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2022 – week 35

Upside down = instead of announcing what we plan to do
(& most often find out we do not need to do), we relate what we really did

Building communities of trust is fundamental
to healing our collective wound.
At Plukrijp, we offer spaces of transparency and solidarity.
The community allows people to encounter each other
in truth and so develop trust.
We do the garden for YOU
Plukrijp functions on your frequent visits & harvests. Take along for friends & neighbours, this way we recreate real networks between us all, breaking down the illusory restrictions that now still separate many of us from our fellow man = UBUNTU.
The updated list of vegetables & fruit that can be harvested this week is available on our website under the heading “Current Harvest” :
This week @ Plukrijp
We did:

Joshka gave a guided tour to a group of interested friends. It was a pleasure to welcome them and share the meal with them.

To celebrate the departure of Joshka in joy and not in sadness, we did the mat exercise. This consists of all the people who stand on it being able to turn it over without their feet leaving the mat. Lots of laughs and guaranteed fun!

We harvested many beautiful melons & rejoice at the multiple harvests we can have from the same plants with pruning & guiding at the right moments to direct energy to the fruits that need it. Observe & Interact.

We harvested tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, corn, chard, & pickles on a regular basis.

We harvested all the pumpkins & stored them in the workshop where its nice & cool. We see that some of them are sunburned (from being left too long on the plant) & we remember to trust our observations & to share them with the group. The more we all know, the further we go together.

We harvested leek from the Hei.

We harvested the last beans & took out the plants. After, we planted a big patch of Walcherse cauliflower, a Belgian classic for a early cabbage harvest.

We harvested Carrots from the Central Field between the salads at Hei. Some salad went into seed very late into the season so we leave them to ripen so we can collect seed from them, knowing we can seed them next year in the hot & dry season.

We harvested salad seeds in the closed tunnels to sow next year.

We weeded & scratched two of the four low long beds at the Hei & seeded Phacelia for a winter cover crop.

We transplanted the chard from the Hei to the central bed of closed tunnel 2 for winter cover cropping.

We made space in tunnel 2 by taking out the mustard & rucola that was in seed & seeded salad, endive, chervil, & spinach in its place. We scratched them in afterwards & flooded the whole tunnel. Winter cover cropping, once again!

We watered the glass house.

We pruned & guided the tomatoes & pickles around the farm.

We raked & roll-hacked where the carrots were, then planted the leek. We first watered where we were going to plant because when we use the hole maker & the soil is too dry & sandy, the holes we make fall in on themselves, & the leek doesn’t get planted deep enough to make deep & stable roots. So we make a plan & put into action.

We scratched between the cabbages at the Hei.

We weeded the outside of open tunnel 3 so that the leek seedlings could have more space & light.

We fixed pallets.

We looked at the existing system for irrigation around the main house & noticed clogs & broken tubes in a few crucial spots so we de-clogged the pipes & are putting into a place a system that will last longer & be easier of access. Thank you Bram for your guidance & help!

Some time ago, we had received a large quantity of wheat semolina. Martine has found a way to make delicious bread. She will continue to experiment with other flours as she would like Pluykrijp to be able to offer bread baking days in 2023. The project to build a bread oven is becoming more and more concrete.

We eat delicious ice cream made by Jesus. A real treat for young and old. Thank you for the refreshing desserts, friend!

Interesting Videos

An interstellar voyage explores the ‘paradox’ of twins separated by light years

Albert Einstein’s introduction of special relativity at the dawn of the 20th century left physicists with any number of peculiar new puzzles to work through. One of the most famous is the thought experiment that came to be known as the ‘twin paradox’, which considers how twins would age in relation to one another if one were to journey light years into space and back while the other remained on Earth. Using the twin paradox as a launch pad, this animation from TED-Ed takes viewers on a journey into the knotty world of time dilation. In particular, the short details why it would be a mistake to view the spaceship and Earth as two equally stationary objects, which would have caused each twin to have, paradoxically, aged faster from the perspective of the other once they were reunited.

An English teacher asks his class: ‘What’s the opposite of a gun?’

