Permaculture, the science, understanding & practice of life

Frank had a visio to restart re-writing a (the?) book – “of course a collectively written book”, with the proposed title “Permaculture, the science, understanding, & the practice of life”, dedicated to Gregory Bateson’s ‘Steps to an Ecology of Mind’. So here it is, a freshly build, fancy Wiki to collaborate on doing that task! : Feel free to register on the wiki so you can then begin to edit some of the proposed (sub)chapters visualized in the following mindmap. Each line of the mindmap is a separate link on the wiki to start an article. The structure is to be considered as alpha version 0.1 work-in-progress, and is far from being logical, systematic, linear, straight-forward, etc. Anyway, the work should engage also the paradoxical way of “reasoning” :-)