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2021 – week 8

Upside down = instead of announcing what we plan to do
(& most often find out we do not need to do), we relate what we really did

Building communities of trust is fundamental
to healing our collective wound.
At Plukrijp, we offer spaces of transparency and solidarity.
The community allows people to encounter each other
in truth and so develop trust.
We do the garden for YOU
Plukrijp functions on your frequent visits & harvests. Take along for friends & neighbours, this way we recreate real networks between us all, breaking down the illusory restrictions that now still separate many of us from our fellow man = UBUNTU.
The updated list of vegetables & fruit that can be harvested this week is available on our website under the heading “Current Harvest” :
This week @ Plukrijp

The beautiful weather invited us back outside and the soil is asking for life. We are glad to say Frank has returned from the hospital and will for now be directing from the couch. The week without has shown us that Plukrijp lives without him also; an extra chance to stand up and share responsibility as the adult people we can be.

We did:

We weeded the low beds and the high beds at the Hei.


We cleaned and cleared around the farm, an early spring cleaning. We also returned the hibernating flowers and plants from the veranda to all around around the farm where they shall be providing some color and smell to Plukrijp.


We continued the construction of the new shed at the Hei with new input from Bram and Antonio. Antonio looked like royalty looking down, standing on the roof. The roof has been finished.


The work on the Plukrijp-Wiki has continued. Thanks to the extra inside help, the project accelerated


Gently plant the tomatoes in the Plukpots germinating and growing in the glasshouse on top of the raised beds. On top of that we provided them with an extra layer of plastic covering to ensure they stay nice and warm. The food forest has been weeded and we have seeded spinach in each of the holes.


The seed inventory has been redone so we are once again up-to-date about what seeds we have, need and can exchange.


We have started spreading the generously donated pigeon shit on many of our open beds and will be scratching it in. The more we superficially stimulate the soil, mixing our rich compost with the soil life, the more fertility we create and the more abundance we can share.


Due to the amazing generosity of Ruth, Jos and Leon, we will be receiving several truckloads of horse manure, compost and yellow clay. To facilitate the easy passage of the trucks we have evened out and de-rocked the road at the Hei.

Interesting Movies & Documentaries

Revelations by an insider Part 4 & 5 – Ronald Bernard


Part 4:


Part 5:

How Childhood Trauma Leads to Addiction – Gabor Maté


Gabor Maté CM (born January 6, 1944) is a Hungarian-born Canadian physician. He has a background in family practice and a special interest in childhood development and trauma, and in their potential lifelong impacts on physical and mental health, including on autoimmune disease, cancer, ADHD, addictions, and a wide range of other conditions.


Now retired from clinical practice, he travels and speaks extensively on these and related topics, both in North America and abroad. His books have been published internationally in over twenty-five languages. Maté’s approach to addiction focuses on the trauma his patients have suffered and looks to address this in their recovery, with special regard to indigenous populations around the world.

Life is NOT a journey – Alan Watts

Alan Wilson Watts (January 6, 1915 – November 16, 1973) was a British philosopher, writer and speaker, best known as an interpreter and popularizer of Eastern philosophy to Western audiences. His philosophies seem to transcend ego, politics and limitations. His monologues have a powerful way of connecting distant abstract ideas with the present moment and his words have a unique way of putting life into perspective. Life is a gift.

Conversations with Dr Cowan Friends Ep16 Dolf Zantinge

The Corbett Report – Precedent Trump


So here we are in 2021, living in the smoking wreckage of Pax Americana. What was the meaning of the last four years? What lessons have been learned, and how will those lessons be applied going forward? What, in other words, was Precedent Trump?

Lands That Will FLOOD in Our Lifetime

Some places are more threatened by rising sea levels than others, but in the end we’ll all be paying a price.

Keyline® in the AR Sandbox


This 7-part video series is excerpted from Oregon State University’s Online Permaculture Design Certificate Course:…


The Keyline® Plan is a method of land design for soil and water conservation developed by Australian farmer and engineer P.A. Yeomans in the 1950’s, and practiced widely throughout Australia ever since.


This series is a simple introduction to the design system, beginning with the very basics: understanding landforms to determine the potentials that each landscape possesses.

