Yuka – Interesting App

About us

Yuka is not subsidized by a brand, which means that the diagnoses are
completely transparent and are not influenced by a food company. Moreover,
there is no advertising on the application.
Yuka is an application that scans, decodes the bar code of food and cosmetics
and translates the nutritional information into human language. Simply in a color score, from red to green. With red, the application automatically redirects
you to similar, but healthier alternatives. But be conscious that the alternatives
are often made by the same company. Food coming from the industry tends to
consist mainly of soy, corn, sugar, salt (&monosodium glutamate !?
https://www.thespruceeats.com/monosodium-glutamate-or-msg-996134). Taste
and color are seldom “natural” because the “product” has to look on the shelf
“good” for weeks/months/years. The basic aim of most products from the food
industry is to make you addicted to the sweetness or the (synthetic) “umami”
Real vegetables and fruits produced by farmers are becoming scarce in what
nowadays passes for “food”.