Yann Thibaut – The New Cage

Videos by Yann Thibaut on interior ecology as it collides with what we call the NEW CAGE. He deep points out 7 deep flaws of the actual spiritual movement: (1) non-reality (i.e. we do not respect or share truth any more) – (2) non-judgment (i.e. can you drive a car if you refuse to perceive&avoid obstacles?) – (3) non-ego (i.e. how can we pretend to think & feel if we do not do it from our center) – (4) non dialogue (i.e. do we take the time & care to really exchange our experiences & convictions or are we do scared of the other that we avoid dialogue?) – (5) non mental (i.e. a computer without an operating system???) – (6) positive thinking (i.e. thinking is a tool to orient ourselves in reality, not an emotional self-hypnosis) – (7) the here & now (i.e. are we beings without a past ? Do we not constantly construct our future in the now?)