starhawk resolution 2019

mediation for the New Year:

Take some deep breaths, put your feet on the ground, and get comfortable in your body.

Ask Yourself:

What is sacred to me?  What do I most deeply care about, want to cherish and protect?  What do I care about more than my own comfort or profit?  What do I love?

Write or draw your answer, and take a moment to contemplate: 

  • How does the sacred nurture your spirit?
  • In what ways are you putting your best energies to the service of what is most sacred to you?
  • Are there changes you could make in the coming year to put more of your time, your heart, and your skills to the service of what you care most deeply about?  If so, let that be your New Year’s Resolution!


Take a breath, and imagine how you will feel when your best energies are aligned with what you care about most. Breathe in that rush of joy and true power, and let it help you make the changes you need for your best year.

illumination ?

We can never be secure in life, and yet, we can be secure in how we approach life. A disciple asked the great Tantra Master, Marpa, “What is it like to be enlightened?” Marpa answered: “I’m as miserable as before!” The disciple, deeply shocked by this statement, said, “if you, the great Master Marpa, are as miserable as before, why should I be working so arduously through meditation practice to attain enlightenment?”

Marpa answered astutely: “There is only one difference between me and you. I can choose to be identified with misery, or not.”