Plukrijp Newsletter – 2021 – week 27

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2021 – week 27

Upside down = instead of announcing what we plan to do
(& most often find out we do not need to do), we relate what we really did

Building communities of trust is fundamental
to healing our collective wound.
At Plukrijp, we offer spaces of transparency and solidarity.
The community allows people to encounter each other
in truth and so develop trust.
We do the garden for YOU
Plukrijp functions on your frequent visits & harvests. Take along for friends & neighbours, this way we recreate real networks between us all, breaking down the illusory restrictions that now still separate many of us from our fellow man = UBUNTU.
The updated list of vegetables & fruit that can be harvested this week is available on our website under the heading “Current Harvest” :
If you want to volunteer at Plukrijp,
feel free to send your request to

This week @ Plukrijp
We did:

Harvest lots & lots of berries of which Martine has made many delicacies


Guided our growing tomatoes


Fixed a lot of pallets


Hunt for snails

Helped out our friend Jos with clearing his front lawn, using our big scratchers and the weedroller. Jos has started gardening at 93 and his garden looks beautiful!

Dan came bearing many gifts and gave the group a lesson in electrics. Thanks Dan!

Amanda drew a new beautiful image to help understand the full potential of yoga

Interesting Movies & Documentaries

Tomm Moore | A Deeper Perspective

Our stories occur somewhere, and designing that somewhere can be just as interesting as designing a character. Rather than just needing to facilitate the story, here’s how Tomm Moore uses his background design to impart a subtext into his stories.

How a scientific attempt to demystify

Buddhist meditation yielded astounding results


In 1981, Herbert Benson, a cardiologist at Harvard Medical School, set out to study the ancient meditation practices of Buddhist monks on the Tibetan Plateau. With the Dalai Lama’s blessing, Benson spent roughly a decade in remote regions of the Himalayas in northern India researching an especially intense technique known as tummo, as well as the physiological effects of other advanced forms of meditation. Rather than debunking the seemingly tall tales of advanced practitioners capable of raising their body temperatures to dry cold, wet sheets around their bodies, Benson’s work actually confirmed and expanded upon these anecdotes. In particular, by tracking vital signs and body-heat output during meditation sessions, Benson found that these monks possessed remarkable capacities for controlling their oxygen intake, body temperatures and even brainwaves. In 2013, a second study conducted on advanced Tibetan tummo meditators by Maria Kozhevnikov, a cognitive neuroscientist the National University of Singapore, corroborated much of what Benson had observed, including practitioners’ ability to raise their body temperatures to feverish levels by combining visualisation and specialised breathing.


This extended trailer for the UK filmmaker Russ Pariseau’s feature documentary Advanced Tibetan Meditation: The Investigations of Herbert Benson MD relays portions of Benson’s landmark research, which ultimately signalled a seismic shift in how Western science views Buddhist meditation. Simultaneously, the material makes evident the disparate ways that Western scientists and Tibetan Buddhists understand the self.


Director: Russ Pariseau


A documentary that analyzes the modern educational system and argues that it squelches children’s capacity for imagination, creativity, and independent thought.

Our Inspiring Morning Videos

Finding Connection – A Green Renaissance Production

The concrete jungle and the rat race suck up our time and energy. Our lives revolve around paying bills and staring at a computer screen. We feel stressed and anxious, and we don’t know what’s wrong. What we are truly lacking is a connection with the wild world and its rhythms. Grant takes us out into the Cape Floral Kingdom, where we kick off our shoes and walk barefoot on the earth, touch the bark of a tree, watch a spider spin a web, listen to the birds singing in the branches above.

We reawaken our senses. So no matter where you live, get out there and be wild every now and then. You’ll find connection again.

Essence of Life – A Green Renaissance Production

It can be unpredictable and last only a few minutes, or you can see it coming from a distance. The thing about dying is that it’s not something you can negotiate. Whether you’re prepared or not, it’s going to happen, and on its own terms, too.

But what helps is making those last days count. They’re still with you. They haven’t gone yet. Make their last days comfortable. Be honest and talk about what’s to come. Nothing has to go unsaid because you have the opportunity to say it. Tell them you love them, and more importantly, show them.

Life is so unbelievably precious. Make every day count.

Chasing Rainbouws – A Green Renaissance Production

We’ve all done it… looked across the horizon to see a ‘beautiful opportunity’ in the distance and chased after it like we would a rainbow. We’re searching outside of ourselves for the sparkling magic that can cure what troubles us – some sort of answer, a some kind of fix.

