World War 3

written by Frank

There is no need to use violence to get exclusive power over a country/state or continent. The existing state structure is available and can be put into use immediately for the execution of any anti-human program.

The speed and depth of this occurring and the absence of serious resistance within the government show that anti-humanism is not a breach of political ideology and that personal freedom has been a lie to keep children calm. Plutocracy hiding under democracy just continues “business as usual” of Robber Baron capitalism, even in the absence of any profit or capital (money=dead).

The systems of schooling, local government, media, justice, army and police are already deeply imbued with elitism, racism, sexism, anthropo-centrism, species-ism, reductionist materialism and contempt for the ability of normal people/citizens to live their lives based upon their own observations. These critters are clearly not to be trusted and must be controlled from cradle to grave in order to bring a maximum of profit to their owners, the ever-continuing elites.

Rigid application of “expert” science and “authoritarian” rules have overshadowed the scientific, cultural and moral developments of the last +100 years. Can a civilization that refuses to apply its scientific discoveries in physics, biology, sociology, psychology, … be expected to survive long ? What freedom or progress can we expect when we entrust data-management to people and institutions who are far from any control by the people, except from more efficient exploitation from above ?

The absurd amounts of money amassed by a very small number allows them to “buy” or suppress any non-conform initiatives, turning whole sections of society into mindless factories for (mis)guiding humans. As Rockefeller said: “I can hire half of humanity to enslave the other half”. Most of human culture of the last few 1000s of years can be erased by collective fear, spread by media and governments in unison.

We in the West still remember the 1933-1945 disaster as it was followed by perpetual war somewhere in the world and the genocide of non-white populations. Quo vadis homo ?