No-Nonsense Permaculture

Who are we and what do we do?

Plukrijp is a non-profit organisation that has been founded in 2007 and is an extraordinary place where people realize themselves by living and working together while caring for nature and receiving her never-ending abundance in return. The garden is the central point of Plukrijp and it is a beautiful example of “no-nonsense” permaculture, where different methods and techniques are being applied and demonstrated. The daily contact with the pure energy of nature helps us to live more consciously. We realize the living truth that everything is connected en that every action has an effect. Plukrijp is a place to learn to live and work together, in joy and mutual respect. All aspects of permaculture are discussed daily. This holistic approach fosters our personal growth and fills our hearts with gratitude.

Since 1972, Frank has been a organic farmer who always felt that he handled nature in a different way than his colleagues. It’s when he discovered the theories of Bill Mollison that he realized he always had been working according to the permaculture principles. Frank has experience in organic gardening for more than 40 years now and together with his interest in a wide range of topics (such as (eastern) philosophy, quantum physics, politics, sociology, anthropology, history, …) has the opportunity to offer a complete and contemporary training in permaculture, together with other teachers and ex-trainees.

At Plukrijp you will learn through practice. The theory will be discussed on the fields or around the table. Evening times are another opportunity to learn: we often watch documentaries together and have open discussions about them or enjoy social activities (such as singing circles, biodanza, love unities, …).

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