Inspiring Link

TYPES OF LOVE | Erich Fromm – The art of loving


5 Minute Concepts – Love can be very hard to explain and understand.

Today we look at the five types of love from “The Art of Loving” by Erich Fromm.

Inspiring Book

The Art of Loving is a 1956 book by psychoanalyst and social philosopher Erich Fromm, which was published as part of the World Perspectives Series edited by Ruth Nanda Anshen. In this work, Fromm develops his perspective on human nature, from his earlier work, Escape from Freedom and Man for Himself – principles which he revisits in many of his other major works.

Fromm presents love as a skill that can be taught and developed. He rejects the idea of loving as something magical and mysterious that cannot be analyzed and explained, and is therefore skeptical about popular ideas such as “falling in love” or being helpless in the face of love.

Inspiring Quote
Inspiring Image
Alex Grey – Collective Vision

In the German dictionary “Duden,”
a lesser-known meaning can also be found:

a “Korona” is a group of people who have a common undertaking.


“We feel that a transformation is now taking place
that no one was prepared for.
It is no longer about polarization,
but about a new form of thinking.
We will no longer limit ourselves to the old measures of appeals,
events and demonstrations, but we will create a new spiritual basis for life.
The crucial thing that is now needed from us and from all humanity
is the transition from the old matrix of destruction
to the new matrix of healing.
From my perspective, it’s the most important thing we can do now…

Where a hundred people are united in a new spiritual basis,
the world changes”.


– Dieter Duhm (Tamera)

Humor (?)

Reflections on the book “The Manipulated Man” by Esther Vilar

written by Yana Gommers


First of all, I’m partially writing this text to get strokes. So if after reading you could

provide me with the appropriate amount of strokes, or preferably even more than I

deserve, it would be highly appreciated.


Wait, I’m being honest here. And I’m being a woman. This doesn’t feel right. Or actually it

does. But it shouldn’t. We women are trained from birth to never speak the truth,

because that would mean we’re being vulnerable, and thus not being in control, and thus

letting go of power. And what is the one thing we seem to love more than our own life?

Power. Power to control others, power to not have to do anything ourselves and most

importantly, the power to fuck up our own and other people’s lives.


We women completely lack any sense of truth. We care only about whatever floats our

boat. Whatever suits us as being ‘the truth’ in a particular situation, will become ‘the

truth’. And if that means we have to lie straight in the faces of the people that we love,

we have no problems doing so. Men on the other hand find truth so valuable that they

find it hard to believe women have so little respect for truth, which is again, obviously, in

the advantage of women. For like this, women can keep on milking the “this is my truth

and truth is very important to me so you must believe me and join me in my truth” loop.

And if you don’t…


Women have been trained from early on to not be honest about what we really want and

need. We’d rather cheat and deceive because if then the requested thing doesn’t come, at

least we didn’t put ourselves out there being the vulnerable beings that asked for

something from someone else. But what if we would? What if we would take the leap of

faith and decide to be honest about our deep desire for love and union? Our desire for

shared peace and happiness? Why has it become so damn hard for women to admit

these things?


Apart from truth, women also lack self-respect. We don’t care about using other people

for our own gains. As a very well-trained manipulative woman, I would like to testify

about the millions of times I’ve used men just to get things done in my advantage. Why

would I lift one finger if I can make a man lift all his? Why would I learn skills and

develop myself if I could just use my beautiful green eyes and irresistible smile to make

someone else do it for me? We can ask men to do things for us wherever we want,

whenever we want and however we want. Would I ever do something in return? Highly

unlikely, unless there would be some form of pleasure in it for me. Would men ever say

something about it? Highly unlikely, for I’m cute enough to get away with almost



I could say ‘I was raised like this so it’s not my fault and I can’t do anything about it.’ But

that’s no excuse. If I am still manipulating to this very day, it is my own responsibility.

And it is my own responsibility to step out of it. But I first have to WANT it, and that’s

the sore spot for most women. Do we really WANT to give up this position of perceived

power? Or are we all too comfortable being the puppeteers holding the strings of the

puppets? Do we love it too much to have men dance for us to any tune we desire? Maybe

we are afraid of what we have to lose? Or rather, of what we have to win. If you have

never learned to live in love and surrender, of course it feels a bit scary to take thatplunge into the pool of love and trust. And of course things will feel more comfortable

and familiar in the pool of fear and hate. But which pool is the healthiest one for us to

swim in? Deep down we all know the answer.


