Flower of Life + Universal Mandala

The Flower of Life is the essential symbol of sacred geometry. The Universal Mandala is part of a terma recently discovered by a Tibetan master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. I merged these two symbols, offering the result for the world. Any similarity is purely incidental ;-)

Elias Capriles – Fear, insecurity and suffering

Fear, insecurity, suffering and refuge

We are constantly searching for security because we are fearful.
We are fearful because we search for security
instead of giving ourselves up to the insecurity that life is:
if we gave ourselves up to insecurity we would feel secure,
for we would have no fear of insecurity.
Escaping insecurity, instead, implies and begets fear:
the more we escape, the more we affirm that there is something to fear;
the more we affirm there is something to fear, the more we fear.
Thus, we search for security because we fear
and we fear because we search for security.
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