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Upside-down, The Good Newsletter 2020 – Week 30

The weekly interactive newsletter sent out by Plukrijp to its members

For people living NOW the school of life

For YOU to send all your good news to

upside down = instead of announcing what we plan to do
(& most often find out we do not need to do), we relate what we really did

Building communities of trust is fundamental to healing our collective wound. At Plukrijp, we offer spaces of transparency and solidarity. The
community allows people to encounter each other in truth and so develop trust.
We do the garden for YOU
Plukrijp functions on your frequent visits & harvests. Take along for friends & neighbours, this way we recreate real networks between us all, breaking down the illusory restrictions that now still separate many of us from our fellow
man = UBUNTU.

What you can harvest now:

From now on you can find
all the current and upcoming crops with photo, location and name by clicking on the Current Harvest button in the menu on our website.

Coming soon…

leek at Hei, carrots at Hei, fine beans at Hei, melon in tunnel 1&3 top raised bed,
grapes & bell peppers in closed tunnels.

This week @ Plukrijp

week = many interesting visits & experiences !

We did:

Redo the road leading to Hei with broken
stones & sand we got from our son Karim, a zealous builder ! thanks son ! In the cold (&hopefully very wet) months ahead, our roads tend to “sink” into the sand of our soil. Over the years we have kept adding stuff.

Eliminated(??) the “mile-minute” creepers that now take advantage of the rains to spring up between the ripening veggies. A lifelong job once one has neglected the spread
of roots & seeds, alas.

Place a recuperated bath near our “duck-tunnel” so they can enjoy water, if ever rain falls sufficiently to fill up the ditch. We are putting energy & care into parts of
Hei that we had left aside during the preceding (40?) years, because they got too wet every winter. Will the water level come back ? Now missing: 2.5 meter dry soil, in contrast to before. This area was called “the droned frog” and pools of toads” & sometimes
still shows millions of small frogs after heavy summer showers.

Harvest the onions we planted between the carrots at Hei. We dried them on the field for a few weeks & now keep them dry for later use in autumn/winter. A nice crop, considering
that they grew with nearly no rainfall & that they helped the carrots “catch dew” morning & evening.

Daily permaculture evenings on how to cultivate veggies. Joshka is collecting the notes for later publication through the website. The 1972-2020 experience of Frank in gardening,
agriculture & sales eventually might have a value ?

Replace our defunct gong-tree. It used to be a mirabelle prune tree we cut because it grew too big too close. We put a red metal mushroom on top. Church-bell like sounds
for Plukrijp ! Ants made their home & eventually felled the tree, though Joshka “helped”. With
Anthony & Frank’s farmers solutions, the gong now can continue to call us to food, work, meeting, sharing, ..

The summer purslane seeds were harvested & can be reseeded or kept for next summer. A rich harvest, without any extra work, as is required by “lazy”(i.e. intelligent & efficient)
no-nonsense permaculture.

Broad-seed our self-made chervil seeds in the glass house & tunnel 3. If we want to have green carpets of edible stuff for winter, we must start early, in between the summer
crops. We will try to seed spinach, winter purslane, corn salad, rucola & mustards during
August &
September. It is basic that real perma-places feed their inhabitants 12 months a year,

We shared:

One flew over the cuckoo’s nest, the classic on how this whole society has become a mad

A James Corbett documentary on the many (visible & hidden) facets of Bill Gates. A must-watch !

An evening for our resident artist Tim. Titul & Titula, a ’60 extravaganza refueled his creativity. He made us a road sign too, thanks !

We passed through a Terry Gilliam moment with the Fisher King (excellent) & 12 monkeys (overdone violence). Still, the cinematographic genius of the guy needs to be lauded.

A group of “post-corona” walkers spent the night here & felt the spirit. We exchanged our
covidiocy experiences & data. We hope more people will take to the road this coming autumn/winter, considering the economic damage done by the lock down & fear-mongering.

Interesting Movies & Documentaries



Ken Kesey’s novel,
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, portrays a group of male patients who rebel against the authorities in their asylum. The novel
explores the importance of free expression and the need to challenge authority.

Who is Bill Gates? – A Four Part Investigation by The Corbett Report

Part 1: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health

Part 2: Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World

Part 3: Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid

Part 4: Meet Bill Gates



Who is Bill Gates? A software developer? A businessman? A philanthropist? A global health expert?

This question, once merely academic, is becoming a very real question for those who are beginning to realize that Gates’ unimaginable wealth has been used to gain control over every corner of the fields
of public health, medical research and vaccine development. And now that we are presented with the very problem that Gates has been talking about for years, we will soon find that this software developer with no medical training is going to leverage that wealth
into control over the fates of billions of people.

Twelve Monkeys – A Terry Gilliam Film



Terry Gilliam’s ambitious “12 Monkeys” was co-authored by David Peoples, who wrote “Blade Runner”, and it has the same view of the near future as a grunge pit – a view it shares with Gilliam’s own “Brazil”.
In this world, everything is rusty, subterranean, and leaks. The movie uses its future world as a home base and launching pad for the central story and is about a time traveler trying to save the world from a deadly plague.

The traveler is Cole (Bruce Willis), who in the opening shots lives with a handful of other human survivors in an underground shelter put together out of scrap parts and a lot of wire mesh. The surface
of the planet has been reclaimed by animals.

Twelve Monkeys is science fiction film that involves time travel. It stars Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt and Madeleine Stowe in lead roles. The story is set in a future where a deadly virus has killed most living
things on the planet. The remaining humans live underground. A group of scientists are trying to find a cure to the virus that is plaguing the planet. But they need to get more information on the virus before the strain mutated. This means they need to send
someone back in time to the year the virus initially spread.

