James Lovelock – Population Reduction “max 1 billion”

Top scientist James Lovelock discuses that the world population will be reduced and that this will happen in this century. And states, we would need a miracle to stop that happening! His body language suggest to me that he knows something with certainty…

Frank’s comment:

Are we really learning to live in a “diminished” world ? Only if we are ready to question our way of life can solutions come about. Give up the lie of progress & unlimited growth. Gaia being a self regulating planet, we can expect earth to regulate itself. Humanity has proved itself unable to manage itself. Do not be fooled by the illusion that humans are an intelligent species, we are herd animals like the lemmings & the bisons. Aboriginals in Australia might live for another 50-80.000 years, yes, but how many of us can ? Bacteria might be capable of mutating, trees & plants might transform co2 into oxygen, yes. Or will prince Charles single handedly extinguish the excess 8 billion people ? (see declaration at cop 26 Glasgow)