Discover the joy of harvesting

Plukrijp is a PERMACULTURE GARDEN, WITHOUT SUBSCRIPTION, where you are invited to participate and/or to come and harvest  yourself.

Our beautiful 1ha garden was founded in 1972 by Frank Ruymen (1947-2022), a pioneer in organic farming, who has tirelessly taught the principles of permaculture since his retirement in 2007.

50 years of sustainable fertility results in a wide range of “purely natural” fruit and vegetables that can be harvested weekly. The list can be found on our website under the heading “Current Harvest”.

We operate on the principle of FREE DONATIONS. This is the new economy. This means that you decide for yourself what you think is a fair price for what you take with you, with respect for the people who have taken care of it and in accordance with what your wallet allows. Generosity brings abundance…abundance brings generosity. A positive feedback loop!

Eat healthy, fresh and local! Just pop in, you are most welcome for a guided tour.