I just finished reading ‘The manipulated man’ by Esther Vilar and must say honestly,

there’s not a lot of points she tackles I would disagree with. Most of what she says is

painfully true. Although ‘painfully’ might not be the right word, for I don’t feel so much

pain over this truth. A friend recently asked me why I was always laughing at jokes

about women’s manipulation. He asked me a bit indignant: ‘Do you not feel any guilt

over this?’ So I asked myself honestly: ‘Do I?’ There’s definitely a part of me that feels no

shame or blame whatsoever for the atrocities we do to men. After all, I was raised to

take pleasure in seeing other people suffer. And seeing people we’re supposed to deeply

hate (men) suffer, feels even better. I loved the book because it is so savage and at the

same time funny. And what do women like more than humor and cruelty (apart from

shopping and gossiping)? How to better spent a rainy Sunday afternoon than by reading

about how terribly men suffer under our rule of exploitation in a funny put way?


The one thing I originally didn’t agree with is that women don’t WANT to work and earn

their own money. I can see in these modern days that there are more and more women

who also want to have a job and share in earning for the family. (Side note: the book was

written in the 70’s so it makes sense that certain things have slightly changed) After

having discussed this with my friends, it became clear that the type of jobs women take

on these days are not of the same intensity as men’s. Women want to do the same jobs

and earn the same amounts of money, but they are not willing to take on an equal

amount of responsibility or work harder or make any sort of compromise in that

direction. The few women that do get highly rewarded jobs are usually being despised

by other women. (Claude Steiner refers to this type of woman as ‘Queen Bee’ in his book

Scripts people live’) So women getting jobs seems more like a statement (“we are equal

to, if not better than men”) than really coming from a deep need or desire.


My favorite sentence of the book was by far the following: “It would never occur to her

that she alone, and not man, is the cause of this unequal state of affairs – she, woman,

with her total lack of any real interest, her stupidity, her venality, her unreliability, her

ridiculous masquerades and her eternal pregnancies and, above all, because of her

merciless manipulation of man. How could SHE have caused the situation?” This is a

beautiful example of the savage but funny style of writing of Vilar. Women seem to take

no responsibility for this crooked situation and would even blame all the ‘injustice’ on

men. But by clearly not being part of the solution, isn’t it obvious that she might be part

of the problem? Women think that just by being a woman their task is fulfilled and that

they are not the ones who should create value in life. Whatever goes wrong, it will

always be the man’s fault. For just the mere fact that you have a vagina gives you a free

pass for having to take any responsibility. That our men are being deprived of sensuality

for example, is nowhere near our responsibility. We are men’s only source for sensuality

and if we pull away whenever our man didn’t do exactly what we asked him of him, what

do you think comes of him? Could it not be only but normal that he becomes a bit

neurotic? (Freud/Reich) And then we can play indignant about his behavior and deny

him even more sensuality and so the vicious circle continues… But still, it’s all his fault.So where is the justice now? Why did it become completely acceptable for men to work

their ass off to pay for women’s unnecessary luxury? When did men lose their voice to

stand up against this madness? Why are men giving in to this? I think the answer to this

is rather obvious: if you beat a dog enough, the dog will eventually adapt its behavior to

no longer be beaten. And also women are very skilled at oppressing men in a very

passive aggressive way, for if it were active aggressive, it could be called out, and that’s

the last thing we want right?


Another interesting point Vilar makes in her book is the way women use emotions as a

weapon. We first program a man to not share his emotions to then later complain about

this. We make him unable to voice his feelings because we always shout over him with

our ‘way more important emotions’. We make our lives seem so hard and miserable by

crying for the least reason so that man would think ‘Ok if woman cries for this, it must be

really bad, for people don’t cry for no reason.’ And guess who raised him with that idea?

