After Manfred Kyber – Die Drei Lichter der Kleinen Veronika

Did you ever ponder how difficult it is to ACCEPT life ?

Most people who preach (materialism) as a healthy world view, in reality

do NOT accept life, but (accept) only THEMSELVES.

They forsake life.
How else could they wage wars, slaughter animals and destroy forests ?

To accept life means to accept ALL life forms.

And also to adapt themselves with reverence in the brotherly

co-existence of ALL creation.

If people would do that, we would all be a lot happier and BETTER.

Humanity today only accepts ITSELF and NOT life.

Forsaking life is considered acceptance of life.


It is not so easy to accept life in such a way as to accept ALL life forms.

Frank’s comment: 96% of ALL the animals living today are just “food for

humans” raised in concentration camps on their own offal. What is the

difference with the fate of the majority of humans ?