We spend way too much time watching what everyone else is doing, and comparing our lives to that. And our enjoyment of life is earmarked for some point in the future when we have the right partner, enough money, a bigger house…

I vote we give up chasing rainbows on the outside and start looking for the treasure inside instead.

“I wonder why no one ever told me that the rainbow and the treasure were both within me.” — Gerald Jampolsky

Without a Doubt – A Green Renaissance Production

Fatherhood teaches you the simplest truth: No matter what, you love your child. You love something so much bigger than yourself. Yet their life is wholly theirs, and your only job is to do the best that you can to allow them to grow into the people that they’re supposed to be, not who you think they should be. And what you’ll find is that they will teach you so much more than you ever thought you would teach them – the meaning of love.

Inspiring Links

The plastic tsunami

Worrying insights into the chemicals in plastics by Michael Keller

The Real Cause of COVID-19 (Not a Virus)

Breaking News! La Quinta Columna has made an urgent announcement, as biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, Dr. José Luis Sevillano and the team of researchers and professors with whom they have been conducting their research have confirmed the presence of graphene oxide nanoparticles in vaccination vials.

It has also been found on the swabs and on face masks. Graphene Oxide is a toxic bioweapon, and the real cause of COVID-19.

* Source: La Quinta Columna –

Inspiring Book

The Tibetan Book of the Dead is a Buddhist funerary text written to serve as a guide through the afterlife from death to rebirth.


Unwelcome news = kill the messenger


The sane person constantly analyses the world of reality

and then changes what’s inside his or her head to fit the facts.

That’s an awful lot of trouble for most people.


Besides, how many people want to constantly

change their opinions to fit the facts ?

It‘s a whole lot easier to change the facts to fit your opinions.


Unsane people make up their minds

and then find the facts to “verify” their opinions.

Or even more commonly,

they accept the opinion of the nearest “expert”

and then they don’t have to bother about the facts at all.


Jack Trout in positioning: the battle for your mind

Inspiring Poetry


– Ranier Maria Rilke

(translated by Robert Bly)


Just as the winged energy of delight

carried you over many chasms early on,

now raise the daringly imagined arch

holding up the astounding bridges.


Miracle doesn’t lie only in the amazing

living through and defeat of danger;

miracles become miracles in the clear

achievement that is earned.


To work with things is not hubris

when building the association beyond words;

denser and denser the pattern becomes––

being carried along is not enough.


Take your well-disciplined strengths

and stretch them between two

opposing poles. Because inside human beings

is where God learns.

Inspiring Text

We’ve had:

Daily cases – Daily deaths – Daily R rates – Back to daily deaths – Then back to daily cases – Now we’re on % per 100,000 cases – No daily deaths – No daily cases – No R rate to be seen

We have had a lockdown:

Local lockdowns – Regional lockdowns – Tier 1,2,3 and 4 lockdowns – Postcode lockdowns – Partial lockdowns – Fast food chain exempt lockdowns – Holidays allowed lockdowns – Holidays allowed if your Rich lockdowns – No holidays allowed lockdowns – Allowed to do everything but go on holiday lockdowns – Working from home – Homeschooling – Back to school – Schools shutting again and more homeschooling

We have had PCR testing:

Lateral flow testing – Immunity testing (where’s that gone? ) – Testing to go to school – Testing to go to work – Testing to go back to normal – But only a test you pay for can be used to leave the country.

We had 14 day quarantines:

10 day quarantines – 7 day quarantines – Pay to not quarantine – Quarantines if you have symptoms – Quarantines if you don’t have symptoms – Quarantines if you have a positive test -Quarantines if you don’t have a positive test – Stay home to save lives – Stay home to save your granny – Stay home to save the NHS – Eat out to help out (not the Hancock version) – One last push to save Christmas – One more push to save Easter – Another push to save summer

We have had:

Don’t wear a mask – Wear any kind of mask – You MUST wear a mask – Don’t reuse your mask – Everyone reuses their mask – We had fighting over bog roll

We had pasta shortages:

We had paracetamol rations – We had Ibroprofen coming out our ears cos we were told not to take it

In 2020 we had the China variant

In 2021 we’ve had : The Kent variant, South African Varient, Mexican variant, Brazilian variant, Philippines varient, Indian varient, Delta varient, Delta plus varient, Delta mega hard hat variant.

We needed a vaccine to get out:

We have 3 vaccines and we’re still in! – We have deaths from covid – Deaths with covid – Deaths counted nothing to do with covid – Deaths within 90 days of Covid – Deaths within 28 days of Covid – Deaths within 21 days of Covid – Nightingale hospitals preparing to be full – Nightingale hospitals never been used – Nightingale hospitals demolished – ICU units overwhelmed even though we had – Nightingale hospitals never been used.