Woman. I can see this also happen in my own life. The more I can make my life seem

miserable, and trust me I’m pretty good at that, the more I have the ‘right’ to behave in

certain ways and demand as much psychological attention as I want. For I am a woman

(or rather a child?) and I am important. That other people might also have emotions and

their own lives to live is completely irrelevant.


I can see in my family that those people who actually had something interesting to say,

usually took up the least psychological space. They probably quickly learned that there

was an unlimited mental space for mindless chatter and emptiness, but not for real

valuable content. ‘Filling the void’ would be more important than actually attempting to

connect. “Do women never get tired of this?” men might wonder. The answer is no. The

whole irony of the situation is that women love exactly those activities men rightfully

despise. Women love to talk about nothing, do meaningless activities and basically waste

as much of their lives possible in emptiness.


When I do choose love over hate however, I see that men are beautiful, tender and

intelligent human beings. They WANT to adore and revere us. But how can they if

instead of behaving like the goddesses we ARE, we choose to behave like prostitutes?

Selling our love and tenderness in exchange for power. Can you imagine how frustrating

this must feel on the male side?


We could live in love together and we could create beauty in collaboration with our

fellow male comrades. But rather we choose to live like horribly frustrated, power

addicted, slave-owners. And this conscience weighs on us. The part of me that IS able to

feel and acknowledge the guilt, would like to apologize for myself and the rest of the

female’ population. I can’t say ‘on behalf’ because I doubt many women would feel the

same about this. Unfortunately we have learned to not listen to this little voice inside of

us saying something is not quite right. And I know 100% sure that every single woman

on planet earth has this voice saying to her: “come on, don’t do this please, you could be

so much more than this.” And it is saying that because it is right. We are goddesses in

essence and could easily live up to that if we decide to look past our crooked personality

and tap into our Divine reality. Can you imagine how beautiful the world would be? I

certainly can. And I have received the chance to have a little taste of this. I have tasted

what it’s like to live in love and harmony and to surrender myself a little bit to a man. I

must admit, it’s definitely not always easy and the voice that is screaming: “take thepower back NOW or you won’t survive”, is still there, but the more you build

experiences of love and beauty and a feeling of safety which opens your heart, the more

that voice loses its power over you. Because the other voice saying ‘YES give me MORE

love and beauty’ simply gains more strength.


Reading this book definitely opened my eyes and inspired me to develop myself more

and to NOT confirm this image of manipulating women. I’ve seen myself do many of the

things being discussed, I’ve seen myself lie and deceive to get things done, I’ve seen

myself piggybagging on men in order to not have to develop myself and I’ve seen myself

exploit my emotions in my advantage. So coming from being a very manipulative woman

myself, I know it’s going to be a long road, but it’s well worth walking. For after all, also I

gain from it. What do I gain exactly? You might wonder. “If you give up your power, you

lose right?” The truth is, you don’t. On the contrary, by giving up the ‘power you gain by

being dependent on people’, you can gain a whole lot of natural power over your own

life. You can call it the fulfilling feeling of growing and building integrity if you like. Once

you start to realize as a woman you do not have to lean on a man to give your life

meaning, you can actually take steps in developing your own wonderful qualities.


Because believe it or not, we are ALL born with beautiful inert qualities we start

suppressing the moment we choose to give our lives into the hands of others. I’ve

recently received the opportunity to start exploring my talents and passions and I can

assure you that it feels amazing to dig deep in your own ocean of possibilities and

discover all the treasures that are waiting for you to be found. I really can’t wait to see

what a beautiful, strong, competent, upright, loving and honest woman I can become.


This is how I feel about the situation this very moment. I am aware that there are

exceptions to the rule and that these statements don’t apply to everyone. But I’m sure

that every woman can find herself in at least one aspect being discussed. It’s a

generalization and at the same time an invitation to look at how this topic applies to

your own life. So let’s take it as a chance for self-inquiry.


As a reflection I’d like to invite the women reading this to think about which female

values we could bring to the table. How can we contribute to a better, more harmonious

collaboration between both sexes? For after all, the chances at success are 50% our

responsibility. And we know we can do this. We know deep down inside that we can

become the beautiful Goddesses we are destined to become. So let’s rise up together and

stand in our real female power. We could do the world and ourselves a huge favor.

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