What you might like to know when visiting PLUKRIJP Plukrijp is a non-profit organization that was born in February 2008. We work the land with volunteers, a mix of beginners and experts in the subject of growing vegetables. The work we do is in cooperation with nature =) so we try to do things in a logical way. This is not always easy cause mostly with human beings everyone has her own opinion or view on the situation. That’s why a big part of Plukrijp is learning to be ourselves together with others in a constructive and communicative atmosphere =) yeah Keepin’ it real Whats all the work about? A small list … veggies to start with, so that’s seeding, weeding, harvesting. Then there’s the soil to take care of which means mulching, making sure to ground is covered. This has been a challenge for us lately, and luckily while we are breaking our heads on it, nature will take its course =) After that there are things to be done around the house, mending, fixing windows, sorting out old junk (we got lots of it, all with the idea to do something with it…someday ;-), and last but definitely not least the work in and around the kitchen. We harvest what we eat, and receive bread, noodles and juices from the skip (container, products from the shop that are ment te throw away).  There’s more for sure  you’ll discover it all =) such as the second hand clothes department that we’re creating… we’ve got LOADS of collected clothes (some cool stuff) that need to be sorted out to give away to visitors and participants. Thanks to the Magical Hat All this is payed for in a free donation by the participants. Together with the residential family Ruymen we pay for the seeds, tools, material, dry foods, … . For WOOFERS there is the woofing agreement, which means they work and receive the basic needs in return (food, wash, sleep). Sleeping zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Sleeping happens in many places: there are caravans( famil-size & private size), tents,  a communal sleeping-room housing up to 10 people comfortably (no mosquitoes!) PRACTICAL Place to be : Trommelstraat 24, 2223 Schriek 015/23.35.60 (phone)  0485/92.42.12 (mobile) Welcome ! To get there: Take the train to BOOISCHOT station.  There is hitch hiking, walking or a call to Frank who just might pick you up =) or take the train to HEIST OP DEN BERG, then take bus nr°160 and get off at the stop “Bollostraat”, then you walk your feet and take the second street left, this is the Trommelstraat, your destination! or take the train to MECHELEN, then take bus nr°520 and get off at the “Langestraat”, then you walk and take the second left, this is the Trommelstraat, your destination yoohooo! You can find the time tables on www.nmbs.be and fill in departure (= vertrek in dutch) and destination (=bestemming ) Bus time scedules on the website: www.delijn.be