Home yogurt (without yogurt maker)

I have started producing a home made yoghurt, using raw milk from a local farmer. It is very easy to do, very reliable even without some professional yoghurt maker and of course, very ecologic, compared to any (conventional or bio) yoghurt bought in a supermarket (no transportation, no packaging). You can see the article with photos and English translation on my blog: http://brozkeff.net/2012/08/22/domaci-jogurt-home-made-yoghurt/

In the last few years, some smaller Czech farmers started selling raw (non-pasteurised, non-homogenized = live) milk directly to the customers using an automat placed publicly somewhere in the village green or town square, for much lower prices than in the supermarket, and still getting much more money than if they would sell the commodity to the racketeers).

Author: brozkeff

I was at Plukrijp in Autumn 2011, then during 2012 and 2013. I wrote my Masters' thesis about Plukrijp in English with stories of people living there during 2012/2013. https://brozkeff.net/thesis

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