les wwoofers parlent de leur séjour à plukrijp

hello frank and Martine!
Me and marcello arrived in Milan, I was very happy to see my parents and hug them was very 
nice. But I already miss pllukrijp so much and all you people off course. Today I didn't really 
know what to do with myself, I just enjoyed my home stay, and kooked a zoup with my 
mum. But my mind already started bringing me in melancholia, listening to " aint no 
sunshine when she's gone and thinking of you all" so I found a nice permaculture 
community near by here, its smaller than plukrijp, and near home, I think its what is good 
for me write now! Already wrote to them and I will join them the day after tomorrow.  
Everybody off you is here with me in my heart, I remember your eyes and smile,  and its very 
difficult to resist at the temptation off taking a flight back tomorrow morning! But I wont, 
instead i send to you all my never ending love  and my thankfulness for every moment that i 
had with each one of you. 
Frank, Martine  you are for me a Lighthouse and you helped me to discover what is life and 
joy i will be forever gratefully for that.

See you in jenuary, 
big hugs

voici pourquoi l’agriculture industrielle est tellement en perte

Rice production Maize production
(United States)
(United States)
Energy input (MJ/ha) 64,885 6,386 170 30.034 170
Productive yield (kg/ha) 5,800 2,700 1,250 5,083 950
Energy input yield (MJ/kg) 11.19 2.37 0.14 5.91 0.18

1 kilo rauwe mais levert 14.84 MJ (volgens de voedingswaardetabel.nl)

à récolter sur le champ MAINTENANT, novembre 2013

salades diverses, mâche, pourpier d’hiver, épinards, moutarde, mais doux(fin), blettes rouges+blaches, ciboulettes diverses, céleri vert&blanc, potiron, carottes, patates, courgettes(fin), chou savoie, chou kale, broccoli, chou fleur, chou frisé, cicoria rouge, pain de sucre, betterave rouge, radis(fin), herbes diverses, coriandre frais, persil, cerfeuil, tomates(fin), comcombre(fin), aneth, poireau, endive frisée, radis noir, panais, …. tout grâce au merveilleux automne. Merci la pacha mama !