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2021 – week 50

Upside down = instead of announcing what we plan to do
(& most often find out we do not need to do), we relate what we really did

Building communities of trust is fundamental
to healing our collective wound.
At Plukrijp, we offer spaces of transparency and solidarity.
The community allows people to encounter each other
in truth and so develop trust.
We do the garden for YOU
Plukrijp functions on your frequent visits & harvests. Take along for friends & neighbours, this way we recreate real networks between us all, breaking down the illusory restrictions that now still separate many of us from our fellow man = UBUNTU.
The updated list of vegetables & fruit that can be harvested this week is available on our website under the heading “Current Harvest” :
If you want to volunteer at Plukrijp,
feel free to send your request to

This week @ Plukrijp
We did:

Finish the work on the library!!! We are extremely proud of the richness of our library. Thanks to the many hours of work invested, each book has now found its place in the right category and can be found through the Zotero program.

Take down the grape vines we cut this year for beautiful high quality wood.


Carlos managed to repair a fridge / freezer that had stopped working, as well as a vacuum cleaner that had fallen from the stairs. The ability to be able to repair as much as possible is also one of the facets of permaculture. We pride ourselves on using what we have for as long as possible.


Carlos gave also the triporteur a complete overhaul – thank you Carlos, it looks beautiful!

Interesting Movies & Documentaries

Rumination – Combatting repetitive thoughts

A solution-based reflection on a widely reported symptom resulting from abuse and trauma: rumination — feeling immersed in persistent inescapable thoughts.

An Ecology Of Mind- A Daughter’s portrait

of Gregory Bateson Directed by Nora Bateson

La Luna


Joe, 15 years old, unhappy and abandoned falls into the use of heroin and other destructive drugs.

The film concerns the troubled life of a teenage boy and his relationship with his parents, including an incestuous relationship with his mother.

The extraordinary wildlife photographer Vincent Munier

The world will not die from a lack of wonder but from a lack of wonder.

Inspiring Links

A visual warning to technology:

Stop meddling with nature, she is too strong!

Soundscape or Meditation ?

Dr. Robert Malone: Mass Formation in The Context of WWII And Current Events

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccines and RNA as a drug, discussed the “mass formation” phenomenon during an interview last month. “Matthias Desmet, he’s a psychologist. He’s also a statistician. He’s at the University of Ghent … I think Matthias is on to something and he calls it ‘mass formation psychosis’. So, when he says ‘mass formation’ you can think of this equivalent to ‘crowd’. So, it’s crowd psychosis,” Dr. Malone said.

Inspiring Book

The Dawn of Everything by David Graeber

and David Wengrow review

inequality is not the price of civilisation

book review:


Dear Frau V.,

Your questions are unanswerable because you want to know how one ought to live. One lives as one can. There is no single, definite way for the individual which is prescribed for him or would be the proper one. If that’s what you want you had best join the Catholic Church, where they tell you what’s what. Moreover this way fits in with the average way of mankind in general. But if you want to go your individual way, it is the way you make for yourself, which is never prescribed, which you do not know in advance, and which simply comes into being of itself when you put one foot in front of the other. If you always do the next thing that needs to be done, you will go most safely and sure-footedly along the path prescribed by your unconscious. Then it is naturally no help at all to speculate about how you ought to live. And then you know, too, that you cannot know it, but quietly do the next and most necessary thing. So long as you think you don’t yet know what this is, you still have too much money to spend in useless speculation. But if you do with conviction the next and most necessary thing, you are always doing something meaningful and intended by fate. With kind regards and wishes,

Yours sincerely,

C.G. Jung

Inspiring Texts

FEAR is the real virus and

FEAR is the underlying matrix frequency

I see many people stuck in fear, not just people going along with the lies and propaganda, but many people in the “truth movement” as well, getting caught up in all kinds of doom & gloom scenarios.


Will it get worse and more intense? Most likely. We haven’t seen nothing yet. But what part of you is judging it as “worse” and from what level of being is it judging and “seeing”?


There is a much bigger process at works during this Time of Transition no one has any control over [a terrifying thought to the ego.] Ultimately fear is still a choice and the antidote to fear is courage and unconditional surrender to the Divine.

