health in the 21st century ?

2 aspects= coming out of the soil lacks minerals because of industrialisation
=permaculture is THE solution
2.cereals selected for extra gluten&being robbed of their germ confuse the small intestine&lead to vitamin deficiency
+ a more complex problem because old time cereal varieties have been eliminated in organic agriculture also because the straw is too long&deemed to be of no value
eating non-gluten cereals might help but our food patterns have been around (healthy)gluten cereals for 10.000+years, so this is not so easy

prefer food from permaculture
+direct your food habit towards more rice&other non-gluten cereals
+convince your local farmer to grow old varieties of gluten-carrying cereals
+do something with the straw (compost!)
-avoid industrial flour, even organic

the body needs the dynamism of the germ INSIDE the bread

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