The modern exacerbation of the essential human delusion, by carrying to its logical extreme our sensation of being entities inherently separate and independent from the rest of nature, and in general our fragmentary perception of the universe as though it were the sum of intrinsically separate, self-existent and unconnected entities, has made us worse than the
men with the elephant. It has led us to develop and implement the technological project aimed at destroying the parts of the world that annoy us and appropriating those that please us, which has seriously impaired the functionality of the worldwide ecosystem of which we are parts and on which our survival as a species depends. A popular Western author illustrated this by saying that our incapacity to grasp the unity of the coin of life led us to develop and apply powerful corrosives in order to destroy the side that we deemed undesirable—death, illness, pain, troubles, etc.—and to protect the side we considered
desirable—life, health, pleasure, comfort, etc. Those corrosives, by boring a hole through the coin, now are on the verge of destroying the side we were intent on preserving…


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