how it works without work (bob black-the abolition of work)

enthusiasm means everything. Not just a little.



If you are involved in some kind of project right now,

or launching any personal endeavor, your enthusiasm

(or lack of it) will directly determine how successful

this undertaking will be.


If you are not excited at the core of your being by it,

drop it right now. If you are excited at the core of’

your being, demonstrate that in everything you think
and say and do.

One thought on “how it works without work (bob black-the abolition of work)”

  1. The Abolition of Work is one of my favorite essays, I recommend it to anyone who is interested in work vs play. It also made me resist the leftist/socialist/communist rhetoric of seeing jobs for everyone as something to strive for. You can find it on-line at

    A quote I once read and was attributed to Arthur C. Clarke: “The goal of the future is unemployment, so we can play. That’s why we have to destroy the present polito-economic system.” My favorite quote ever! :)

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