1. Is there an objective world independent from the observer&is our body one aspect of this objective world ?
2. Is the body built from material parts, isolated from each other by time&space ?
3. Are mind&body distinctly separate&independent from each other ?
4. Does matter come first&consciousness second ? Are we a physical machine that has learned to think ?
5. Is it possible to explain human consciousness as a biochemical process ?
6. Are we, as individual people, isolated&independently functioning entities ?
7. Is our perception of the world automatic&does it give us a true image of the real situation of things ?
8. Does our true nature get conditioned totally by the body, the ego&the personality ? Are we flashes of memories&desires in a package of flesh&blood ?
9. Is time an absolute given&are we trapped in it ? Does nobody ever escape the devastating effect of time(entropy) ?
10. Is suffering necessary ? Is it part of rerality ? Do all of us inevitably fall prey to sickness, old-age&death ?

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