Flower of Life + Universal Mandala

The Flower of Life is the essential symbol of sacred geometry. The Universal Mandala is part of a terma recently discovered by a Tibetan master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. I merged these two symbols, offering the result for the world. Any similarity is purely incidental 😉

The joyful degrowth (La Decrescita Felice)

Last year, a book of Maurizio Pallante (the movement La Decrescita Felice) was translated to French and published by Nature & Progress. Martine Cornil made an radio interview worth listening with the editors of the French edition:


MP3 of the interview (in French) for download or streaming

Some information about the décroissance (degrowth) movement in English:

Report from Plukrijp in the Czech Republic

After I arrived from Plukrijp back to the Czech Republic where I spent 3 weeks in August, 2011, I decided to share some of its spirit to people interested. Finally, I made a presentation with photo projection and discussion in December, 2011 in the “Veronica” ecological institute in Brno, as a part of the cycle of “meetings of friends natural gardens”.

Abstract with information about that event (in Czech language) can be found on the website of the ecological institute Veronica.


— Martin M.