Intuition is not just a vague gut feeling It is the process by which information from the collective consciousness or other dimensions is transferred to your waking consciousness. The process by which information from penetrate the subtler levels. And the wider your consciousness, the more access you have to such information. And that makes you better make decisions in your life. The kind of decisions you make on a align with your optimal path in this life. Unfortunately there are quite a few things in it everyday life that bandwidth reduce your consciousness. Which gives you that contact with your intuition and that subtler information loses. Stress. Multitasking. Scattered, scattered attention. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. The smaller the bandwidth of your awareness, the further you are from that intuitive information. The decisions that follow are rarely the best. Yet it is from that mental state that most politicians, top CEOs and managers make decisions. Decisions by which the path and the fate of an entire population or a whole company, are mapped out.