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Upside-down the good newsletter

2023 – week 36

Upside down = instead of announcing what we plan to do
(& most often find out we do not need to do), we relate what we really did

This week @ Plukrijp

We did:

Daniel did the biggest part of the cleaning-up of this week.
A huge thank you Daniel!

We cleaned: the outside of closed tunnel 1 / inside of closed tunnel 1 / the Bastroad / the sides of the big grasfield / the bicycle parking area / the street side / the courtyard / the front side of the open tunnels / we mowed grass everywhere

We watered the seedlings and scratched in between

We fixed the gutter of the community house

We continued breaking down the big massa stove in the workshop

We repaired the bench at the swimming pool

We harvested potatoes in open tunnel 1

A few words from Martine

An idea that has been ripening for months…

The grieving process that has been going on since Frank’s death is a huge and intense transformation process for both me and Plukrijp. This place requires a new purpose. For months my only possible answer was “I don’t know”.

A few days ago the possible future was revealed to me: Plukrijp would become a center where people on their way to Growth can meet/encourage/support each other. Plukrijp would provide the infrastructure and space for organizing all kinds of workshops/coming together.

The garden would remain an important part of the project, both as a place for inner peace and as well as producing the fruit and vegetables needed for communal meals.

The members of the non-profit organization could still come and harvest themselves for a free donation.

This week I made an important decision concerning the fields: I will leave them for one year to rest in order to bring back fertility to a high quality level. This year almost no compost was added because the compost heap at Hei has “sufficated”. It will be turned over soon by a large digger to re-kindle the ripening proces.

Through a soil analysis, we will understand better what is needed to add to the soil before we leave it to rest under a thick blanket of straw.

The tunnels will be removed temporarily so that direct sunlight and rain can fall on these areas once again. Perhaps in a later stage we will replace all the tunnels with just one wider one.

This will require a lot of contemplation and preparation. It is a beautiful challenge that we will meet with courage! Help is welcome!

In the meantime, we have started with a thorough clean up of the farm. The plan is to utilise the time that will become available to have a new wind blow through, allow more light to come in and to create space by bringing things that are damaged or broken to the recycling center. Also the buildings will need some love and repairs.

Because of this break, we will be able to give more attention to the food forest which has become overgrown.

All the perennials will still be treated with care: all the berry bushes and fruit trees need to be pruned, rhubarb plants need to be divided,…

Soon, we will harvest the remaining bigger crops, like the pumpkins, butternut, potatoes, jerusalem artichokes and parsnips.

We are looking for volunteers that will help create
the new Plukrijp

A few words from our friend Niels

Catherine Austin Fitts Explains Land and Real

Estate-Stealing Tactics on Lahaina and Elsewhere:

Wow, great article

I found it interesting that she uses the word enclosure

I was just writing something in the permaculture course

about the enclosure act

What I was saying is that history and progress are often

presented as being pulled by demand for improvement

But as we see from the enclosure acts, people are often

pushed into the new environment

Let me explain shortly about industrialization

So before the industrial revolution we had more or less

the feudal system in Europe

That entailed local lords that ruled over an estate

On the estate lived semi-free people called serfs

Serfs were part of the property and while the lord may

sometimes change, the serfs stayed on the land

they often had their own home and family and their own garden

where they could forage and farm as they like for most the year

around the time of the big harvest serfs were expected to harvest for the lord

the lord also provided protection by keeping soldiers….

Anyways around 1600 we see enclosure acts where serfs are kicked off

the land en masse

This push led them to find their way to towns that are growing bigger

just in time for the first mines and factories that needed all this cheap labor

This is when fathers started working far away from their sons

and the family unit was kind of broken

Quality of life generally went down for all these people

that from now on live in slums

I think this pattern of enclosure has happened several times since then

Now there is a push for 15 minute cities and remote work

and farmers that are not allowed to use nitrogen anymore

It’s a kind of artificial selection process, some people will be able

to live outside the matrix

But doing exactly what the matrix tells you is “good”

will become more and more unbearable

The psychological pressure of life will become too much to bear for some people

I think it’s important to keep giving people the choice between

the blue pill where they get to believe what the propaganda says is good

They can have their comforts and pleasures as a reward for playing along

and if they want the red pill then we can explore together

just how deep the rabbit hole goes

But the red pill is constant struggle

makes people want to take the black pill

to eat silence and distance while the universe

fades out through entropy

But with guidance from mentors

some of these people can take the white pill

and begin to see the opportunities

through the cracks in the matrix

See the real world out there

surfing on the wave of negentropy that is wild nature

authentic with our self and intimate with others

Hang loose y’all

A few words from Bram

“Laisser faire, seulement accompagner”

This week I bought a car in Herentals through the network of Plukrijp. After going up and down for a few times the moment was there to pickup the car. Johan, one of our neighbors, is working in Herentals and was willing to give me a lift in the morning. “I’ll pick you up at 6.30h in the morning because I start at 7h”, said Johan. “No problem, than I’ll bring a book and a coffee to pass time, waiting for my appointment with the garage at 8.30h”, was my answer.

So it went. When we arrived at Johan’s place it suddenly became clear that it would not be possible that I could spent the time at his work. I took my backpack and without showing any wondering on my face I walked direction the first best gas station. A big smile was on my face , I had to laugh again with how situations could turnout differently than I had imagened. The only thing that I could and wanted to do was to embrace this moment and to enjoy the acceptance.

Recently when I was in France I received a treatment from Daniel Mignot (a energéticien) for the backpain that I was dealing with. This man showed me that by just letting the feeling to be there the body is capable to alleviate the ailment and also to make it disappear. “Juste laisser faire” he would say , when I shared what I was feeling. I experienced that by just accepting of what is and not trying to deny or to let the feeling disappear the healing proces is activated and even accelerated. It also feld as a liberation to be able to live life in this way, that every situation could be approached by just observing the sensation regardless if it is a thought, a feeling or an emotion.

It brought me a certain lightness and a cheerful feeling that the “I” , the identification with all those thoughts, emotions and feelings takes place more in the background. So also for this appointment with the garage, it turned out differently than I had imagened and it made my happy to see how easy it actualy is to experience events differently looking at it as problems or the need to control everything.

“Seulement accompagner, laisser faire” . These words I’m using now to observe myself in moments of unrest. They bring me instantly to a place of observation and it takes off the presure that I would normally put on myself by my will of how something should be.

Inspiring Music

Bob Dylan – One More Cup of Coffee




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