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2022 – week 4

Upside down = instead of announcing what we plan to do
(& most often find out we do not need to do), we relate what we really did

Building communities of trust is fundamental
to healing our collective wound.
At Plukrijp, we offer spaces of transparency and solidarity.
The community allows people to encounter each other
in truth and so develop trust.
We do the garden for YOU
Plukrijp functions on your frequent visits & harvests. Take along for friends & neighbours, this way we recreate real networks between us all, breaking down the illusory restrictions that now still separate many of us from our fellow man = UBUNTU.
The updated list of vegetables & fruit that can be harvested this week is available on our website under the heading “Current Harvest” :
This week @ Plukrijp
We did:

Spent most of the days dismantling old shelves that we have made for Biofresh and that they kindly brought back to us when it was of no use for them anymore, allowing us to give them new meaning.


We finished transferring the chickens to close tunnel one, where they now have plenty of fresh compost to have fun with.


We did as usual, small repairs all over the farm, from wheel-barrels to a forgotten bench. As we open the doors of our perception, more and more things present themselves asking to be done; the more on selfless service we are doing them, the more perception we can access.


We also cleaned and scratched the central field, raised and low beds at the Hey. A new page is turning as the winter is coming to blow its last frosty northern wind. Enchanting us as we work, the songbirds are back, and together we greet the coming fresh season of spring.

Interesting Movies & Documentaries
Benny & Joon (1993)

Benny (Aidan Quinn), who cares for his mentally disturbed sister, Joon (Mary Stuart Masterson), also welcomes the eccentric Sam (Johnny Depp) into his home at Joon’s request. Sam entertains Joon while he dreams of a job at the video store. Once Benny realizes Joon and Sam have started a relationship, he kicks Sam out of the house. This leads to an altercation between brother and sister. Joon runs away with Sam, who soon realizes that she may need more support than he alone can provide.

Manon of the Spring (1986)


A beautiful but shy shepherdess plots vengeance on the men whose greedy conspiracy to acquire her father’s land caused his death years earlier.

The Secret Power of the Universe (Part 1)

‘Within You is the Power’ is the last book written by Henry Thomas Hamblin in 1953.  It’s as if time has stood still…

“When man for his search for Truth, has given up all selfish striving after unworthy things, and has ceased to use his sef-will in conflict with the greater Will of the Whole, he is ready for the revelation of his oneness with the Infinite.”

“While thought is not the power of the Spirit, it is the power by which man either connects himself up withe the Infinite Power, opening himself to the Divine Inflow, or cuts himself off and separetes himself from his Spiritual Source.”

The Secret Power of the Universe (Part 2)

“The true object of life is that man main attain wisdom through experience.

“Life is a paradox, the true object of life is not the attainment of happiness, yet if we attain the true object of life, we find happiness.

The Secret Power of the Universe (Part 3)

Man is a slave to fate as long as he is a slave to the desires of the earth plane.He is however free to overcome lower things and thus rise to higher. When he does this he ceases to create a painful future for himself and thus becomes free.”

One who will stand firm during the periods of adversity and refuse to give in, relying upon the great Power whitin to carry him through, will find that he can weather all storms of life and come out of his trials greatly strengthened.”

One who meets the setbacks, griefs, bereavements and disasters of life in the right spirit becomes a rich and strong character. He becomes mellowed through experience, strong, stable, a helpful influence to all who meet him.”

The Secret Power of the Universe (Part 4): Inception

If the experiences of life are resisted, or an attempt is made to evade its discipline, troubles and difficulties will repeat, becoming more painful and insistent until their lesson is learnt and the life changed accordingly.”

It is only when man realizes his oneness with the infinite and believes that omnipotent Power is at his disposal, that the spiritual power within becomes available. So long as man has doubts and fears or disbeliefs, this special power is not available. It is his, but his state of heart and mind prevents him from either realizing the presence of the Power or making use of it.

The Secret Power of the Universe (Part 5): Success

What is meant here by success is the achievement of something worth while, that shall make the world better and richer, and add something to the common good.”


Our sphere in life may be very humble, but if we overcome our own weaknesses, help others along life’s pathway, and do our daily work better than we need, our life cannot be other than successful.”


