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Upside-down, The Good Newsletter 2020 - Week 20

The weekly interactive newsletter sent out by Plukrijp to its members

For people living NOW the school of life

For YOU to send all your good news to

upside down = instead of announcing what we plan to do
(& most often find out we do not need to do), we relate what we really did

Building communities of trust is fundamental to healing our collective wound. At Plukrijp, we offer spaces of transparency and solidarity. The community allows people to encounter each other in truth and so develop trust.
We do the garden for YOU
Plukrijp functions on your frequent visits & harvests. Take along for friends & neighbours, this way we recreate real networks between us all, breaking down the illusory restrictions that now still separate many of us from our fellow man = UBUNTU.

What you can harvest now:

rhubarb, sweet peas, pakchoy, salads, celery, chards, chives, rucola, summer purslane, spinach, the first basilicum, the first cucumbers, fresh herbs for taste & medicine.

This week @ Plukrijp
A strange week, the "ice saints" as the tradition calls them were making gardening difficult and complicated.

From the year 1000 on people living in Western Europe & benefitting from the warm and humid influence of the gulf stream (we now call it "amoc" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlantic_meridional_overturning_circulation) in spring have called this period after 3-5 "saints" (Mamertus, Pancratius, Servatius, Bonfatius, Sophia of Rome) since these were supposed to be the last nights of strong frost.

The sudden loss of strength of the current the last 5-20 years due to the melting of the ice cap in the north & the influx of sweet cold water from these icebergs near the American East coast have displaced it so it does not come close to the Western European coast & the British isles anymore.

Since 1850, the start of heavy industrialization, humans are disturbing the very environment they rely on for their survival. A BIT AS IF WE WERE MORE STUPID THAN MONKEYS BECAUSE THEY DO NOT SAW OFF THE BRANCH THEY ARE SITTING ON.

Climate deniers financed by the fossil fuel giants just as much as climate panickers financed by the regulation pushers (zero tolerance & guilt for the people versus total corruption & no shame for the "leaders") have a hard time in understanding the subtlety of these geological response mechanisms of Gaia, our Mother Earth.

Remember the clear message from Donella Meadows in the last newsletter? System dysfunction tolerated & fed by post-capitalist excesses & media fearmongering can be perceived daily in the form of covid-19 panic & the totalitarian measures taken to kill as many elderly, obese "costly" citizens as possible by refusing to allow treatment with medicines we know since 1949.
We did, though:

Plant lines of tomato (self-seed & received from Hugo & Lieven - many thanks!!) wherever the enormous salads were harvested or fed to the chickens. The disruption of our usual giving-away-networks accounts for at least 50% of loss & double work. But, the chickens love us so much now that they get daily doses of the vitamins the humans should have "taken" to boost their immunity.

Protect from frost at Hei the potatoes, pumpkins & courgettes. Look at the pics & admire the resourcefulness & goodwill of the volunteer team. At a certain moment, when we were seeing the plants wither before our eyes from the dry, ice-cold northern wind, we even gave them an extra blanket of straw & sawdust before watering & covering them for the night. I suppose & hope they are as thankful to us as the chickens. 

Weed the parsnips, carrots, salads & spinach in the open tunnels and scratched it with a "Hollandse schoffel", a marvellous tool for precise work.

Fill in a few low-lying parts of the tunnels. Surprising as it may be, at certain moments in winter the water table came too high & the soil life was damaged. It is visible in the lines of peas, turning yellow long before the not-damaged spaces. Fresh, delicious sweet peas were of course harvested every other day to the delight of anybody sitting at our table.

Reseed pumpkins & sweet corn where we did not trust the plants that had already come up but were fighting for survival against drought (very hot in the day) & cold (frost nearly every night this week).

Flatten out the place where we turn with our trailers at Hei with sand from our neighbor Peter. Thanks!  

Place the last of the pots we so patiently filled with tomato & chives & celery on top of the compost heap at tunnel 5. A very original way to cover a compost heap, no? Ornamental & in the permaculture tradition of NEVER DO ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT HAVE AT LEAST 5 APPLICATIONS.

We shared:

A testimony from a lung doctor asking needed questions about the actual developments

A chilling documentary called "vaxxed" that (once more, please stop!) showed us the ruthless profit driven dark side of medicine where scientific & official regulatory instances are openly corrupted, killing & damaging innumerable kids & youngsters.

We shared our reading of books from Sri Aurobindo & the Mother, where we find clear & simple insights into real, daily practice of spirituality.

