2 thoughts on “The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice and Sustainability”

  1. An interesting book on this topic is this one:

    “Meat is a groundbreaking exploration of the difficult environmental, ethical and health issues surrounding the human consumption of animals. Garnering huge praise in the UK, this is a book that answers the question: should we be farming animals, or not? Not a simple answer, but one that takes all views on meat eating into account. It lays out in detail the reasons why we must indeed decrease the amount of meat we eat, both for the planet and for ourselves, and yet explores how different forms of agriculture–including livestock–shape our landscape and culture.
    At the heart of this book, Simon Fairlie argues that society needs to re-orient itself back to the land, both physically and spiritually, and explains why an agriculture that can most readily achieve this is one that includes a measure of livestock farming. It is a well-researched look at agricultural and environmental theory from a fabulous writer and a farmer, and is sure to take off where other books on vegetarianism and veganism have fallen short in their global scope.”

  2. Anyway, if you decide to eat them or not, ruminants should eat grass, not grains. The question of eating meat or not is different than the question if we should be farming animals. And there the question should be: How?

    I’m keeping bees. They are animals too. And they can be exploited, but we don’t do that. We let them bee. See http://hapicultuur.be

    Luc (‘bee dude’)

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