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Upside-down, The Good Newsletter 2020 - Week 11

The weekly interactive newsletter sent out by Plukrijp to its members

For people living NOW the school of life

For YOU to send all your good news to

upside down = instead of announcing what we plan to do
(& most often find out we do not need to do), we relate what we really did

Building communities of trust is fundamental to healing our collective wound. At Plukrijp, we offer spaces of transparency and solidarity. The community allows people to encounter each other in truth and so develop trust.
We do the garden for YOU
Plukrijp functions on your frequent visits & harvests. Take along for friends & neighbours, this way we recreate real networks between us all, breaking down the illusory restrictions that now still separate many of us from our fellow man = UBUNTU.

What you can harvest now:

Jerusalem artichokes, parsnip, potatoes, carrots, celery, chards, chives, salads, rucola, chervil, spinach, purslane, mustards of all colors & textures, fresh herbs for taste & medicine.

This week @ Plukrijp

Just one normal week for Plukrijp, maybe the first week of a new post-stress era, post-fear?
By artificially shutting down all social contact via schools, culture, sports, etc...  the Western governments have started their own economic downfall.
From our no-nonsense permaculture durable platform, based on intensive socio-economic & cultural networking, we can keep on sharing, sharing, sharing, ...
Our positive message can bring courage to those who will not let themselves be pulled into doubting the enormous force of their own physical immunity.
Please, adult readers of our newsletter, do not let childish doubts, threats, "safety measures" etc cut you from the "other", the so-called "enemy", be it human, animal or VIRUS.

For another view of the situation: see below in "Inspiring Links"
Remember: I AM ANOTHER YOU! Remember also the 20 year series of media-provoked panics since 2000
We did:
Water kept falling abundantly from the sky, so we added extra layers of straw in the ditches of the tunnels & at Hei. Every drop of water we can fix now will come in handy in summer.

Potato-planting in the three 65m long raised beds at Hei, while covering them with our ripe compost. A line of purple, a line of red & a line of white potatoes, delicious basic food for next autumn/winter/spring. Hopefully enough for our many local & less local harvester/supporters also. We had 3 kg per plant last year, by planting far enough apart! We will deal with the threat of Colorado beetle resurgence after a winter without real frost, by picking the larvae off before it becomes a "pandemic".

Many harvests for our courageous free restaurant & cooking workshop people. Abundance in the most improbable month of the year, thanks to our smart autumn seeding! The next harvest sprouting spontaneously or seeded/planted already: carrots, leeks, onions, peas, beans, garlic, mustard, salads, rucola, spinach, red beets, potatoes, dill, thyme, sorrel, rhubarb, ...our "Plukpots" are filling up daily.

Sort the carrots & parsnips from last summer. A lot of parsnips is waiting for "takers", so, maybe we seed a bit less of them in 2020? Any other suggestions? 

Onion planting in between the carrot lines in tunnel 5. This is one of the best plant combinations re plant health & re use of space & re weed control.
Kept on scratching the future fields & beds at Hei, even though it rained a lot. Our compost-rich PURE SAND soil is so porous that it "drinks" without limit while our neighbour’s fields have become lakes. See for scientific background on the advantages of no-till carbon-respecting regenerative agriculture as opposed to chemical industrial carbon-depleting erosive (but heavily subsidized) desert creation.

Gather the many boxes we use every autumn/winter in one place at Hei. It is so incredibly easy & efficient to work "modal" for moving stuff instead of using fossil-fuel driven tractors doing damage with every intervention & costing a fortune. I like to ask farmers how much "scrap iron" they have to pay off to the bank.

Planted the first runner beans in the tunnels, though the soil was quite wet still. The day temperature seduced us into early planting. If the beds can dry op & germination can proceed, we hope to harvest delicious fine beans at eye level (!!!) till end of October, in successive flowerings.

We shared:

We had many morning/noon & evening meal "sharings” with the actually present  nice group of volunteers. The enormous inner wealth of so many of the young people keeps on surprising us. Only one condition: ask them to put away their cell phones so Fakebook can not distract them. Only one tactic: show them how brilliant they can be if they let go of peer-group-conformism & other fears.

A presentation of our 2020 no-nonsense permaculture course/"wiki" by Joshka. It is growing into a teaching tool of great quality & diversity.

We joined the local book-reading club at Het Voorwoord (, our local culture hub. A small group of literature buffs promise to read one book every 6 (????) weeks & evaluate it together. Of course, the Plukrijp rythm of at least one book a week is capable of taking on this "task". We are curious to see this nice initiative develop into????   

