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2021 – week 9

Upside down = instead of announcing what we plan to do
(& most often find out we do not need to do), we relate what we really did

Building communities of trust is fundamental
to healing our collective wound.
At Plukrijp, we offer spaces of transparency and solidarity.
The community allows people to encounter each other
in truth and so develop trust.
We do the garden for YOU
Plukrijp functions on your frequent visits & harvests. Take along for friends & neighbours, this way we recreate real networks between us all, breaking down the illusory restrictions that now still separate many of us from our fellow man = UBUNTU.
The updated list of vegetables & fruit that can be harvested this week is available on our website under the heading “Current Harvest” :
This week @ Plukrijp
We did:

Seed 5 lines of turnips at the Hei in long low bed 4


Planted three kinds of potato at the Hei and in tunnel 5, generously accompanied by our fine compost


Finished the potting of the small tomato plants into our Plukpots. We also moved the Plukpots back inside the heated workshop from the glasshouse to protect them against the nightly frost


Seeded spinach in the food forest


Loosened the netting above the chickens to be able to access the 1-year-old compost there.


Scratched and made lines in the raised beds in the closed tunnel, ready for seeding tomato, basil and leek


Mowed the rye on the central field at the Hei twice and turned it over with shovels on the right side to plant potatoes. The right side we left unturned to later cut strips and plant pumpkins


Spread pigeon shit in the open tunnels, food forest, Hei and tunnel 5, which was nicely soaked in by the rain we had


(Re)planted peas in the closed tunnels central beds. The previous round was all eaten by the mice


Combat the mice


Dug the remaining part of the new compost heap at the Hei into gray boxes


Moved many stones from tunnel 6 to the Hei to prepare the new shed at the Hei for Bram when he comes to lay the floor. Prepared the floor; tried to make it flat and ready for laying the stones

Interesting Movies & Documentaries

La Belle Verte The Green Beautiful Trailer



La Belle Verte is written and directed by Colline Serreau, a woman film maker from France. Her film is probably the only French film of recent times that talks of nature, environment and importance of greenery in our daily existence. In La Belle Verte, we see how an alien lady (played by Colline Serreau herself) from a green planet descend on French capital Paris in order to gather information about the status of greenery on Earth. What follows is absolutely shocking for this alien as she learns that earth’s inhabitants have almost no respect for nature, greenery and environment. Apart from its pro nature stance, La Belle Verte is also a searing attack on consumerist society where modern human beings have no idea of nature’s power.

“Intention & Instantaneous Healing” – Lynne McTaggart

Full Interview with Kristin Gillespie


A true pioneer in grounding New Science, Lynne McTaggart covers the very topical phenomena of Altriusm, Intention & Connection to boost Immunity, Instantaneous Healing, The Power of Eight, Mass Meditation, the Maharishi Effect, World Peace, NDEs, & working with Dr. Emoto on Water Intention Experiments.


Lynne McTaggart, Best-Selling Author “The Field,” “The Intention Experiment” & “The Power of Eight” –


The magic molecule no one ever talks about: melatonin 


If it can’t be patented and make someone billions of dollars a year (literally), you’ll never hear about it.

Here’s a powerful healing strategy that helps with cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc. and countless other conditions.


Andrew Nikiforuk – The Energy of Slaves

Inspiring Links

How a Computer From MIT Predicted the End of Humanity in 1973


The software used is called “World 3 system” and it predicted that the world will come to an end provoked by humanity in 2040

Alan Watts ~ How To Enjoy Life

George Carlin – Conspiracy Theorists
and Powerful People

Inspiring Book

The Science of Discworld by Terry Pratchett

The Science of Discworld is a 1999 book by novelist Terry Pratchett and popular science writers Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen.

Three sequels, The Science of Discworld II: The Globe, The Science of Discworld III: Darwin’s Watch, and The Science of Discworld IV: Judgement Day, have been written by the same authors.

The book alternates between a typically absurd Discworld story and serious scientific exposition after each chapter.

Link naar Wikipedia:

Inspiring Quote

Happy encounters with others can increase belief in ourselves

and make sure we move in a new, better direction.

Then I am explicitly talking about real encounters,

where you someone hears, sees, smells, feels,

not about digital ersatz.

Unfortunately it is conversely equally true.

Others can take us down,

and curiously enough,

this is largely done through digital “contacts”.

– Liesbeth Woertman

Inspiring Images
Our reality…

Those that refuse to learn

(Hiroshima) When will we ever learn ?

Inspiring Music

Archie Shepp & Abdullah Ibrahim – LEFT ALONE




1. What ideas did you have when you first got here?

2. What have you learned in the meantime?

3. On reflection, did you have an assignment here?

4. How are you going to let me know how things are really going?

Humor (?)
A man is looking at a beautiful woman passing by
He approaches her and asks,

‘Would you have sex with me for a million dollars?’

The woman replies promptly, ‘Yes, of course!’
The man says, ‘Would you have sex with me for five dollars?’
The woman answers, outraged,

‘How dare you? What kind of woman do you think I am?!’

The men says, ‘That we have already established,

right now we’re just haggling about the price.’

The heaviness that is the Dutch mentality

and the path through it

written by Amanda


The Dutch. Famous for innovation, windmills, ice-scating, wooden shoes, stoopwafels, water, cheese, tulips, cows, milk, did I say cheese yet? … And above all, finding new and innovative ways to mess up the world even further.