We’ve had key workers:

We’ve clapped for the NHS – We had fines – We had arrests – We had protests – Now we’re not allowed protests – We had a protest against removing the right to protest.

We had 3 weeks to flatten the curve:

We had a second wave – We had threats of a third wave – Now suggestions of a fourth wave – We had FREEDOM DAY – Then FREEDOM DAY was no more!

We had Barnard Castle:

We had the Ferguson affair – We had the Hancock PPE scandal – We had Hancock snogging his aide – We had Bojos dad ignoring all the above – We had the Cummings whatsapp messages – We had scientists removed from social media – We had G7 – We had Ascot – We have the Euros – We have Wimbledon – But no school sports days – We even had Strictly Come bleeping Dancing – We had laws passed without going through parliament – We had Facebook police – We have over 50 millions people waiting for treatment on the NHS – We have PHE reporting dangerous side effects of the new vaccines – if you are still going along with this pantomime then you need to give your head a shake.

We have had ENOUGH

Inspiring Music

Jivan Gasparyan (Armenia) sings “Mother”

with Jivan Gasparyan Quartet left his physical body on July 6, 2021

Jaap fischer – Sprookje (Dutch)


Een koning had ‘s vijf zonen en een prinses

Zij nu had goudblonde lokken

en ogen als meren die niet konden jokken

En ze was de jongste van de zes

Maar, deze prinses was huwbaar

Vaak gingen de koning en z’n zonen vroeg op pad

En dan joegen ze de hele dag

Terwijl zij thuis te dromen lag en wachtte op

Ze wist niet wat

En deed ze een stap naar buiten

Dan lagen er vreemde prinsen in het gras

Vreemde prinsen te fluiten

Die wisten allang hoe laat het was

En de koning zei: ze kon krijgen wat ze bliefde

Ze kon vrijen met lakeien

Ja maar, zeien de zoons, ja, maar dat is geen liefde

En toen kwamen er drie mannen aan de poort om over liefde te vertellen

En de eerste was een geleerde, en de tweede was een vreemde snoeshaan

En de derde was Hans

En de geleerde mocht beginnen:


Liefde is minnen

En samenzijn

Iets nieuws beginnen, mijn is dijn

Warm van binnen

Verlegenheid, samen in zee, geen ach, geen wee

Maar hola nee, genegenheid

En liefde is niet houden van

Je kan van zoveel vrouwen houwen

Je kan met zoveel vrouwen trouwen

Als je er wat in ziet

Maar liefde is dat niet

Je houdt van kip met appelmoes

En toen knikte de prinses, want ze hield ontzettend veel

Van kip met appelmoes

En toen had de geleerde het over Amor en Caritas

En wat het verschil daartussen was

Over Agapè, Eroos en Filia

Over een diner voor twee met dansen na

En de prinses was stil en zo luisterde ze

En toen ze wat mocht vragen fluisterde ze

En zoenen

Zoenen staat niet in Koenen, zei de geleerde

En ging


En toen mocht de vreemde snoeshaan

En die zei:

O, hoe bestaat het dat ik hou van een lelijke vrouw

Zo lief, zo zacht en toch zo lelijk als de nacht

Zelfs als ze lacht

O, hoe bestaat het dat ik hou van een lelijke vrouw

Ik sluit m’n ogen en haar hand sluit in mijn hand

Juist zo klein als zij moet zijn, precies zo fijn als zij moet zijn

Als wijn die je zacht ondermijnt, overmant

En dan weet ik dat ik hou van een beeldschone vrouw

Die zon verduistert, meer zingt dan fluistert

Naar niemand luistert

O, dan weet ik dat ik hou van een beeldschone vrouw

Maar als ze langs sjokt als een paard

Een lelijk paard

De kop omlaag, de vormeloze dijen

Die kinderen doet schreien en schichtig springt en jachtig verder jaagt

Dan oog ik naar de vrouw waarvan ik hou

Ze komt weerom, ik sluit m’n ogen

Dat is dom

Ik weet niet goed wat ik moet doen met deze vrouw

Waarvan ik hou


En toen mocht Hans.

En Hans zei: Ja, ik weet het nog niet

Maar, het moet een meisje zijn met

Prachtige kleren en goudblonde lokken

Met ogen als meren die niet kunnen jokken

Een mond als van honing en dan weer scherp als een mes

En hopelijk is haar vader koning en zij dan prinses


Ze moet Liesje heten


En toen keek de prinses hem aan en zei:

Ik heet Esmeralda

Maar zeg maar Liesje

Inspiring Image

Nature Timespiral

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