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Upside-down, The Good Newsletter 2020 – Week 24

The weekly interactive newsletter sent out by Plukrijp to its members

For people living NOW the school of life

For YOU to send all your good news to

upside down = instead of announcing what we plan to do
(& most often find out we do not need to do), we relate what we really did

Building communities of trust is fundamental to healing our collective wound. At Plukrijp, we offer spaces of transparency and solidarity. The
community allows people to encounter each other in truth and so develop trust.

on our website: Current Harvest

From now on you can find
all the current and upcoming crops with photo, location and name by clicking on the Current Harvest button in the menu on our website.

on our website: Current Harvest

From now on you can find
all the current and upcoming crops with photo, location and name by clicking on the Current Harvest button in the menu on our website.

We do the garden for YOU
Plukrijp functions on your frequent visits & harvests. Take along for friends & neighbours, this way we recreate real networks between us all, breaking down the illusory restrictions that now still separate many of us from our fellow
man = UBUNTU.

What you can harvest now:

BERRIES !!! (red berries food forest,
white berries food forest, black berries food forest, iosta berries food forest, gooseberries food forest & hei)
, pak choï at Hei, red beets in closed
tunnel 3Rhalfway up, carrots in
tunnel 3Rhalfway up, snow peas in the closed tunnels, ripe peas in the closed tunnels, runner beans, bush beans, tomatoes ripening in
tunnels 1&2, cucumbers in
tunnel 4, salad red at Hei, salad
Italian green at Hei, salad ice frilly at Hei, salad green at Hei, celery stalk at Hei & open tunnels,
chards at Hei &
open tunnel 5, onion bushel at Hei, elderberry flowers for syrup, fennel greens, dill
yellow raspberries in foodforest,
green celery, red basil, cinnamon basil, genovese basil, thaï
basil, lemon basil, greek basil, …
in closed
tunnel 1, chives closed tunnels sides, mint woolly&pepper, sage, kerrie plant, rucola wild & cultivated, thyme, rosemary, oregano, cherries food forest & hei, rhubarb, edible flowers
and wild herbs biodiversity.

Coming soon…

courgette at Hei, melon in tunnel 1&3 top raised bed,
grapes & bell peppers in closed tunnels.

This week @ Plukrijp


We did:

Reduce the grass
& weeds between the closed tunnels.
When the night temperatures will stay above 15°C in summer we want to open the sides of the tunnels. Having stuff growing into the tunnels is of course not what we like (seeds!!). Ventilation is needed for the fertilisation
of tomatoes & melons.

Spread all the compost
we made from Bjorn’s horse manure mixed with the potsoil we got from Van Engeland in tunnels 1-2-3-4. Space is coming free for the autumn beans, a delicious extra-gift from nature thanks to the now expected
Indian summer months in
October &

Take out the Italian beautiful salads gone to seed
(alas) in Hei. There is a limit to the patience of vegetables: too little rain,
so we want to procreate (=make seed). Luckily lots of other kinds are still thriving elsewhere.

Start the clean-up of the ex-chicken coop, right side of Hei. But we stopped when we found out birds are breeding between the nettles. We value
the presence of our song birds over many things.

Seed purple clover & extra grass on the lawn because the drought reduced them. Clover (lots of it) is the best sign of a thriving lawn.

Harvests are in full swing. Now that so many local people find the way to our gardens, guided tours are Joshka’s special treat. We made a list
of the 40+ veggies that can be harvested & added it to the newsletter. Please send this around to your friends & neighbors so all can meet at Plukrijp while harvesting from our abundant paradise. Berry time has come !!

The wind blew our beautiful arch covered in flowers down. We had to put it back on its standard with all hands on deck. Unfortunately we had to cut it back a lot but next year it will be as beautiful. Promise!

We shared:

Celebrate Pippa’s birthday with our favorite song and a delicious chocolate cake.

“My dinner with
, a cult movie on basic western spirituality.

We (finally) could visit our local
unday market again. Many friends to greet, many new encounters to be made. No second hand stuff yet, god knows why. But little by little we
are being liberated from the months of over-zealous, incompetent, overbearing non-authorities. Ouf !

We did a men’s/women’s circle + evening re-union, thanks to Martine’s exercises. As they say: you missed it if you were not there. Plukrijp
values authenticity so much that activities “happen” spontaneously, without being announced or planned. A big contrast with the loudly proclaimed greed-driven “events” on fakebook !

Try to get back to the ’50s mood by watching footage from Lenny Bruce. It did not ring true, so much has changed in the mentality of people
since then, ….

Try to get back to the ’60s mood of Cheech & Chong. It also sounded false, all this posturing about getting
stoned. Shell Silverstein sums it up:

Watch & discuss & understand the Gurdjieff allegory of the horse & carriage & driver missing the passenger. Many
people think they live spirituality by copying eastern or western models but few develop a real soul. See citation wisdom.

