Internship at Plukrijp?

What do we offer?

  • you get the chance to be a part of an already existing (since 1972) permaculture system here at Plukrijp, which means that you participate in the daily work from 9-12h and 15-17h, on the fields, in the garden, in the workshop, in the polytunnels, …
  • besides this you and the whole crew take care of the house, the workshop, the kitchen, the garden, etc. We harvest, cook, clean, share the joy of living together!
  • during these practical daily activities you will have a constant access to all of the wisdom we have here; this will happen mostly in the form of spontaneous, informal teachings, besides more specific courses/workshops. The more you ask, the more you’ll learn!
  • you learn to work and live together with a group of people, which is not only beneficial for your own personal growth but also for the whole group as one living organism (social dynamics)
  • we believe that practical learning experiences lead to a better understanding of ourselves and the world surrounding us, therefore it will be an essential part of your internship here. You will be given the chance to actively and enthusiastically take on responsibilities on and around the farm (situational authority)
  • Plukrijp as a pilot project helps you to make the transition towards a post-crisis society
  • compensation for all your participation while be in the form of sharing our abundance of wisdom, food, shelter and social life


What do you bring in?

  • a great curiosity, inquisitiveness and openness towards permaculture, transition, self-sufficient and communal living
  • you determine the time you will spend at Plukrijp, at the same time you are engaged and willing to set priorities, there is a freedom of coming and going. However we do expect a minimum internship period of 3 months
  • your willingness to grow together and to intensely dive into a way of living that could be new and challenging for you
  • it is completely non-committal but very interesting if you already have your own (“starting”) project where you can experiment with the gained knowledge: e.g. a community garden, a transition movement, your own home-garden, a non-profit organisation, etc. With the help of your project we can continue to build a resilient and thriving network where the abundance can easily be shared
  • we don’t expect any financial compensation for the experience you will live at Plukrijp, however donations in our Magic Hat are always welcome. We see your contribution in the form of complete dedication to your decision to follow the internship, your quality of presence here and the inspiring application of what you’ve learned in your own social circles


Do you have any questions or do you wish to subscribe for the internship?

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