Many people will lose their minds over the next years and/or “check out”, disassociate, get out of the body, and as a Trauma response trying to escape “reality”, oftentimes latching on to all kinds of New Age nonsense [claiming to have “ascended”, “living in 5D”, etc.] to spiritual bypass the process of [inner] alchemical transmutation and over-estimate their level of being or state of “awakeness”…which I already see happening, especially people who just recently started to “wake up”. They can’t handle the inevitable process of disillusionment.

Make no mistake, any awakening impulse will be attempted to get hijacked and interfered with by occult adverse forces, targeting your blindspots, weaknesses, ego self-importance, shadow, trauma, wishful thinking, etc… often imprinting the illusion of an awakening. Knowing the traps on the path towards awakening is key and so is understanding the “rules of the game” while staying in your body!

Embodiment is the most important aspect, i.e. soul integration and individuation.


If you understand the bigger picture in light of the evolution of consciousness, metaphysical and universal laws (law of ascent and descent, etc.), cosmic cycles of the ages, the true depth and meaning of shadow work, making the darkness conscious without in the world and within ourselves (which implies facing the lies you have been telling yourself about yourself, and everything you have avoided and suppressed), and consciously engage in the process of individuation which implies embracing disillusionment, then you will truly ride the wave of change without getting tumbled under by the wave…..and sometimes we do get tumbled under and we need to get back up on the wave.


But nothing and no one can stop the wave. I say it again, what is happening now couldn’t be any other way. It’s all up to you how you respond to it and use this time for a real transformation, not merely a change in lifestyle or your personality structure.


To not give in to fear is the biggest test during these times and in life in general. Right now we see hundreds of millions of people, if not billion, in increased fear or disassociated trauma responses, socially engineered fear based on lies and propaganda. Fear is the realm of the occult hostile forces; the anti-divine forces that feed on it and control humans through fear.


Fear is the underlying frequency of the matrix. Be afraid and the matrix has you and controls you. At the same time, there is the danger and temptation to “check out”, dissociate from your body and feelings to avoid feeling fear. That’s another trap.


The only way out is in and through. Face your fear, see what’s is truly behind it, and it will dissolve. It’s not an easy process and there are no shortcuts (hence the temptation to latch on New Age stuff without doing the sober inner work).

Be fearless with courage and love and the Divine is with you, protecting and guiding you.


And know this: where there is fear, there is no love.


Bernhard Guenther

No protection, no Grace can save those who refuse the indispensable purification. And I would add this: that fear is an impurity, one of the greatest impurities, one of those which come most directly from the anti-divine forces which want to destroy the divine action on earth; and the first duty of those who really want to do yoga is to eliminate from their consciousness, with all the might, all the sincerity, all the endurance of which they are capable, even the shadow of a fear. To walk on the path, one must be dauntless, and never indulge in that petty, small, feeble, nasty shrinking back upon oneself, which is fear.”


– The Mother, Collected Works of The Mother Vol. 8.




Werner, you have already gone too far — you will not listen. Just to be a politician is enough, but you are a revolutionary radical politician — cancer doubled, trebled! Is not politics enough? Have you to be radical, revolutionary? But we always find beautiful words to hide ugly realities.


No politician can be revolutionary, because the only revolution is spiritual. No politician can be radical either; the very word “radical” means concerning the roots. The politician only prunes the leaves, he has nothing to do with the roots. Only enlightenment takes you to the roots, only meditation takes you to the roots of the problems.


Politics has existed always, politicians have existed always, but what has happened? The world remains the same sorry-go-round! In fact, misery goes on becoming multiplied every day. All these revolutionaries and radical politicians have only proved to be mischievous — with good intentions, of course; but intentions don’t count at all — what counts is consciousness.


The politician has no consciousness; in fact, he is trying to avoid his own inner problems, he is trying to escape from his own problems. And the easiest way to escape from oneself is to become concerned about world problems, economics, politics, history, service to the poor, transformation of the conditions of the society, reformation. All these are strategies for escaping from one’s own problems — subtle strategies, dangerous, because one feels that one is doing something great, while one is simply being a coward.

– Osho

Inspiring Music

Marin Marais – Pieces de Viole du Second Livre

Inspiring Image
Humor (?)

We didn’t stop burning witches

because we invented science;

we invented science

because we stopped burning witches.”

Rene Girard

Just one of the side effects of scient-ism ?

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