Dutch history is one of exploitation. They have been everywhere and stolen everything of value from everywhere in the world. Slaves, sugar, gold, money, people, land, children, spices oil. Everything can be traded. As long as it creates value it is good for the country, creating the weird, cold, hard, emotionless, monotone, imperialistic, fascistic society we call The Netherlands today. No wonder the rest of the world often refers to the country as the Hollow-lands, as they have created absolutely no fair value in a very long time and are therefore one of the most empty countries in the world.


There are two types of people in this country. The ones who take advantage of others, and the ones who try to get out of the country because they are getting mad of the dystopian matrix they find themselves stuck in.


Due to this history and the exploitation that is still going on today, stronger as it has ever been, almost all Dutch people walk around like sad, hunched over zombies. Most of them drown themselves into games, drinking, food, visiting theme-parks, working to get on vacation or buy themselves more material distractions, watching tv-series, talking about all pastimes possible, nagging about everything and being a good slave of the government, king and Bill Gates by giving their personal information and freedom to everyone who has money and tells them they can be trusted, thus leading completely empty lives.


To be a ‘good citizen’ they would blindly follow anything told by the people with money and listen to the mainstream media, swallowing all their lies. They wouldn’t feel anything wrong with what they are told. No, they have been lied to for so long they have forgotten what the truth would be like. What is feeling anyhow? Oh yes, the thing a man isn’t able to feel or show, and the thing the woman uses in every situation to manipulate her way through the world.


The few that do wake up and are able to shake themselves free from the middle of the flock of sheeple they found themselves in, have a hard pill to swallow.


First they have to understand that everything that has been taught to them in schools is fundamentally wrong. From science to history, everything has been programmed in such a way that the Netherlands seems like an utopia with a perfect royal family on top, one that doesn’t at all do child trafficking and isn’t drenched in fascism and bloodmoney everywhere you look.


Then they also find out that their basic attitude is one of deep sarcasm and cynicism, seeing the glass always half empty.


Finding they want to change this attitude they now realize that in order to do that, they have to learn how to truly feel. This is something that has been destroyed for a few generations already. Because feeling means you cannot be a good work slave of the country.


Then they try to think their way into understanding feeling. For all that Dutch people are beside work slaves is floating heads. They have been taught that the only way to live is to do everything with their heads. Conflict? There must be a system to get out of this. Plants? What is the system they grow in and their names? Politics? Endless debates with fancy words from a bunch of blabbering little children calling each other names on live tv.


A lot of times when those people try to find a way to understand how to feel, they end up in one of the many New (c)Age movements, which causes them to take the path of Spiritism and loose their way again in yoga, festivals and every alternative course they can find. Trying to absorb as much information as possible in order to understand what it is to be connected, to feel and to be one with the spirit. In that process they will miss their mark completely. The only thing keeping them from floating off into Neburu is the heaviness of the country weighing them down.


For the ones who do have the luck to find a place where they can truly learn what it is to connect, to live together, to feel and to create value, it is often still a long path until they have transcended everything that is The Netherlands.


The road up the mountain is not easy. It is full of pitfalls, wet patches, loose stones and prickly bushes. Yet it is also full of beautiful flowers, amazing companions, stories, lessons and more.

It is simply a matter of having the courage to transcend beyond the Dutch mud and being able to leave behind the ones that cannot follow at that moment.

There should also be a basic trust, in yourself, in Being, in the Universe.

With that courage and trust the only other thing that is needed is discipline. The discipline to take one step after another and climb the mountain away from the Hollow-lands that is that country.

Whenever we will stumble upon a hard road we need to take, we can take a deep breath and smile. This is because we can trust that the universe would never give us something we will not we able to handle. It is the rush we get from being on that difficult road and realizing we are actually doing it that makes life so fun. Then every new obstacle is another beautiful opportunity to become more then we already are.


Along the way you will meet other people who have come out of similar situations and have climbed out of it. Some will be further. You can look at them for inspiration and ask then for advice. You will also meet people who are not that far on the journey yet. You will find that just by being yourself and walking your journey, you will automatically inspire and help those people. Don’t actively try to help them up the mountain. They will eventually slip and fall because they have not learned to walk this path yet. As one of my companions walking along side me on this mountain path once said: “You can bring a horse to the water but you cannot force it to drink.”


As we will walk this path, it is important not to forget to look around. Most of this journey will actually be about looking around on the path! Because our destination from this incarnation will be death sooner or later. It is what we do on our route to it that makes our life so rich! Not the destination!


It is a long road and definitely not easy, but it is beautiful. The higher up you go, the more useless baggage and mud you loose, the easier the breathing and walking becomes. You find you don’t need much at all to be happy. Just the will to learn and to truly live.

Don’t discard all of the stuff you have received however! All of it, even the biggest lies, can become the largest tools and gifts once we have transcended the generations of bad habits that are connected with it.


There will be a lot of sadness, basic and unrealistic fears for life, anger and frustration to come with walking the road. Yet once we’ll get through these layers we’ll find that everything that held us down, will now be our biggest tool to help us get forward.


Have courage. Trust. Walk your path. It is worth it! Take it from me. I am far from there at the moment of writing this text. Yet with every new step I make, I see and feel a little bit more of the light that I and all of us can become. It is time to take the Dutch mentality and completely turn it around.


It is time for us to wake up.


I trust we can do it. Do you?


Try it!

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