If, at the end of our life, we can be thankful for it, realizing that we have made the best possible use of it, we have achieved real success.”

The Secret Power of the Universe (Part 6): Health

The majority of people are susceptible to infectious deseases and epidemics, yet, if they were really well, they would be immune. Instead, however, of seeking immunity through health, they are seeking it through the use of vaccines and serums, thus adding to the burdens which the body has to bear.”


We have to go to the mind in order to discover the cause of ill-health. Man is not only made ill by his own negative thoughts and emotions, he is also under the hypnotic spell of the race mind.”

“Less evolved humans are not affected, apparently, by the mental storms, psychic changes, and spiritual disharmonies that disturb the health of the more evolved types. We have an illustration of this in the case of some forms of insanity. The patient “goes out of his mind”, with the result that his bodily health becomes wonderfully good.”

Within You is the Power (Part 7): The Secret of Abundant Supply

It is a metaphysical truth that the outward life is a reflection of the thought life. Our life is affected by our habit of thinking and attitude of mind.”


We must give in order to receive, and what we give must be something that the world wants or needs; or otherwise serve in some useful capacity, exercising honesty, probity and justice in all our affairs.”

Within You is the Power (Part 8): The Powers and Limitations of the Sub-Conscious Mind

“The sub-conscious mind, if led aright, is a very good friend, reducing all repeated thoughts and actions into habits, which in time, become settled and part of the very life itself.”

By conscious right thinking and conscious right action, a good habit is formed, which becomes in course of time, practically automatic.”

Within You is the Power (Part 9): The Use of the Spiritual or Super-conscious Mind

We have already seen that the sub-conscious mind, wonderful though it be, is instinctive merely, lacking inspiration and what we call originality. All inspiration comes from the Universal Mind, via the super-conscious.”

Within You is the Power (Part 10): Character Building and the Overcoming of Habit

Character building is the greatest object in life. It has been said that character is the only thing we can take with us when we depart this life.”

Is Money Still The Root of All Evil?


The Material world of wealth represents Greed and Service to Self. The Money system enslaves humanity, and cause suffering. We need to find ways to live without the need for Money, and to live in peace and harmony with one another. We need to trust and have faith that the Eternal Creator will provide all our needs. One of the Highest Spiritual understandings is to become a giving and compassionate being.

We tend to forget that each and every one of us has God within. Whether we are rich, or poor, or in between, we all are a magnificent Spark of the Infinite Consciousness of God.

In today’s society we do have to have money to survive. How much energy that you give to Money and how much you use it for service to others, will determine the direction of your Journey. In many ancient teachings from around the world, we are told to only take what we Need, to Take any more is greedy and selfish.

from Chellea, Mystic and channel of the Aeon Sophia and Christos Through Divine Light, The New Earth of Light, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @

Inspiring Links

Waking up in a digital dystopia


For many, the Corona crisis has been a moment of awakening, whether it was due to a specific event or a gradual process in which people saw through the theater and realized that they were being lied to about much of what is happening in the world. For others, however, this was long gone and the current state of the world is nothing more than the culmination of processes in the geopolitics and the financial sector that have been going on for much longer.


In the coming period, Sven will try to untangle the different, deeply intertwined facets of the story for a renewed look at the present. Context that has already passed by in earlier, older broadcasts is being revisited and rearranged in order to better prepare ourselves for what is to come. Because whoever thought that things would go in a different direction with a new cabinet, has not been paying attention…

“All we really need to preserve is human dignity.

When we preserve human dignity, we have responsibility, freedom and our autonomy in one. “

How, exactly, does planet Earth move through the Universe?

The Solar System isn’t a vortex, but rather the sum of all our great cosmic motions. Here’s how we move through space.

Inspiring Books

The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.

Within You is the Power by Henry Thomas Hamblin

Henry Thomas Hamblin (19 March 1873 – 28 October 1958) was an English mystic and New Thought author.