Interesting Movies & Documentaries
Ashes to Snow - a wonderful contemplation film
“In exploring the shared language and poetic sensibilities of all animals, I am working toward rediscovering the common ground that once existed when people lived in harmony with animals.The images depict a world that is without beginning or end, here or there, past or present. I hope that the overall effect is an experience of wonder and contemplation, serenity and hope.”
Our perception of nature had been human-centric. I hope to see the world through the eyes of a whale, an elephant, a manatee, a meerkat, a cheetah, an eagle, and I have tried to leave the windows and doors open so that others can share the same amazement I felt during each work’s creation.”
- Gregory Colbert

Visit also his website: 
Medical groups get kickbacks for pushing vaccines
This doctor was removed from the order of doctors following an article he wrote on vaccines. His testimony is poignant and his courage to keep moving forward is an example for many.
The art of being yourself | Caroline McHugh | TEDx

“One night my mother came up to get us and we were having pillow fights.
She showed up and she said “Right lasses, everybody’s ready.
Go down and give them a song.”

And this night I was just overcome. I said “I don’t want to sing.”
She said “Why do you not want to sing?”
I said “Well, everybody’s going to be looking at me.”
And I’ll never forget her face. She looked at me, she said, “Caroline, don’t flatter yourself, darling. You think anybody downstairs is interested in you? They‘re not. Your job is to go and make them happy, so go and sing.”
I said “okay”, and picked up my guitar and my sisters.

That advice has never left me. But what is has left me with is spectacular disregard for where my abilities end, and for being the center of attention. You’re the center of mine, and that’s a very different feeling.”

- Caroline McHugh

Never say again impossible but I’m possible!
How hundreds of small ‘Gardens of Eden’ guard against total deforestation in Ethiopia

‘The church is within the forest, the forest is inside the church.’

Ethiopia’s northern highlands were once covered by trees. But over the past century, development and exponential population growth have all but wiped out the region’s forests, transforming the landscape into an expanse of brown fields, given over to cattle grazing and agriculture.

However, an aerial view of the region reveals small pockets of green with round buildings in the middle, dotting the barren expanses.

Born of the centuries-old belief of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church that churches should be surrounded by forests so as to resemble the Garden of Eden, these sites have become valuable sanctuaries of biodiversity amid the extreme pressures of population growth.
The Church Forests of Ethiopia explores how the Ethiopian ecologist Alemayehu Wassie is partnering with church leaders in a last stand against deforestation – an inspiring and uncommon partnership between science and religion.

From our regenerative agriculture hero, a treasury of info on the new world of agriculture, connect & be amazed !
"Matter of Heart" - The Classic Documentary on C.G. Jung

"Matter Of Heart" is a compelling and inspiring film portrait of Carl Gustav Jung, a man whose extraordinary genius and humanity reached far beyond the sometimes exclusive realm of psychiatry into redefining the essential nature of who we are and what we hope to become. More than a linear biography, the film presents a fuller perspective on this analyst, healer, friend and mentor, through the skillful interweaving of rare home movies, valuable archival footage and a wealth of interviews with such notables as Sir Laurens van der Post, Marie-Louise von Franz and Joseph Henderson, M.D.

The life and thinking of the great Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung, is examined. Interviews are done with those who knew him, most of whom were analyzed by him and very often became analysts themselves. Jung's own words appear on screen, and archive footage of Jung himself is shown. We learn aspects of his private life, including his relationship with his wife, Emma, and his mistress, Toni Wolff. But mostly we learn of his philosophy, sometimes mystical in nature, regarding the collective unconscious, the ego-personality, anima and animus, and more (1985).
Inspiring Links
On the theme: "let's play at pandemic":

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted the Clade X pandemic tabletop exercise on May 15, 2018, in Washington, DC. The purpose of the exercise was to illustrate high-level strategic decisions and policies that the United States and the world will need to pursue in order to prevent a pandemic or diminish its consequences should prevention fail.

Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now

Politicians, Community Leaders and Business Leaders:
What Should You Do and When?

written by Tomas Pueyo in Medium
Inspiring Books
Tantra Illuminated – The Philosophy, History and Practice of a Timeless Tradition by Christopher D. Wallis
Most of us are most strongly identified with the mind out of all the layers. Becoming free of the bondage of this identification is of course impossible without increasingly grounded direct experience of the deeper layers of self. Such disengagement from the mind (which does not imply devaluing its usefulness) is crucial in all forms of yoga, whether Tantrik or non-Tantrik. You see, when we overidentify with the mind, we cannot help but believe its stories. The mind creates oversimplified, overgeneralized, and distorted representations of reality (called vikalpas). When we take these mental constructs as reality—instead of the distorted second-order representations that they are—we suffer. (Remember that according to NŚT, all suffering comes from not seeing things as they really are.) When we are not overidentified with the mind, we are naturally more skeptical of the stories it makes up about reality, which are spun out of hopes and fears based on past pleasurable and painful experience, rather than any clear assessment of the real situation in front of us. Free of mind-identification, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we certainly don’t believe everything we think. We understand that the mind is just one of many sources of input that an awakened being takes note of as part of her self-aware loving embrace of her whole being. It’s like a mother who lovingly listens to the stories of all her children, not necessarily believing any of them literally but taking note of them when they point to a deeper reality or issue.

Man and His Symbols – Carl G. Jung

I had always been impressed by the fact that there are a surprising number of individuals who never use their minds if they can avoid it, and an equal number who do you use their minds, but in an amazingly stupid way. I was also surprised to find many intelligent and wide awake people who lived (as far as one could make out) as if they had never learned to use their sense organs: they did not see the things before their eyes, hear the words sounding in their ears, or notice the things they touched or tasted.

Some lived without being aware of the state of their own bodies. There are others who seemed to live in a most curious condition of consciousness, as if the state they arrived at today were final with no possibility of change, or as if the world and the psyche were static and would remain so for ever. They seemed devoid of all imagination, and they entirely and exclusively depended upon their sense perception. Chances and possibilities did not exist in their world, and in "today" there was no real "tomorrow." The future was just a repetition of the past.
Humor (?)
Goofus and Gallant In the Global Pandemic
– The Belladonna Comedy

Coronavirus social distancing


With no consideration, no pity, no shame,
they have built walls around me, thick and high.
And now I sit here feeling hopeless.
I can't think of anything else: this fate gnaws my mind -
because I had so much to do outside.
When they were building the walls, how could I not have noticed!
But I never heard the builders, not a sound.
Imperceptibly they have closed me off from the outside world.

Constantine P. Cavafy -
Climate Change
No comment needed...
Douglas Rushkoff on "social" media damage

The technologies through which memes are being transmitted change so rapidly that it is impossible to recognize their new forms — their shells — in advance. We must instead build our collective immune system by strengthening our organic coherence — our resistance to the socially destructive memes within them.

This is particularly difficult when the enemies of Team Human are busy escalating memetic warfare with artificial intelligence. Each of their algorithms is designed to engage with us individually, disconnect us from one another, neutralize our defense mechanisms, and program our behavior as if we were computers. Television advertisers may have normalized the idea that consumers can be experimented on like lab rats, but social media weaponizes these techniques.

At least television happened in public. The enormity of the audience was the source of its power, but also its regulating force. TV stations censored ads they found offensive for fear of losing viewers. In contrast, social media messages may cost pennies or nothing at all, are seen only by the individuals who have been targeted, and are placed by bots with no qualms about their origins or content.

Moreover, when media is programmed to atomize us and the messaging is engineered to provoke our most competitive, reptilian sensibilities, it’s much harder to muster a collective defense. We lose our ability to distinguish the real from the unreal, the actual from the imagined, or the threat from the conspiracy.

The powers working to disrupt the democratic process through memetic warfare understand this well. Contrary to popular accounts, they invest in propaganda from all sides of the political spectrum. The particular memes they propagate through social media are less important than the immune reactions they hope to provoke.

Memetic warfare, regardless of the content, discourages cooperation, consensus, or empathy. The reptile brain it triggers doesn’t engage in those prosocial behaviors. Instead, in an environment of hostile memes and isolated by social media, human beings become more entrenched in their positions and driven by fear for their personal survival. Worst of all, since these platforms appear so interactive and democratic, we experience this degradation of our social processes as a form of personal empowerment. To be truly social starts to feel like a restraint—like the yoke of political correctness, or a compromising tolerance of those whose very existence weakens our stock.

This may not have been the intent of social media or any of the communications technologies that came before it—all the way back to language. The internet doesn’t have to be used against a person’s critical faculties any more than we have to use language to lie or written symbols to inventory slaves. But each extension of our social reality into a new medium requires that we make a conscious effort to bring our humanity along with us.

We must protect our social human organism from the very things we have created.
Thank you Alyia for the extra beauty you brought to this place!
Before and after
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The association appeals to your generosity : contribute if you want to support us.
Thank you !
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