If you’ve spent even a minute with a child, you know that asking them a single question can kindle any number of surprising counter-questions, tangents, emotions and insights. This is especially true in a classroom, where, subject to the whims of a sea of passionate and developing minds, a lesson can change course or sink in an instant. Inspired by events in his own English classroom, the US writer and teacher Brendan Constantine’s poem ‘The Opposites Game’ traces an exercise in which a teacher asks young students to identify antonyms for each word from the title of Emily Dickinson’s poem ‘My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun’. After working through the more obvious answers – ‘your’, ‘death’ and so on – an argument begins to brew when the class reaches the final word. The question ‘What is the opposite of a gun?’ unleashes a heated debate, with the children insisting everything from a whisper to a star, sword, snowball or midwife must be the correct answer.

La sainte folie du couple – Paule Salomon
– Conférence audio

see “interesting book”

Inspiring Links

National Convergence 2022: A Festival of Permaculture

9-11 September at Hill End, Oxfordshire

If you thought permaculture was all about gardening, join us at the Festival of Permaculture to discover what ‘people care’ really means. As part of this planet, you matter! By looking after yourself and your community, we can create a nourishing environment for change to happen.

Share a meal, listen to a story, take a hand, dance and get involved in an inspiring weekend of talks, workshops and entertainment. When people come together, friendships are formed and new ways of thinking and doing become possible.

Inspiring Books

La sainte folie du couple – Paule Salomon

“The holy madness of the couple” proposes to give the laws and the keys of what constitutes the greatest and undoubtedly the most beautiful of the initiatory journeys, the one which makes it possible to go from the “archaic couple”, which we all replay to the “awakened couple”, living love in consciousness.

Paule Salomon shows how the analysis of oneself, of one’s desires, and of one’s paradoxes makes it possible to overcome the pitfalls, the frustrations and the balance of power inherent in male/female relationships.

Based on examples drawn from real life, the author dismantles the mechanisms of love. In addition, it provides answers on violence in couples, on incest problems and other subjects that bother mothers and women.

In fact, her book is a tool for individual and collective transformation that allows an exploration of oneself, of the relationship to oneself and to the other. The success of the couple is then associated with the notion of personal change.

Looby Macnamara is a pioneer of people/social permaculture. She wrote the first ever book to translate the principles of permaculture to people based systems, People & Permaculture, a decade ago. Her most recent book Cultural Emergence is a toolkit for transforming ourselves and the world. It includes awareness of culture, systems thinking, the Design Web and nature connection.

This is a book for the challenging times we live in. It observes there is no going back to “normal” and shows how we can move forward, because life is constant evolution and we need the courage and conviction to stay with the change. It helps us to better understand where problems come from and how to create successful healing strategies and build resilience in turbulent times. We must adjust to transitions – whether they are personal or collective challenges.

It’s different to many of the books we carry because it’s very much based in community: community relationships and internal dynamics. It’s bold, brave and inspirational, with multiple quotations from great thinkers and other heroes of social change.


Meditation is a surrender,

it is not a demand.

It is not forcing

existence your way,

it is relaxing into

the way existence

wants you to be.

It is a let-go!

– Osho

Inspiring Text

Envy Is the Cancer of the Soul

By Lawrence Yeo


I started this post with the intention of explaining what envy was, but am now realizing that the real message is about making it okay to admit when it’s a problem. To make it clear that the only reason I’ve thought so much about envy is because I’m not immune to it either.

The world is connected in a manner that has no precedent, and perhaps it’s time we stop pretending that we’re equipped to handle that reality. In order to accept what we are up against, we must first admit the limits of our capabilities, because then we know what we need to bridge the gap.

To do this effectively, there must be dialogue, which is the key to updating the norms we have around certain subjects. By arming ourselves with the capacity to talk about it freely, we finally have what it takes to fight the long battle against envy: the age-old cancer of the soul.”

Inspiring Music

FKJ & Masego – Tadow

Joep Beving – Paris s’enflamme

Inspiring Image

Mind-twisting optical illusion paintings by Rob Gonsalves

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