Dystopie   1.Why ? Permaculture as an alternative to post-capitalist materialism ?

  • The decline of the west
  • war as a way of life=resisting change of paradigm-
  • why do governments(corporations) fear/manipulate the young ?-
  • Exclusion, an ongoing middle class event in the post-capitalist class war-
  • breakdown of the mutual welfare state, from outside(far-right)&from within(decadence)-
  • new scientific discoveries confirming ancient wisdom= how to apply the new paradigm ?+
  • Economic disaster of fossile-fuel driven food systems
  • 1984?political control of populations through fear, hate, “terror”
  • War, destruction, machismo, muscle-showing but no real power
  • Corruption of politics, economy, .. by drug/slavery/finance mafias

2.Some literary examples from history                                 3.cyclic views on history

  • materialist linear tunnel vision.
  • 19th century positivism
  • Loss of dimensions, stages in life leading to loss of meaning for individual lives=massification/iundustrialisation         of humans

4.the story of money/debt

  • the story of money/debt:15 quadrillion now, 30-100 trillion officially “missing”

how many zeroes are we short.

  • the story of debt, movie, buying/buying/buying
  • overvalued properties, undervalued food&work
  • over regulation, self-censoring
  • life as a prison=no future

established money (fossil-fuel, maffia, slavery, big distribution&tourism) clinging onto an outdated&impossible life model

  • planned obsolescence, waste “economy”
  • systemic failure of capitalism (universal greed explosion on limited earth)
  • loss of quality in tools, materials, … leading people to revalue “real” things


  • the narrow context-thinking now prevalent
  • fear of losing life, terror of “wrong” choice
  • Narrow context=rationalisation of failure
  • The coalition of the hooligan-herd
  • Luxury, comfort obsession, a western middle class fad, short term pleasure seeking, no satisfaction=thanatos-drive
  • whole scale post-capitalist panic-destruction
  • out-ot-bounds individualism/worship of succes (“losers!”)
  • the errors of anthropocentrism in the abuses of the current debacle

6.: modern slavery

  • metro-boulot-dodo in a panic of continuous scarcity is not an attractive life model to many young people
  • artificially created scarcity&fashion driven consumption
  • fear/power/dependance nightmare of family
  • APARTments with a big lock.
  • Fear inducing meekness, feeling of loss of power
  • Exclusivity (we or I against them)
  • highschool – university
  • school-university-work-pension-death
  • children as victims (8 parents??), as guiding angels (indigo children, high sensitivity, …), as demi-gods, to be protected&revered because parent’s lives=shit anyway

7.fool yourself  

  • fooling oneself
  • follow the herd
Utopie   1.Why ? Permaculture as an alternative to post-capitalist materialism ?

  • the uprise of the east/south (vandana shiva)
  • love as a way of life=paradigmshift
  • bend away from governments/corporations. Underground/black market.
  • Inclusion, plukrijp?
  • Social cohesion/ social care. Help your neighbour!
  • 50 years of bio/organic/small scale resistance (csa, family farms, co-gardening, …)
  • systemic thinking, acting, feeling, statistics, internet= we are not alone&powerless+
  • women’s liberation through contraception, an evaluation of mitigated results+
  • grassroots democracy, a trend feared by centralised power ?

2.Some literary examples from history

  • thomas moore utopia 1516
  • plato the republic -450
  • erasmus lof der zotheid
  • edward bellamy looking backwards
  • william morris news from nowhere
  • yevgeni zamyatin we 1921
  • sf writers ’50s us
  • hg wells a modern utopia
  • teilhard de chardin point omega
  • henri bergson creative evolution
  • communes from the romantic period frederik van eden
  • ’60s explosion of communes, traveling, mind expansion=turn on, tune in, drop out

  3.cyclic views on history

  • india+greeks= golden-silver-bronze-iron age followed by return to golden age (elias capriles, jung, …)
  • kali yuga
  • eternal visions
  • spiritual revival since the ’60s+esoteric knowledge opened to public since ’40s
  • quantum physics
  • end of minimal-context objectivism used as a rationale for western colonialism&exploitation
  • flatland, a movie from edwin a abbott, example of how life is multi-dimensional

  4. the story of post-capitalism

  • not giving a fuck about zeros
  • lets, freeware, giving, … the many ways of re-valuing life-stuff in an over-abundant rubbish economy

the story of sharing

  • Grassroots restructuring going on for those who want to feed/educate their families.
  • getting out of the outdated impossible life model
  • learning old skills again: blacksmith, leather working,…
  • re-use/re-pair/re-cycle, ad infinitum
  • bio-mimicry, cradle-to-cradle=nature in its fractal use of energy is so much more efficient than our linear centralised obsessions

  5.deep ecology, the revolt from the belly

  • eco-systems
  • meaning in nature=multi-disciplinary, diverse, beyond individual life
  • holistic reasoning/medicine/living as more than
  • young people taking responsibility against whole scale post-capitalist panic-destruction
  • vitality, choosing eros, life starts where the comfort zone ends.
  • Socialism/community. re-evaluation of meaningful work, preferably collective=collectives, social work, eco-lieus, co-housing, reconstruction of squats, revival of crafts, survival, alternative house-building,…
  • Biocentrism

  6. the new tribalism

  • walk-”creatively moving boxes”-siesta-weeding-sauna-sleeping together in yurt. In abundance
  • abundance choosen by the new “poor”
  • “tribal” living
  • learning to live closer to any human, one meets in a fear-driven society=daily courage&spiritual growth
  • the power of networks (thanks to internet etc)
  • living from a global feeling=inclusivity. (us).
  • apprentice-ships, wwoofing, sharing, …
  • acceptance of non-linear careers, of sabbaticals, re-orienting one’s life at any stage
  • children as beneficiaries from the new education/tribal life-models

      7.redesign your life, relationship, community, neighbourhood, town, country

  • take stock of the REAL situation
  • think global, dream far, aim high as if nothing is holding you back. Act local and start small.
  • design the steps towards your dreams, acts, aims using local means, respecting local conditions, step by step
  • look around for company
  • make an inventory of your collective dreams (dragon dreaming !)
  • plan&do what is possible, step by step, verifying results&threats created to your survival&to group cohesion
  • take into account that different people have different speeds, that stages in life are typical&can not be avoided
  • invite people one by one, never anonymously whole groups= await THEIR real motivation
  • freedom to come&go=basic, be flexible, do not take upon you/the group tasks that necessitate many people, media, expensive tools= be ready to assume moments when you will be alone
  • exercise new ways of communicating, of working together in small groups&go forward only if all/many have mastered them
  • spread by example=avoid mainstream publicity
  • look for similar initiatives&offer free collaboration=leave them free to choose every time if they want to collaborate/exchange
  • be patient, never forgetting your final aim/dream/destination= do not compromise your dreams in exchange for quick successes