Plukrijp turns 15 this year – Change of plans!

In January, Frank and I announced a sabbatical year in 2022. This allowed us to create the necessary cocoon so that Frank’s departure towards the Light could take place in full consciousness and smoothly.

His death invites me to rethink the organization of Plukrijp and its garden.

The incredible fertility of the garden thwarted our plans to not cultivate the entire area and that fills me with joy. Thanks to the devotion, the loving attention and the quality of presence of Jojo, Joshka and Anthony, the garden offers a superb panoply of vegetables, aromatic herbs and berries in abundance.

During the summer, Plukrijp will welcome some additional volunteers to meet the needs of the garden. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested!

For the moment, I am investing myself so that Plukrijp is more anchored in the local landscape. This seems important and appropriate to me in the context of permaculture. More and more local people find their way to our garden and become familiar with the system of free donations. In my view, this new form of economy is part of our common future.

What I find important on a personal level is to continue to build a network and to maintain it in order to be able to live a life of quality, in simplicity, in generosity and in abundance.

My desire is to keep the essence of Plukrijp alive: a no-nonsense place allowing deep encounters, in honesty and authenticity. A place that inspires with its lifestyle of service and simplicity. Permaculture remains central and is transmitted in the form of a philosophy lived on a daily basis and gardening practices.

More later.

With Love