Becoming an Adult

This is a message, an invitation, to all people who feels as if they’ve seemed to pass by that stage in life where we integrate what we’ve learned, face the world steadily and humbly, all the while keeping our inner child alive.

Our day and age lacks any form of initiation into this natural phase of life in which we pass into ‘Adulthood.’ It is characterized by responsibility, self respect, and humility. (amongst other things)

This creates a global culture of Man-boys and Woman-girls that never ‘grew into their boots’ and stay in a state of ignorance, decadence, and arrogance.

To approach this transition, we begin with humility. We see where we are at, we see who are for what we are, and we see what we can be if we just listen to what our ancestors, our community, and that deep feeling inside share with us.

This text, ‘Becoming an Adult,’ is a Plukrijp collaborative text approaching this transition with inspiration from beautiful minds, and beautiful hearts. We wish that you too, can see the beauty that hides within. It is there, though it may be veiled. In taking each veil off one by one, we get closer to the essence, and of becoming an adult.

We’ll see you there?

Bernhard Geunther – The Collective Shadow

In this episode, Bernhard and Laura discuss how we can face the collective shadow material coming up in the world with an open heart, the interrelationship between the personal and collective shadow, and they give suggestions on how to engage in the necessary shadow work.


Some relevant questions:

What is the personal and collective shadow?

Denial of our shadow and external projection

The interrelationship between personal and collective shadow

The shadow projection of the Woke and the shadow of the USA

The shadow dance between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed and the importance of not losing our humanity

The infectious nature of shadow projection and “shit-talking” on social media

The feeding frenzy from an occult perspective when groups of people engage in shadow projection

The importance of striving towards wholeness instead of the perfect image we have of ourselves

The necessity for a mirror and doing shadow work with others since we all have subjective blind spots

Withdrawing projections is easier said than done

The trap of intellectualizing shadow work without embodiment and somatic work

The red flag of looking for “advanced” knowledge and modalities and dismissing basic psychological work

The healing power of group work

The difference between “unnecessary” [mechanical] suffering and “necessary” [conscious] suffering

The shadow of our own narcissism – ego identification

The shadow and normalization of cosmetic surgery, botox, lip fillers, etc. in very young women

The shadow of the US: Distorted image of beauty, the obsession with youth and the physical body

Aging gracefully, facing and accepting your mortality

Reflection questions in light of shadow work

After Manfred Kyber – Die Drei Lichter der Kleinen Veronika

Did you ever ponder how difficult it is to ACCEPT life ?

Most people who preach (materialism) as a healthy world view, in reality

do NOT accept life, but (accept) only THEMSELVES.

They forsake life.
How else could they wage wars, slaughter animals and destroy forests ?

To accept life means to accept ALL life forms.

And also to adapt themselves with reverence in the brotherly

co-existence of ALL creation.

If people would do that, we would all be a lot happier and BETTER.

Humanity today only accepts ITSELF and NOT life.

Forsaking life is considered acceptance of life.


It is not so easy to accept life in such a way as to accept ALL life forms.

Frank’s comment: 96% of ALL the animals living today are just “food for

humans” raised in concentration camps on their own offal. What is the

difference with the fate of the majority of humans ?


Intuition is not just a vague gut feeling It is the process by which information from the collective consciousness or other dimensions is transferred to your waking consciousness. The process by which information from penetrate the subtler levels. And the wider your consciousness, the more access you have to such information. And that makes you better make decisions in your life. The kind of decisions you make on a align with your optimal path in this life. Unfortunately there are quite a few things in it everyday life that bandwidth reduce your consciousness. Which gives you that contact with your intuition and that subtler information loses. Stress. Multitasking. Scattered, scattered attention. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. The smaller the bandwidth of your awareness, the further you are from that intuitive information. The decisions that follow are rarely the best. Yet it is from that mental state that most politicians, top CEOs and managers make decisions. Decisions by which the path and the fate of an entire population or a whole company, are mapped out.