Listen to Grimm’s tale
Lucky Hans
, a relevant tale in these times of deep confusion over values & in this critical “post-modern” illusory “all is well if I NOW feel good” general mood. The tales of the bros Grimm hide such a treasure of pre-christian mythical knowledge.
Each one could be the subject of an evening sharing.

Continue our search for “feeling” & how we avoid it. Since the group has stayed relatively constant for so long now, we learn a lot, just from
watching each other’s idiosyncrasies, each other’s ridiculous trying-to-hide-to-ourselves-what-we-show-through-our-body-language. By calling out & being called out (Lenny Bruce: “everyone’s ass is up for grabs”) we, all of us, grow in honesty & authenticity.
We have loads of fun, laughing at ourselves & each other, a reputed Plukrijp pastime.

Interesting Movies & Documentaries

13TH | FULL FEATURE | Netflix


Combining archival footage with testimony from activists and scholars, director Ava DuVernay’s examination of the U.S. prison system looks at how the country’s history
of racial inequality drives the high rate of incarceration in America. This piercing, Oscar-nominated film won Best Documentary at the Emmys, the BAFTAs and the NAACP Image Awards.


by Jane Hirshfield

Until each breath refuses
they, those, them.

Dramatis Personae of the book’s first page says, “Each one is you.”

hope bows to its hopelessness only as one self bows
to another.

Until cruelty bends to its work and sees suddenly:I

anger and insult know themselves burnable legs of a useless table.

the unsurprised unbidden knees find themselves bending.

fear bows to its object as a bird’s shadow bows to its bird.

the ache of the solitude inside the hands, the ribs, the ankles.

the sound the mouse makes inside the mouth of the cat.

the inaudible acids bathing the coral.

what feels no one’s weighing is no longer weightless.

what feels no one’s earning is no longer taken.

grief, pity, confusion, laughter, longing know themselves mirrors.

we we mean
I, them, you, the muskrat, the tiger, the hunger.

Lenny Bruce – “Nigger!”

Making a word taboo gives it strength and cruelty!

How you can reduce the impact of microfiber loss when you wash your clothes.


For more information:

Can we stop the sterility obsession/panic ?

Especially in these times of dogmatic pseudo-scientific media lock-down, leading to riots, even more military&medicinal abuse&fortress building.

Just by reconsidering our excessive habits of washing&cleaning we might score on 2 fronts at the same time:

1.less sterility creates a more bio-diverse environment in which contagious diseases have less power

2.less micro-plastics in water&air might prolong our human presence on earth.

A question arises: “when we see fishes&birds dying from an overdose of (micro&other) plastics, do we not run the same risk ? Tap-water, human stools, babies in the womb, rain, beaches, agriculture foods, …are ALL contaminated with exponentially rising amounts
of plastic debris.

Plukrijp thinks it is time to reconsider our daily habits.

Docs ?


Gurdjieff’s Allegory of the Horse Carriage and Driver


Part 1:


Part 2:


In this allegory the carriage represents the body, the horse one’s feelings and desires, the driver the mind, while the master (the passenger) represents I, consciousness
and will.


Work on oneself must begin with the driver. In order to be able to hear the master’s voice, the driver, first of all, must not be asleep, that is he must wake up and
learn the language that enables communication and connection with each part.

Rumi: Poet of the Heart

On Gaia:[]=en

Featuring: Debra Winger, Coleman Barks, Robert Bly, Deepak Chopra, Huston Smith, Michael Meade, Hamza El Din 

Jelaluddin Rumi was born in 1207 and by the age of 37 had become a famous scholar and popular teacher. But his life changed forever when he met the powerful wandering dervish Shams of Tabriz. Rumi said, “What I had thought of before as God, I met today in a
human being.” An extraordinary esoteric friendship between the two men unfolded, and when Shams mysteriously disappeared, Rumi…

I, you, he, she, we,

In the garden of mystical lovers,

these are not true distinctions.

I, you, he, she, we.

Video SparkNotes: Orwell’s 1984 Summary

1984, George Orwell’s bleakly dystopian novel about the dangers of totalitarianism, warns against a world governed by propaganda, surveillance, and censorship.
Today, Orwellian phrases like “Big Brother” and “doublespeak” have become common expressions. in the novel.


For more:

Inspiring Links

Leaked Emails Call for Censorship of Michael Moore’s New Film (Exclusive)

It must come down off your pages immediately.”

Michael Moore’s controversial new film, “Planet of the Humans” has been
removed from YouTube. In a now
deleted tweet, the copyright claimant responsible for the takedown, Toby Smith, called
the movie a “baseless, shite doc built on bull-shit”. Smith later
admitted he filed the
copyright claim because he doesn’t agree with the film’s message. The ongoing dispute is just the latest of many efforts to take the film down since its release last month.

Inspiring Book

Ronald McNair’s Civil Disobedience: The illustrated story of how a little boy who grew up to be a trailblazing astronaut fought segregation at the public library.

Nine-year-old Ron loves going to the Lake City Public Library to look through all the books on airplanes and flight. Today, Ron is ready to take out books by
himself. But in the segregated world of South Carolina in the 1950s, Ron’s obtaining his own library card is not just a small rite of passage—it is a young man’s first courageous mission. Here is an inspiring story, based on Ron McNair’s life, of how
a little boy, future scientist, and Challenger astronaut desegregated his library through peaceful resistance.


