Bernhard Guenther – Spiritual Bypassing

We read & commented Bernard Gunther on spiritual by-passing, the sickness pervading the new-(c)age fashion of fake-book recipes for “instant karma”. So many forget to live while growing into a blissful adulthood. Why do we take ourselves so seriously ? Is it not clear that most of the time we are practicing “spiritual posturing” ? Is this the message we want to pass on to our children ? Is this our defective application of what the Amazon Indians practice ? A continuum concept for educating
children without a village to carry it ? It look as though the birth of a child shakes us so deeply we never come to our senses any more, forcing us into a life long obligation to (s)mother the child under the illusion that we must “protect” it. From what are we really protecting them ? Overfeeding the will of an infant makes a small tyrant out of him. Can anyone please show us examples of societies, groups, families, … where this over-protecting has brought forth responsible