A text from our friend Jan about the intentional destruction of natural beauty going around his place & nearly everywhere else. IS THIS WHAT IS CALLED GOING OUT WITH A BANG? (the picture below is made by him)

Interesting Movies & Documentaries
Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe (Trailer)
Dr. Hooker enlists the help of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the British gastroenterologist falsely accused of starting the anti-vax movement when he first reported in 1998 that the MMR vaccine may cause autism. In his ongoing effort to advocate for children’s health, Wakefield directs this documentary examining the evidence behind an appalling cover-up committed by the government agency charged with protecting the health of American citizens.
Longarts David Prins stelt vragen over het beleid omtrent Corona.
David Prins asks the right questions that the MSM does not ask. I share this video because this side of the story can and should be exposed.

There are too many questions that are not answered. For how many deaths or still infections can the emergency measures be withdrawn? Just a question that is still not answered.
Inspiring Links
When a man lies, he murders some part of the world.
- Paul Gerhardt, German hymn writer
Geoengineering, the Space Fence, and the Advent of Transhumanism


Welcome to LIFEexplained. This channel offers short videos on the spiritual laws of the universe.

Tanzania catches W.H.O. in massive fraud? By Joseph P. Farrell



It seems that Tanzania's President John Magufili pulled a fast one on the World Health Organization: “We sent them samples of a goat, a papaya & a pheasant”: Tanzanian president catches WHO in epic lie.
The more you believe in appearances, in the story told by your physical senses and in the circumstances that you now find yourself in, the less control you have over them. 
What's real is your power to change them. 
All things are possible. 
The Universe
"The question in each and everything, Do you want this again and innumerable times again?”
announces Nietzsche in The Gay Science. 

What does this mean exactly?

Suggestion from Frank:

Endless repetition of clear nonsense (on 24/7 on the media & in superficial "communication") between people living in fear of what exactly? Authority? Each other? Death? Living their real Life?

Re-assuring themselves and each other that, yeah, really, you can rest assured, nothing whatsoever is going to HAPPEN.
Remark from Bob Dylan: "You have to PAY to get out of going through these things twice" (Memphis Blues again)

This complex interplay of the past and future as one and the same interrogates us at each moment, asking why we continue to sell away our precious time to mediocrity and conformity.

Perhaps the words of Victor Frankl illuminate this best: 

Live as if you were living already for the second time and as if you had acted the first time as wrongly as you are about to act now!” 

It seems to me that there is nothing which would stimulate a man’s sense of responsibleness more than this maxim, which invites him to imagine first that the present is past and, second, that the past may yet be changed and amended.
Letting go of your soft addictions
By Katherine Woodward Thomas
It’s not easy being human.

Particularly now, in what’s been called the “Age of Anxiety”, where there are all sorts of things to be afraid of.

In response, a lot of us have what we call “soft addictions.” Not the full flown addictions that drive us into 12-step programs or land us in rehab.

But the quiet ones that help take the edge off.

A favorite TV show. Some compulsive online shopping. A ritualistic late-night glass of wine.

Or a little emotional eating of sugary treats and comfort carbs.

Once in a while these indulgences are fine.

Yet sometimes they creep up on us and find their way into our schedules on a more regular basis.

Becoming our main mechanism for self-soothing, and making our lives just a little too isolated and our feelings just a bit too shut down.

Most of us don’t
want to be dead
until we actually are.
So why do we deaden

ourselves in these ways?

Why place these inner glass ceilings upon ourselves that dim down our experience of being alive so drastically?
The need to self-soothe is so great that we’ll slice off layers of aliveness just to try to get ourselves into a place of balance again.

Here’s the thing.
If you want to be radically alive,
you’ve got to give up
your soft addictions.
And if you want to give up your
soft addictions, you’ve got to
up-level your ability
to self-soothe.
So you no longer

need them.

Get into the habit of speaking words of wisdom, kindness and encouragement to yourself.

Stay present with what’s happening inside of you.

Comfort yourself.

Extend love to the part of you hurting.

Practice self-soothing as the
strong inner foundation of
being radically and wonderfully alive