Within You is the Power’ shows us there is a power lying hidden in mankind, by the use of which any person can rise to higher and better things in life. The object of this book is to help people to bring their inward powers of mind and spirit into expression, wisely and in harmony with the laws of life and to build up character. There is no way whereby the discipline of life can be avoided. There are no means by which fate can be ‘tricked,’ nor cunning device by which fate can be evaded. Each life must meet its own troubles and difficulties: each soul must pass through its deep waters, every heart must encounter sorrow and grief. But no one needs to be overwhelmed in the great conflicts of life, for one who has learned the great secret of his identity with the Universal Life and Power, dwells in an impregnable city, built upon and into the Rock of Truth, against which the storms of life beat in vain. While this book does not offer any vain promises of an easy life–for, if this were possible, it would be the greatest of all disasters–but rather endeavours to show how to become so strong that life looks almost easy by comparison.

A Course in Cosmic Light Work

The Merging of Ancient Practices to Embody and Work with the Universal Life Force Energies Paperback by Chellea Wilder

This is a 9 Part course to help you to understand and perform Real Cosmic Light Work that you can actually see make a difference in the world. Of course your intentions are everything, However, this is very ancient Knowledge that will boost your Quota of Light projection and Manifestation.

Cosmic Light work is a little different than other lightworking out there. I have taken everything that I have learned and bundled it all up into One practice. It is a merge between what you would consider to be Spiritual Understanding, White Magic, Reiki, a very Ancient Ritual, Crystal Work, the Awareness of Astrology, Native American Spiritualism, and my own Inner Knowing from recalling Past Life experiences.

You will learn that you can be a vessel of Source Energy projecting the Light where it needs to be, At any moment and any time of the day. You will learn your personal connection to the Source through the Cosmic Light itself, and become a Master Cosmic Light worker.


“The people who pretend that you will know

the most suitable method for yourself

are the ones who PRETEND

that what you like is what you NEED.

Man does not know the way for himself.

He needs someone to arrange the circumstances (so he can learn)”

free from Idriss Shah ‘Thinkers of the East’

Inspiring Texts

Near Enemy #11:

You can choose how to respond


You can’t decide what to think before you think it. No one can. Thoughts simply arise spontaneously as an expression of our conditioning. If you could choose what to think before thinking it, you would already be thinking it.

Inspiring Poetry from Kahlil Gibran

Then a woman said, Speak to us of Joy and Sorrow.

And he answered:

Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.

And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears.

And how else can it be?

The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.

Is not the cup that holds your wine the very cup that was burned in the potter’s oven?

And is not the lute that soothjes your spirit, the very wood that was hollowed with knives?

When your are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy.

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

Some of you say, ‘Joy is greater than sorrow’, and others say, ‘Nay, sorrow is the greater.’

But I say unto you, they are inseperable.

Together they come, and when one sits alone with you at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.

Verily you are suspended like scales between your sorrow and your joy.

Only when you are empty are you at standstill and balanced.

When the treasure-keeper lifts you to weigh his gold and his silver, needs must your joy or your sorrow rise or fall.

Inspiring Music

Keith Jarrett “Somewhere Before”

Spirituality and teaching method from Charlie Haden

The basiste who played with Keith Jarrett for the album “Somewhere before”


This text sums it all up, way beyond all other clumsy trials to put the magic of music & of spirit into “words”…


While he did not identify himself with a specific religious orientation, Haden was interested in spirituality, especially in association with music. He felt it was his duty, and the duty of the artist, to bring beauty to the world, to make this world a better place. He encouraged his students to find their own unique musical voice and bring it to their instrument. He also encouraged his students to be in the present moment: “there’s no yesterday or tomorrow, there’s only right now”, he explained.


In order to find this state, and ultimately to find one’s spiritual self, Haden urged one to aspire to have humility, and respect for beauty; to be thankful for the ability to make music, and to give back to the world with the music they create. He claimed that music taught him this process of exchange, so he taught it to his students in return.


Music, Haden believed, also teaches incredibly valuable lessons about life: “I learned at a very young age that music teaches you about life. When you’re in the midst of improvisation, there is no yesterday and no tomorrow—there is just the moment that you are in. In that beautiful moment, you experience your true insignificance to the rest of the universe. It is then, and only then, that you can experience your true significance.

Coro A.N.A. di Milano – Increible canto en arameo

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