Winterpause @ Plukrijp

Plukrijp was founded in October 2007. A great 15-year adventure, rich in many encounters and experiences in various fields. The result is there: a magnificent no-nonsense permaculture garden and an increasingly harmonious and joyful community life.

Since Frank’s death, I have invested myself in better positioning Plukrijp in the local landscape. More and more local people find their way to our gardens and it makes my heart sing.

The wonderful volunteers who accompany me have done their best to keep the gardens abundant and cared for the general upkeep of the greenhouses and buildings. Through them, the transmission of knowledge received from Frank is guaranteed. They are the guardians of a good basic social dynamic. Thanks to their enthusiasm and dedication, Plukrijp continues to inspire.

Together we have already reorganized a lot to set up the-Plukrijp-after-Frank. This great adventure brings us closer and teaches us to live better and better together on a daily basis.

Today, we need to recharge our batteries and rest because the last 5 months have been physically, mentally and emotionally trying. The garden only requires basic maintenance.

From 1/11/2022 till 28/02/2023 we have decided to take a big winter break. We take a step back to take stock, to realign ourselves. We jump into the void trusting the process. We will let ourselves be guided by our desires, by joy. We will spend time with the people we love. We are going to do and not do a lot of things by allowing ourselves to take time for ourselves.

Practically, what does this mean for you?

• Our gardens remain open and await you to come and harvest the abundance they offer
• During our winter break, the newsletter will be limited to the list and some photos of the vegetables that are ready to be harvested
• We cannot offer volunteer work for the moment

I would like to thank the many people who have shown me their support and affection. I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful people!

It is with fresh energy and new inspirations that I will be happy to meet you again in the spring for new adventures to share.

I wish you all the best!

With deep Love