of people. Life (on) alone has no absolute value for us, what matters is the quality of life and this until the last breath. Let us die when the time is right, even with or because of the Coronavirus. We are old and thoughtful enough to be certain that this is our will. We refuse to put responsibility for our health at the end of our lives solely in the hands of medical experts, politicians and administrations. Our biggest fear is being caught up in the Coronavirus machinery and no longer being able to decide for ourselves how to die. Our greatest personal hope is to find, if necessary, a doctor who grants us and our parents the dignity of being sick and dying.

2.We remind people of all ages:

You should not close your stores and restaurants for us, or remain confined, avoid churches, don masks, or accommodate other social restrictions.
We trust your and our civic sense and our natural way of cooperating and caring for each other.

What disturbs us above all is the concern for our fundamental rights which have been abrogated, in the name of solidarity precisely, in a rapid and complete manner. Living this is, in view of our socio-political system, completely disillusioning. Also in the role of the media where fearful unilateral communication goes far beyond a sober and differentiated relationship, which would allow adult citizens to form their own opinion.

Does no one believe us capable of being, of ourselves, considerate and responsible?

In view of such a global upheaval in our future, shouldn't everything be done to encourage the confidence in life, the capacities for autonomy and the strengths of resilience necessary to live with doubt and insecurity? Instead of serving the need for authorities, who dictate which route to take? And at some point dare to wonder that there are parties that have trained to develop this for years and who can do this very well?

We appeal to politicians

- Stop stirring up fears or issuing decrees, based on unfounded and implausible facts,.

- Give us facts and data that allow us, the citizens, to draw sensible conclusions and use our own common sense.

- Stop your bans and decrees that affect the entire population. Bet on our judgment. Count on us. We see ourselves able to assess with our doctors our serious personal situation and act accordingly.

- Drop the idea of ​​compulsory vaccination. It does not attack evil at the source (= e.g. human life conditions which respect man and his health) but aims at the symptom. We are not following you.

- Give up one-dimensional thoughts and stop fixing only the vaccine. Organize interdisciplinary discussion meetings that have a global view of healthy living conditions, and choose appropriate strategies. Make these discussions transparent.
Be as concerned about maintaining and activating immune resistance as you are about drugs and vaccines.

- Count on us in the aftermath. We don't want a 1: 1 return to the old normal.

We appeal to the media.

- Give us the dates and the facts - in all their contradictions, but capable of making correlations and without comments,. No absolute figures without references.

- Give us the estimates of the experts - in all their widths.

- Stop giving us unilateral information that stirs up fear.

-Prohibit the disclosure of Fake News.

We all call

- Let us learn from this crisis. Let's take advantage of the abandonment of our routines to remember what is important for real life. Let’s reorganize the future, towards a culture in solidarity with man, with nature, towards a better world, of which we all dream.
It would be the most lasting way to recognize the disproportionate sacrifice that humans are offering these days around the world.

Authors and signatories of this declaration.

VerfasserInnen und ErstunterzeichnerInnen dieser Erklärung:

Dr. MarieLuise Stiefel, Sozialwissenschaftlerin (69), Adda Klaiber, Krankenschwester (72), Wilhelm Zimmermann, Metzger (71), Irene Harberding, Atemtherapeutin (77), Erdmute Röcke, Psychotherapeutin (76), Peter Hönigschmid, Architekt (78), Maria Keil, Designerin (76), Thomas Waldhubel, Psychologe (70), Agnes Schuster, Sozialpädagogin (66), Sabine Kahlfuß, Bauingenieurin (66), Claus Reimers, Dipl.Pädagoge (67), Evelyne Wagner, Sozialpädagogin (71), Ilselore Lehr, Kunsttherapeutin (65), Ingrid Sikora, Krankenschwester (70), Eika Bindgen, Heilpraktikerin (64), Rolf Bronner, Handwerker (80), Bernd Keuten, Mechanikermeister (70), Klaus Röhrig, Installateur (67)


V.i.S.d.P: Dr. MarieLuise Stiefel, Tempelhof 3, 74594 Kreßberg

The association organises free training, exercices and activities. All the goods and services circulating within the association are free and without consideration.
The association appeals to your generosity : contribute if you want to support us.
Thank you !
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