a message from Luk(look!)

Freedom is our Natural State.
“Spiritual teaching should not be directing us to rise above and drop off the physical and emotional bodies, and try to return to essence in the godhead without them. This has been a massive spiritual misunderstanding on Earth. The reality is that this approach will not work because what is ours, is ours, and we can not drop it. The way is to evolve, and to evolve we must accept it and integrate it within us.” (Emotional Healing, Acorn Centre, UK)
There are many different definitions and meanings for the concept of Moksha (Mukthi). Moksha means freedom and liberation. How and from what, is where various schools differ.
But here and now it is most important to BE free, and therefore we will have to go to the source of all these religious schools and belief systems. I am referring to the experiential yogic science of Adiyogi. This is the source of spirituality on the planet!
“Presence of the state of paripurna-brahmanubhava (the experience of oneness with totality)”, could be called a good definition. But like this, liberation is made into something that is very far away and almost impossible to attain.
There are belief systems we are holding on to, to give us some sort of explanation for everything we actually (experientially) know nothing about. We created these systems because our compulsive mind can not accept something that we don’t understand. It feels threatening.
Somehow we hope to control life with our mind. Can you see this is true for most people? How did we get into this mess? Why is it that we feel so insecure in Life? There is no need for categorization, normalisation and explanation. But we need to see what’s in front of us.
Experience is all there is in life. Everything else is distraction. Believing that the ultimate liberation will come after death as a reward for a good life, is no longer acceptable. Please don’t see this as a threat.
Religions or belief systems are something most people identify with because of an inner survival mechanism. Out of fear for re-experiencing past traumas, we created in ourself a system of good and bad. We now believe if we stay away from ‘bad’, our life will be ‘good’.
Please see that many (if not most) children today only accept what they can experience. They don’t believe in anything else. So living under the limitations of any out-dated belief system is no longer possible.
This is the reason behind this: Children’s senses are still clear. For them it is no problem to accept that life is a wonderful miracle. They are still in this vibrant joy which IS life, as long as we didn’t infect them with the divisive judgements of our fearful thinking.
We grownups are busy our entire lives, only with our very own thoughts and emotions. Our psychological ‘reality’ has overshadowed our existential reality. Please see this. All we have to do is acknowledge that there is much in life we know nothing about.
Not knowing is no problem. Believing you think you know everything (because it is in your holy book, or because it is the conclusion of any other limited thought process) is the greatest source of violence on this wonderful miracle planet.
Please understand clearly that I am not pointing at anyone. I am looking at the life that is closest to myself: I look at myself. Not with eyes closed and meditative music on the background. I examine my emotional patterns and thought processes, my own shadow illusion, the psychological structure I used to identify myself with deeply… I look. “Look” is my name.
When I look around I can see that most people have the same compulsive movement within their ability to think. I recognize myself in you. Namaskaram.
When I look within, I realize the truth of the situation my life is in. I created this myself, by allowing my thought processes to have a life of their own. I was not aware. In fact, I had totally forgotten about awareness.
There was no more space in my mind because it was too busy trying to control and maintain my psychological reality. Realizing all this gave me a huge depression. I didn’t see a way out of this. All I could do was drop it.
Realizing that it was all untrue, was not so difficult. But really letting go of that, gave me the feeling I was nothing and alone. Great sadness came over me. I totally turned away from the outside world, because I had the idea I could not handle this any more.
All I could see within the emptiness that I saw in me, was a tiny little spark of life. I felt that there was something in me that could not die. This was the only direct living experience I had until then. And for me it was enough to stay alive.
Enough of the personal story. Every body has one, so I shouldn’t bother you with mine. But if I look within, I see beyond the personal story. I do not fight with what I feel any more. I accept it and understand it. It’s part of experiencing. If we suppress it we only limit ourself. “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.”
In truth, the disturbing feelings I was struggling with, were only enthusiasm for a united humanity, justice and freedom for all beings… Allowing these feelings creates the space necessary to understand them. Our emotional body needs compassionate understanding of the self.
The personality is a block-chain of likes and dislikes. My own opinions are the building blocks of who I think I am. And they are blocking me. I am blocking myself from experiencing life as it really is.
Am I alive, or am I only thinking that doing what I like is my freedom?
My opinions make me do stupid things. As long as this is in place, it will be impossible to see what is naturally necessary here and now. Every time I say: “I like this”, then naturally I identify with it. And by identifying with it, all I do is limiting life to live naturally. Personality is blind.
So, there is something in us that creates limits, to experience a sense of control and safety. But also, there is something in us that wants to experience limitlessness. To do that, we have to strive beyond survival, beyond perceiving with the physical senses.
Direct experience of union is what we need, to know who we are. People are trying to experience some kind of aliveness when they are using alcohol, chemicals or other drugs. (I used to be an expert.)
That is so, because of the idea that after a good life there will be a reward in heaven. But this idea has collapsed. Modern science and technology tried replacing this idea with an empty promise of  an explanation of existence. But it also doesn’t give any answers to the existential questions we all may have sometimes, about purpose and justice and truth.
So many people are ‘missing something in their lives’, what is this? What I found what I was missing when I finally could see this: myself. I was missing myself. Now it seems silly. How could I not have realized that I was here all the time? Almost FIFTY YEARS I was looking for answers outside myself.
No, I am not blaming myself or anyone or anything. I understand now. For me, the thing that gave me some balance in life, is Yoga. I have no idea how a simple daily practice can do this, but I can relax myself in not knowing also. Not knowing anything opens everything.
So, unless ‘the people’ are taught how to simply sit here and be in total bliss, they are very likely to try to use outside stimulants. This only brings death closer. We have (more than enough) tried to fix things through the outside.
We can clearly see the state the planet is in. This is not an outside body, we are included in it. Seeing all this as one super-organism is not so wrong, but again: It is not about knowing this. Life wants to be lived, you know.
People have been holding it back for so long and with so much effort, and now it is clear most of them need some assistance to return to the living reality. We need everyone to stay natural.
Every human life system needs to be switched on. Inclusion is the key to Union. Teaching people the experiential science of Yoga will finally give every One a lasting realization of the source within. The source of happiness and wellbeing, which is naturally also the source of creation itself.
Inner wellbeing is actually nothing less than the end of fear. To me, the end of fear is True Freedom. And this also means: First establish yourself in the sense of Union, then act. Allow life to live totally, so you are part of the solution !
Wholly living is allowing the pure formless consciousness to manifest in this moment, without distortion of what we think it should be…
Live                        Unite                  Create
People Inhabit Now The Eternal Natural State