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Upside-down the good newsletter

2023 – week 23

Upside down = instead of announcing what we plan to do
(& most often find out we do not need to do), we relate what we really did

Because of our lack of experience in the garden and of the challenging weather conditions, our offer is limited now.

The good news is that berries of all colors and shapes are almost ready to be picked. And if you want to make rhubarb jam or elderflower syrup, now is the time!

Welcome to come and enjoy the beauty and peace of our gardens. Benches to rest, a swimming pool to cool off calmly and inspiring encounters await you.

With Love

Martine, Bram, Jojo and Tom

The updated list of vegetables & fruit that can be harvested this week is available on our website under the heading “Current Harvest” :

This week @ Plukrijp

Plukrijp: A fresh new wind is blowing

Plukrijp has been a life-changing inspiration to many visitors/volunteers/trainees. All these people have in common to have been touched by the example that it is possible to live a life of quality, joy and abundance in simplicity thanks to an awakened community wishing to live in proximity and in authenticity. It was the magic of the complementarity between Frank and me.

After Frank died, I tried to keep that kind of community alive. Today I know that I cannot ensure the continuation of what has been without him at my side. A new model must emerge with the same quality of spirit. I trust that the way will be shown to me.

Together with Bram, Jojo and Tom we decided to humbly make a new fresh start and to listen to our inner wisdom. The website and the newsletter will take a different form. We hope you will continue to follow & support us and that you will enjoy the adventure as much as we do.

Love & blessings


We did:

Thanks to Jona, Sofie, Alain & Katia who came to help us this week.

We have started the major works in the small common house. Following a water leak, we were forced to destroy the existing kitchen and bathroom. Tom & Bram offer their experience and professionalism for a new sustainable version. Thanks to you two!

It was a very hot week! We had to wait until evening to be able to plant the last cucumber plants in the greenhouse and we started to give water tot the plants at Hei.

We mainly weeded wherever necessary.

We added compost around the potato plants at Hei.

We cut the hedge between closed tunnel 1 and the neighbor’s field.

Tom maintained our little beautiful natural swimming pool.

We planted beans at the Hei.

We continued to sort waste for the recycling center.

We weeded the food forest to facilitate the harvest of the berries in the next weeks.

Inspiring Movie

WOLF – Natuurfilm (Dutch)



Een echte aanrader! Na de film was er een Q&A door een vertegenwoordiger van “Welkom Wolf”. Ik weet nu dat er al een 30-tal wolven in België wonen (Limburg & Ardennen) en dat ze meer dan welkom zijn omdat ze een nieuwe gezondere balans in onze ecosysteem brengen. Wij als mensen moeten ons aan hun aanwezigheid aanpassen door hun gedrag te begrijpen. Ze vormen geen enkel gevaar voor ons. We dienen enkel onze dieren (schapen, poneys, geiten, …) met een elektrische schrikdraad te beschermen en onze honden aan de lijband te houden in de bosgebieden waar ze wonen.

De natuurfilm ‘WOLF’ brengt de terugkeer van het Europese toproofdier bijzonder fraai in beeld. Natuurfilmer Cees van Kempen volgde bijna vier jaar lang verschillende wolvenfamilies, voornamelijk in Duitsland. Dat betekende vele uren zwaar labeur in bossen en velden om met camera’s en cameravallen de schuwe roofdieren voor de lens te krijgen.

WOLF’ kiest bewust voor een wetenschappelijke benadering door de prachtige beelden aan te vullen met wetenswaardigheden over wolven en hun plek in het grotere ecosysteem.

WOLF’ is naast een educatieve natuurfilm tegelijkertijd een aansprekend coming of age verhaal over familiebanden, volwassen worden in een uitdagende omgeving en je plek vinden in de wereld.

Inspiring Video

The radically impractical 18th-century architect

whose ideas on beauty endure

Today, the ideas of the 18th-century French architect Étienne-Louis Boullée influence building designs around the world. However, during his life, Boullée was more interested in the poetic potential of architecture than concocting practical plans, and built very few structures that remain standing today. Instead, his lasting impact derives from his bold proposals for buildings that reflected the beauty he found in geometric simplicity and symmetry, presented on exceptionally grand scales. Working through drawings of some of Boullée’s proposed and never-realised buildings – from a stadium with a capacity of 300.000, to a real-life Tower of Babel and a fantastical monument to Isaac Newton – this video essay from the YouTube channel Kings and Things explores how he borrowed from and expanded upon classical architecture for inspiration, as well as how his ideas had a resurgence upon the publication of his writings in 1953, some 250 years after his death.

Inspiring Link

Do you know about the practical actions organised as part of the MOCICA Great Project ?

The MOCICA Great Project is an action plan for the establishment of a non-commercial society in which resources and efforts are shared.

In this perspective, we lead, encourage and support all actions in favour of gratuitousness and autonomy : shared gardens, workshops, healthcare, donations, etc.

Inspiring Book

Dr. Stephen T. Chang was born and raised in China and has been studying Taoist medicine since he was six years old in a family who has practiced medicine for well over 400 years. Dr. Chang’s great-grandfather was a physician and professor to the Emperor of China (Tung Tse) and Empress Tse Shi (Ci Xi) (慈僖) as well as the first Chinese ambassador to the United States during the Benjamin Harrison administration (1889-93). His grandmother was a master-physician.

Author of several books (The Great Tao, Tao of Balanced Diet-Secrets of a Thin and Healthy Body, The Complete System of Self Healing-Internal Exercise, Tao of Sexology-Infinite Wisdom, The Complete Book of Acupuncture, The Integral Management of Tao-Complete Achievement), translated in over ten languages with over a million copies sold.




When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream.

When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.

Dom Hélder Câmara

Inspiring Text


As a public speaker, I am never just telling people things. Always, in my speaking, there is a subtle request. I think this is true for most one-on-one conversation too. The request is for some kind of agreement. Beneath my declarations there is question: “Is this right? Do you see this too? Does this make sense? Am I crazy?” It is psychologically necessary for me to write and speak, because the things I think are so at odds with much of the dominant culture that I must seek out agreement in order to continue holding those beliefs. Belief is not an individual endeavor. Belief is a field. Sanity is a group project.

Inspiring Music

Sêve Trio – Mata Poderosa

Sting – Practical Arrangement

Humor (?)



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