Jordi Tutusaus, a nice man

Hello, my name is Jordi Tutusaus, from Barcleona.
I’v been a helpxer and wwoofer for the last two years…

During that time I wrote many songs inspired by livings and nature,
I also wrote a book, it is called Natural Songs
And now it’s time to share it with the world

I created a video with the best images I filmed around the world, i used them to explain the message of my project, concept…

Here is the video:

And here is the blog where you can enjoy the whole project (MUSIC+BOOK)

NATURAL SONGS is a story to change the world.

It is a book of songs, about a man who is singing natural songs to change everything…

It is actually the first “bookalbum”!!

I’m so happy that now i can share it with you, the hosts!, it’s almost magical for me!

I kindly ask you to share it with some people, friends, family….and…with your HELPXERS!!

I know you are gonna love the message, because it’s a message to change the world.

Please, help to make the message grow. You just have to share the video!

Thanks to be hosts of HelpXers like me.
You’ve been an inspiration

This organization gave me the lifestyle, the feeling and quality time i needed to create. now the creation is finished and i give it back.


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