Edward Bernays

Inspiring Book

Real love is understanding another human being
to such an extent
that you can really help them,
even if your assistance goes,
temporarily, against that person’s nature.


To possess the right to the name of ‘man,’ one must be one. And to be such, one must first of all, with an indefatigable persistence and an unquenchable impulse of
desire, issuing from all the separate independent parts constituting one’s entire common presence, that is to say, with a desire issuing simultaneously from thought, feeling and organic instinct, work on an all round knowledge of oneself — at the same time
struggling unceasingly with one’s subjective weaknesses — and then afterwards, taking one’s stand upon the results thus obtained by one’s consciousness alone, concerning the defects in one’s established subjectivity as well as the elucidated means for the
possibility of combatting them, strive for their eradication without mercy towards oneself.


The woman from Tantra’s point of view


The power of the woman finds its origin in the legendary accounts where it is said that the Gods were disturbed by the appearance of a giant phallus which began to
destroy paradise. This black stone linga devastated forests and palaces, pierced lakes, filed down mountains and hills. The Gods launched their armies against him, but no force could overcome them. Then the helpless Gods remembered the Great Goddess whom they
had ignored out of vanity. They bowed to her, made amends, unanimously recognized her supremacy on condition that she overcome the destructive linga. The Great Goddess then manifested herself in the sky, she seized the giant phallus, slipped it into her where
he experienced an enjoyment that totally appeased her destructive madness.

“Woman created the universe,

The universe is its form;

Woman is the foundation of the world,

It is the true form of the body.

Whatever form it takes

That of a man or a woman,

This is the higher form.

In woman lies the form of all things,

Of everything that lives and moves in the world.

There are no more precious jewels than a woman,

No condition superior to his.

He never exists, never existed and never will exist

Of fate equal to that of a woman;

There is no kingdom, no fortune

Comparable to a woman;

He never exists, never existed and never will exist

Holy places like woman.

No prayer is equal to a woman.

He never exists, never existed and never will exist

Dreams and wishes
written by Anthony


Own your own body (belly) /
soul (heart)/mind (brain)

What makes that we can not do it:

wrong life rhythm





bad habits


Approach freely

Approach freely others with curiosity as mirror, mates, companions. Expecting people to mirror you = tantra.

Tantra = all reality has something to show you. If you open to everything, everything is open to you.

Have an intention to see the sacredness in other people, that something bigger that is there. Otherwise you are just pretending.

Choose non privacy for more mirroring. One on one = manipulation possibility high.

People that close off have a fear to be seen, so look for the gift in the other.

Build relationships with life boats from open attitude (= NON clinging).

To be in a tantric relationship = able to be in contact with the world.

Now we have a destruction relationship with the world around us (and in our one-on-one relationships).


Heal your body, soul, mind


Most woman are “frozen” in their erogenous zones (blood out of their sex) -> sexism

Most man are overheated in their erogenous zones (blood towards the sex) -> sexism

Healing of the body -> end of guilt and  repression.


Feel real connection to people = not excessively sweet or bitter (desire refusal)


= brains = humbly try to understand the world you live in (concentric circles from yourself).

Do not postmodern = do not live in the “I, me, mine”

See Yann Thibaud’s New (C)age traps (see our Newsletter week 27)

non ego

non mental

non reality

non dialogue

here and now

positive thinking

non judgment




non violent communication

Ask yourself who owns your mind, what is the internalized voice composed of (like a smart yet lifeless taperecorder). How rich can this recorded voice become if you improve the inputs?

How do you get over moments where life seems overwhelming, how do you function well without supressing the backlog? Joshka: basic trust that what is changeable is not you, and only temporary. After all this, the real you still exist
(persists). Know there is a reason for you to be here, you won’t wither unless you choose to self sabotage.

Perverted tradition, morals and religion have kept us (we keep ourselves) from healing, from becoming adult.

It’s not 0 or all, fuck or fuck not. There are more letters to the alphabet. See more of the world. Don’t say you are only content with. In sensuality and tenderness there is more available which is not just friendship OR sexuality.
Stop lumping everything together and treating only parts of your body as sacred. The voice in your head is a concoction of strange random instructions.

There are memories to be suppressed, and they have something to sell, so they cannot have trust in everything being ok if they allow sexual feelings. Mixed frequencies: on one hand, you cry out for tenderness, on the other, you scream:

Understand the world you live in, and yourself, to heal.

When we live in complete unknowing while incarnate, we live in isolation and fear, and are perfect victims for capitalists.

Communicate! (is not: living in monologues clashing).


Love = commodity for money, …?

weakness = follow biological “clock”, copy parents, do the opposite parents, dependency, mama papa filling emptiness inside + fashion (lat, polyamory, parent). Compensating in…?

To let love in, you have to go beyond sexism, tradition,…


You originated from a moment of love

where mama and papa came together and made you. Learn about that moment, and you learn about yourself.






Why? And where did that love go away?

Lessons for child? 1-3year /3-7year/7-14year/14-21year/+21year?

Parents are portals. Start seeing them as fellow adults (and perhaps deluded children on a pedestal).

If you cannot have adult to adult conversations with your parents at all, then the relationship is toxic.

Parents should help their child become a responsible adult (not about money, but about understanding the world, and teaching the kids that they have skills, innate talents, and purpose to be stewards of). You are not a pet doll. Don’t let parents use your chi
for recreational purposes. They are entitled spoiled parasites.

Live from your double destiny: incarnation destiny and soul destiny.


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