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2022 – week 43

Upside down = instead of announcing what we plan to do
(& most often find out we do not need to do), we relate what we really did

Building communities of trust is fundamental
to healing our collective wound.
At Plukrijp, we offer spaces of transparency and solidarity.
The community allows people to encounter each other
in truth and so develop trust.
We do the garden for YOU
Plukrijp functions on your frequent visits & harvests. Take along for friends & neighbours, this way we recreate real networks between us all, breaking down the illusory restrictions that now still separate many of us from our fellow man = UBUNTU.
The updated list of vegetables & fruit that can be harvested this week is available on our website under the heading “Current Harvest” :
This week @ Plukrijp
We did:

At Hei: we weeded & scratched part of the big field, then made lines & seeded corn salad (alternating between 4 (25 cm) lines of seed, and 2 lines of nothing for a path to easily harvest both sides) / we reseeded Rye on a patch of the big field where the seed did not come up / we planted garlic & onion and seeded corn salad in the first two low short beds / we weeded the spinach

We weeded closed tunnel 2 and thinned out the endives

We seeded spinach in closed tunnel 1 (normally it’s too late, but who knows what’s possible in the new Indian summer weather?)

We weeded the spinach in the central bed of open tunnel 5 and seeded corn salad in lines on the right side of open tunnel 5

We planted more onions in open tunnel 1 on the highest point to use the running of water to the plants’ advantage

We put sticks everywhere were we planted garlic to know durning the winter where they will later come up

We continue to break down the caravans

We picked up some plastic tarps that Ons Logisch Voedsel were throwing away & stored them for when we will need to replace the plastic on the closed tunnels (soon). These plastic tarps are also useful for covering the ground in winter, covering stored material to protect it from rain, to fix rips in the tunnels, etc. Thank you Ole!

We went to Harry’s place to build the structure of a new trailer. Thanks for the figs & nuts, Harry!

We harvested beans at the Hei. Thanks Buster!


We chopped wood into fine sticks to fuel the bread oven and Jesus baked delicious bread again.Thanks Jesus!

We harvested some parsnip & kohlrabi with the grandkids. Thanks Emma & Nore for the help!

We checked the stock of seeds for the upcoming season.

Our friend Ken comes to work on his caravan that he will be using to travel in the upcoming months

We dried the walnuts & chestnuts to eat. Yummy seasonal food, thanks Mother Nature!


We check the bikes & are replacing used parts ( gears & inner tires). Thanks Tom for all the practical knowledge you share!

Jesus continues to experiment with savours & flavours to create & offer new products based on local & valuable products like Quinoa Oat Milk & lots of delicious ice cream. Merci petit Jesus pour nos ventres bien tendus!

We received the gift of Martine’s first massage in two years. Thank you Martine!

Interesting Movies


Leila witnesses the fall of a young pregnant woman who miscarries while returning from the source, far in the mountains. This event makes her think about the condition of women and Leila will therefore strive to persuade the other women of the village that it is up to the idle men to finally bring water to the village. To achieve their goals, the women decide to go on a love strike.

Interesting Videos

The Last Druid – Documentary on Ben McBrady of The Old Gaelic Order

Documentary describing the life of the late Irish druid, Ben McBrady.


Jordan Peterson | Motivational Speech 2023

A life changing and powerful motivational speech by Jordan Peterson, describing how to change your life in a positive way, and achieve happiness. Aim for what you believe in, young people need to watch this.

Inspiring Links

16 Life-Learnings from 16 Years of The Marginalian

Reflections on keeping the soul intact and alive

and worthy of itself

Inspiring Books

“We’ve all been given a gift, the gift of life.

What we do with our life is our gift back.”

– Edo

Inspiring Text
The nagging hunger for emotional contact explains the oft-observed “paradox” that many children with ADD are capable of focused work in the presence of an adult who is keeping them company and paying attention to them. This is no paradox at all, if we see the opposing roles of anxiety and attachment in influencing attention: attachment promotes attention, anxiety undermines it. When the child is not concerned with seeking emotional contact, his prefrontal cortex is freed to allocate attention to the task at hand, illustrating that what we call attention deficit disorder is not a fixed, unalterable physiological state; it’s a physiological state, yes, but not fixed an unalterable. The warmth and satisfaction of positive contact with the adult is often just as good as a psychostimulant in supplying the child’s prefrontal cortex with dopamine. Greater security means less anxiety and more focused attention. The unseen factor that remains constant in all situations is the child’s unconscious yearning for attachement, dating back to the first years of life. Where this need is satisfied, ADD problems begin to recede.

Distractedness due to emotional turmoil and thought-storms in the mind also blight memory. Anyone with ADD has experienced, numerous times a day, going into another room or running up – or downstairs only to stand there puzzled, wondering what she came to look for in the first place, or of returning with something quite useless that she had absentmindedly picked up. The key phrase here is absentmindedly. The notoriously poor short-term recall is in large part due to the tuned-out, semidissociated, internally preoccupied state of ADD. “This kind of ‘amnesia’ occurs because attention is required to form new episodic memories,” writes the psychologist Daniel Schacter, “and when our attentional resources are consumed by internal thoughts and feelings, there are few left over for dealing with the world outside”.

Extract p. 126-127 from the book “Scattered”, How Attention Deficit Disorder originates and What you can do about it by Gabor Maté


Inspiring Music

Supernova – Chill beats up the wazoo

Last weekend Jojo was playing his hang drum on the street in Brussels when some guys came over & invited him to their studio to record & produce a tune. Here it is. Enjoy!

Sarah Vaughan – Misty

Inspiring Image

A good picture to remember that we are part of nature, not above nature.

Humor (?)
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