A Manifestation Tip from your friend, the Universe:


gratitude in advance, before you even receive, as if you already had, whether for direction or abundance or anything else, opens the floodgates.


Pressing, gushing, filling –

The Universe

It can be said with full confidence that the language in which contemporary men speak is so imperfect that whatever they speak about, especially on scientific matters,
they can never be sure that they call the same ideas by the same words.


— G.I. Gurdjieff, Views From the Real World



Free from Gurdjieff:

Yogis are idealists,
we are sceptics.

On the blackboard of Plukrijp it reads:

do not believe !

Believe only if you have statistical proof,

that is, if you have obtained

the same result over and over again.

We study,
we work for guidance,

not for belief.

headquarters USA


big brother really watching us or is this just a conspiracy theory ?

advice to his daughte


1. Fix your attention on yourself, be aware at every moment of what you think, feel, want and do.

2. Always finish what you started.

3. Do what you are doing as best as possible.

4. Do not be chained to anything that in the long run can destroy you.

5. Develop your generosity without witnesses.!!

6. Treat every person as a close relative.

7. You must order what is disordered.

8. Learn to receive and be grateful for each gift.!!

9. Stop defining yourself.!

10. Do not lie, do not steal, for if you do, you lie and steal from yourself.!

11. Help your neighbor without making them depend on you.

12. Do not wish to be imitated.!

13. Make plans and see them through.

14. Do not take up too much space.

15. Do not make unnecessary noises or gestures.

16. If you do not have faith, act as if you do.

17. Do not be impressed by strong personalities.!

18. Do not appropriate anything or anyone.!

19. Distribute equally.

20. Do not seduce.

21. You must only eat and sleep as much as is necessary.

22. Do not discuss your personal problems.

23. Do not pass judgments or criticize when you do not know all the facts.

24. Do not have useless friendships.

25. Do not follow fads.

26. Do not sell yourself.

27. Respect the contracts you have signed.

28. Be punctual.

29. Do not envy others’ property or goods.

30. Speak only what is necessary.

31. Do not think of the benefits that your work will bring.!

32. Never threaten anyone.

33. Follow through with your promises.

34. In an argument, put yourself in the place of the other.

35. Accept when someone is better than you.!

36. Do not eliminate, transform.!

37. Defeat your fears; each one of them is a desire that is camouflaged.!!!!!!

38. Help others help themselves.

39. Put an end to your antipathy and get closer to people that you want to reject.!!!!!!!

40. Do not react when they speak well or ill of you.

41. Transform your pride into dignity.!!!!!!!

42. Turn your anger into creativity.

43. Transform your greed into respect for beauty.!!!!!

44. Transform your envy into admiration for the values of others.!!!!!!!!!!!

45. Transform your hate into charity.

46. Do not praise nor insult yourself.!!!!!!!!!!!!

47. Treat the things that do not belong to you as if they did.

48. Do not complain.

49. Develop your imagination.

50. Do not give orders for the pleasure of being obeyed.!!!!!!!!!!!!

51. Pay for the services you are given.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

52. Do not boast about your work or ideas.!!!!!!!!!

53. Do not try to arouse emotions like pity, admiration, sympathy and complicity in others.!!!!!!!!!!!!

54. Do not try to distinguish yourself by your appearance.

55. Never contradict, just be silent.!

56. Do not fall in debt, buy and pay immediately.

57. If you offend someone, ask for forgiveness.

58. If you have offended publicly apologize publicly.

59. If you realize that you have said something wrong, accept your mistake and desist immediately.

60. Do not defend your old ideas simply because it was you who said them.!!

61. Do not keep useless objects.!

62. Do not embellish yourself with the ideas of others.!!

63. Do not get pictures with celebrities.

64. Be your own judge.!!

65. Do not let your possessions define you.

66. Never talk about yourself, without allowing yourself the possibility of changing.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

67. Accept that nothing is yours.!!

68. When you are asked what you think about something or someone, mention only their qualities.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

69. When you fall ill, instead of hating this evil, consider it your teacher.

70. Do not look surreptitiously, stare steadily.!!!!!!!!!!

71. Do not forget the dead, but give them a limited place to prevent them from taking over your life.

72. In the place where you dwell, always consecrate a sacred place.

73. When you do a favor do not make others notice your effort.!!!

74. If you decide to work for others, do it with pleasure.

75. If in doubt between doing and not doing, take risks and do.!!!

76. Do not try to be everything to your partner, accept that he must seek in others the things you cannot give him.

77. When someone has an audience, do not disrupt them with the purpose of stealing their audience.

78. Live with the money you have earned.

79. Do not brag about your love affairs.

80. Do not take pride in your weaknesses.

81. Never visit someone just to fill your time.

82. Obtain with the purpose of sharing.

83. If you are meditating and a devil arrives, make the devil meditate.

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