Pyramidal model

  • chain of command

  • top to bottom=command

  • bottom to top=obey+report/evaluate

  • experience lost in translation of the command to lower echelons

  • promotion=loss of experienced do-ers

  • who controls the controllers etc ad infinitum

  • energy wasted in ambition

  • carrot/stick motivation=sub-human=demeaning+loss of participation

  1. grassroots model

  • everybody=equal all the time in all domains ?

  • Talents/inclinations/special interests get lost

  • not shared experience=lost=start anew every day ?

  • Horizontal point of view=lacking oversight/foresight/hindsight

  • point of view=personal&not often on same level

  • lowest common denominator rules=loss of quality

  • demo-cracy=rule of the mob

  1. situational authority model

  • only possible if voluntary

  • repetition breeds experienced authority

  • shared&evaluated in group=information treasured

  • temporary authority=quality guaranteed=if not:kill bill

  • possibility for quality management if put into a database

  • information available for replacement do-ers in case of illness etc

  1. communication=?

  • From 1 to many

  • from 1 to some to many

  • reporting to the in-between=upwards to the top

  • strengthening the in-between=creation of situational authority for in-between&for many

  • clarity possible because of familiar convivial relationship

  1. Feedback

  • transparence=basic

  • automatic feedback creates dbase creates working model

  • victim-attitude through poor-me ego kills reliability of feedback

  • dominator attitude through elitist point of view falsifies feedback

  • rebel attitude through opposition stops feedbacks

  1. command

  • from shared vision

  • verification of perception needed

  • verification of results needed

  • based on the level of experience of the person giving the order

  • design=perceive–>design—>try—>check—>redesign—>retry—>check etc

  • possibility to install quality management through dbase

  1. group attitude

  • if voluntary=creation of network/web

  • spontaneity only in absence of carrot/stick threats

  • the weakest link of the chain breaks the line of command

  • herd attitude=playing stupid leading to sabotage openly or hidden/conscious or unconscious

  • tyrant attitude=perfectionism as a mental illness

  • spy attitude=inviting cheating

  • gossiping attitude=destruction of social group dynamics

  • beware of fear of failure in young people from too long authoritarian “schooling” directed to parroting instead of understanding

  1. errors repeated endlessly

  • check for weak link

  • remove the ever-last-laggard from the group

  • check social dynamics inside the group

  • check the feeling of “belonging” to the project&cure it if necessary

  • check for structural errors

  • check for ego based communication bottle neck