Written by Joshka
This week we received our new
Trifield EMF Meter, allowing us to measure electric (Frequencies: 40 Khz – 100 Khz, measured in V/m) & magnetic field (40 – 100 Khz, measured in mGauss) and radiofrequencies from 20 Mhz up to 6GHz (measured in mV/m²) in and around Plukrijp.
These fields and frequencies interfere with the functioning of our (electromagnetic) bodies. Multitude of studies have shown adverse effects to exposure to field and frequencies. You can see our bodies/being as a song, all the cells, organs, bacteria, fungi, archaea, nerves, etc playing together like a giant, coherent, quantum orchestra, through electromagnetism and resonance. Now envision the fields
For more information see:
https://emfacademy.com/, https://www.emfanalysis.com/research/
Safety guidelines according to the manufacturers* of the device:
Electric Fields (EF): 50 V/m
Magnetic Fields (MF): 5 mG
Radio Frequency (RF) - Peak**: 1000 mW/m² – Field: 200 mW/m²
* The safety guidelines of any state will lie significantly higher. These are not conform what one might conclude after reading the research.
** Radio Frequencies are pulsed and fluctuate. In the analogy, think of it like someone yelling through your orchestra intermittently; AAAAA…...AAAAaaaAAAAAaa….Aaa…….AAAAAa…
With the guy yelling constantly, at least you can get used to it somewhat. With the intermittent, fluctuating yelling, there is no adaptation possible. Like tapping with a finger on someones forehead.
I started out by measuring different appliances, cables and devices. The size of the fields depends on the voltage (standing or moving charge has/is a field); higher voltage, bigger field. The intensity of the field diminishes quickly with distance. Thus, a simple rule of thumb: the farther away from any device, the better, especially big ones. So, sitting in front of a desktop computer you might want to move the actual pc a bit further away, put some distance between you and the screen, and then still don’t spend too long there. Your hands will inevitably be exposed to the field of the keyboard & mouse (about 100-300 V/m).
All cables connected to the network have a charge, even if no turned on device is connected. Often, the water hose analogy is used: Charge is the pressure, current is the flow of water. In this case, even if the nozzle of the hose is closed and no water is coming out, the pressure is still there. Same goes for connected devices, even if turned off. All of these have a charge. I rearranged some of the wiring to allow us to turn off specific sections through switches (for example, the audio installation is connected to one switch, the computer and screen to another, and the router and ethernet switch to another. Printer and lights on separate sockets. That way we can leave parts off if not used.) and we’ll be looking into whether we can do the same for wiring not connected to switches (wiring going to outlets around the house).
We’ve been trying to get rid of wifi for a while now. The router emits highly fluctuating, pulsed radio frequencies, turning the computer area into a danger zone. We mitigated this somewhat by creating a wall of books around the router. The books refract the waves, making them less intense, bringing the mW/m² from 3-4k at the computer to about 500-1k mV/m². I added a ring of orgonite
(https://orgoniseyourself.com/how-orgonite-heals/ > by the multi-disciplinary, real scientist, Wilhelm Reich. I highly recommend any of this guys books. They’ll take you on a trip of what science can be. Truly amazing!) around the router, which immediately absorbed and neutralized a part of the frequencies. We have bought adapters for our laptops without ethernet access (ethernet to usb), so we can switch off the wifi and use wired internet. The ethernet cables still have a charge, but at you can take distance from them, whereas you cannot do that with the pulsed radio waves. We’re waiting for adapters for the few mobile phones still at Plukrijp; we need specific ones that have a micro usb ánd usb cable (the usb cable can provide electricity to the device, the micro usb cannot get from the phone). When those are here, we will turn off the wifi.

I checked the lamps around the place and came to the conclusion that having any lamps close to you is a bad idea. Their field is significantly more intense when turned off than when on. When on the charge is converted into heat and light. I would especially watch out around your bed. Much better to have one on the ceiling than on a night stand. Same goes for sockets near your bed.


Mobile phones in general are torture devices (and not just because of the way they abuse us/we abuse them). They have highly fluctuating, intense magnetic and electric field (200-500 V/m, 3-5 mG) and, when wifi or data are turned on, intense RF from 2k to 16k coming from them. Basically, bad plan to carry them around, better plan to turn off (stops RF, EF, MF), put on airplane mode (stops RF, not EF/MF), turn off wifi and data (stops RF) or just don’t use (best option of all) and use a land line (not wireless).


Our meter measures up to 6Ghz. The newly implemented 5G goes up to 60Ghz and is capable of (among many other adverse health effects) to incapacitate the body to absorb oxygen. The only meter that I could find that measures up to there is this one, priced at 3k: https://www.theemcshop.com/rf-field-strength-probes-meters/1051-narda-nbm-520-broadband-field-meter-100-khz-60-ghz.html. Different ways of protecting your home from 5G (paints, devices, boxes, blankets) can be bought here: https://www.radmeters.com/Shielding-paint-5-litre.html.


General tips:

Wired = better (because you can turn it off and take distance)

– Distance diminishes quickly

– Obstruction helps for EF and RF (some)

Don’t use electronics too much and reduce wiring > We are used to the luxury that electricity provides. Are we really entitled to that? > Michael Moore – Planet of the Humans

– Keep the light in you alive!

The last one is very important. We are creatures of frequency, light. Electro-magnetic pollution damages by disturbing our song. If we sing our song well and truly, keeping high spirits, the false EMF-notes cannot harm us. Tat-tuvam-asi = Thou Art That = I AM!
The association organises free training, exercices and activities. All the goods and services circulating within the association are free and without consideration.
The association appeals to your generosity : contribute if you want to support us.
Thank you !
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