Professor Marston and Wonder Woman

The movie Professor Marston and Wonder Woman, a very original & moving 3 people-love story (polyamory in glorious practice) about the creator of the cartoon strips Wonder Woman. A must-see for the many young now getting lost in the swamp of relation-shipping. So many nowadays have difficulty connecting with partners in a loving way. Some of this tragic development may be related to the absence of loving parenting in the last 2 generations who were (kept?) busy making money to buy consumer lives. Some of it may be the result of being drowned in the tsunami of images & sounds emitted by the porno/violence-media. Some of it may be due to the socio-economic no-future situation of the last 2 generations. Student debt, hamburger “jobs”, alienating work rythms, (very)short careers combined with sarcasm & criticism from parents & society makes many young people feel like failures. To avoid feeling this, most of them stop ALL feeling, replacing real feelings with conceptual posturing & boasting of imagined or artificially created “experiences”, be they chemical, “spiritual” or body-masochistic. Doing extreme sports or other body tortures brings endorphin experiences but blocks the person inside the prison of “me”. This movie depicted the society of roughly 100 years ago & gave us a taste of what life can be if we do not allow the
rubbish-trucks of noise.