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2020 – week 50

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Plukrijp, YOUR open permaculture garden
The updated list of vegetables & fruit that can be harvested this week is available now on our website under the heading “Current Harvest” :
We do the garden for YOU
Plukrijp functions on your frequent visits & harvests. Take along for friends & neighbours, this way we recreate real networks between us all, breaking down the illusory restrictions that now still separate many of us from our fellow man = UBUNTU.
Building communities of trust is fundamental to healing our collective wound. At Plukrijp, we offer spaces of transparency and solidarity. The community allows people to encounter each other in truth and so develop trust.
This week @ Plukrijp

In all the years Frank has been living in Schriek such beautiful late Autumn weather only happened in 1972 when we did our anniversary celebration outside in the garden beneath the apple tree. So many kind memories, so many moments with kids, workers, clients & friends to fondly look back on, learning, building, celebrating, expanding & contracting & expanding & contracting & transcending, …. as was needed. As the Taoists say: “not attaching expectations to our actions, we help the birthing of that what wants to be born”.

Thanks to our volunteers the farm & house & workshop are now in tip-top shape, ready for whatever 2021 might bring us. Do we need to know what or how ? Clearly NO! The deep trust in the goodness of life resulting from a balanced, creative & flexible no-nonsense Plukrijp permaculture carries us like a wide stream.

While the post-capitalist Western world seems to be collapsing under the covidiot fear-mongering, waiting for who knows what magic “savior” or “reset”, we daily keep on creating & sharing value. Material value from our gardens, social value from our many networks, mental value from the immense collection of knowledge & experience, so many years of coaching & learning from our elders made Plukrijp into a “meta-place”, functioning on its own energy & resonance. Thank you, the many 1000s who were part of this big adventure in free development. Welcome to the new generation ready to take over.

We did:

Install the new saw table in the workshop. Are we going to make tables, boxes, benches, …as before ? Who knows what else ? So much wood & so much experience awaiting the right caller & the right situation.

Sort through the tools & materials in the workshop. Order brings possibilities. Space inspires new creativity.

Scratch the compost into the fields awaiting new seeds & plants

Continue the library, now at 12.000 books, ordered & catalogued

We did an evening on our cure for social atomization and warfare, transactional analysis, using a set of teaching tools designed by an anonymous artist on pinterest (link; There are about 16 of them, look for the images in the same style) and many examples drawn from our daily lives. We invite you to step out of the drama triangle (link) and enter the winner’s triangle (link) and highly recommend looking through the pictures. They summarize the idea’s TA brings very concisely and understandably.


For more in-depth discovery, look first of all to Eric Berne’s books GamesPeople Play’. Additionally, Thomas A. Harris, Jacqui Lee Schiff, Stephen Karpman. For a 101 course, look at these three video’s: link. For true insight and understanding, apply these concepts to your daily life and discover the obstacles keeping you from true intimacy and the reasons you don’t want it.

We shared/watched:

Stopping the technocrat takeover”, an interview of the Dark Journalist with Catherine Austin Fitts.

The John & Yoko movie “Above us only sky”, a document of a moment in history where “war could be over if we wanted it”. Did we “give peace a chance”? Or did we prefer to hang on to temporary seemingly unlimited consumerism for us (the West) at the price of unending post-colonial wars of resource extraction ? Or do we prefer hallucinating Artificial Intelligence, or post-modern “creating our own reality” in exchange for individual & social freedom ?

Who killed John Lennon, a look inside the workings of the beast. Corruption at the highest level as came out a few years later (Watergate: “I am not a crook Nixon). How much lower can our political world go ?

Two documentaries on alternative schools: Summerhill & The Kin School

Hold-Up, a movie on what is behind the Covid-19

A VPRO interview with Piet Vroon, the psychology professor who wrote “the tears of the crocodile” on the lack of integration of our 3 brains. A must read for the many who still cling to the I-me-mine, the “what-about-me” of new (c)age. Only when (if????) humankind reaches this integration can we expect to live in harmony, globally & personally. See also the visionary works of Sri Aurobindo & the Mother from the first half of the 20th century.

Interesting Movies & Documentaries

Assassination of John Lennon

John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky documentary – Trailer

Summerhill (2008) -AMAZING- Best Freedom Movie Ever!!

The Kin School, Tekos, Russia

“All children are endowed with genius, talent and creativity, that’s why we don’t test their IQ. It’s important to see that as long as a child’s heart is open they’re a genius. So to awaken their genius you need to open their heart, remove complexes, tension and fear. Once these are removed you see before you a genius who is already on their right path.”
Principal teacher of The Kin School, Tekos, Russia


Zomergasten: Piet Vroon (1991)

Inspiring Links

Mysterious, artistic protest march in the Netherlands | Guerilla Mask Force


In more than 14 different cities in our country, a mysterious, artistic protest march took place simultaneously today. Enschede, Sneek, Maastricht, Zwolle, Spijkenisse, The Hague, Amsterdam, Nijverdal, Tilburg and a number of other cities were surprised by a White Performance during the busy Black Friday weekend.


Participants were dressed in white suits with white masks. Around the upper arm a black mourning band with a white cross on it. A playful protest against the disproportionate corona measures.


To the beat of footsteps, these “slaves” were accompanied by speakers from which a female robot voice blared out, pronouncing lyrics like:

“Thinking for yourself endangers the common good”

“Face masking duty for a lifetime”

“Vaccination deprive opponents of their rights”

“Body contact causes suffering”

“Only loneliness is safe”

“Always be obedient”

“Vaccination is charity”

“Avoid closeness forever”


Many spectators stopped to watch the spectacle. Some spectators whispered, “Yes, this is where we are going, terrible.” Others passed by stoically. This “flash mob” arose very quickly and disappeared again. Inspired by an action earlier in the Swiss capital Bern where an artistic protest group called Guerilla Mask Force Bern also carried out the same action. And just as a virus spreads, this art form has now also spread throughout Europe. In opposition to the corona measures that according to the participants make the future of our world a lot less human.

Inspiring Book

Back in the 1960s Jacqui Schiff developed “reparenting,” a technique for curing psychotics generally labeled incurable by other therapists. In Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis (TA) theory, the psyche consists of components called “ego states,” of which there are three types: Parent, Adult, and Child. Psychopathology emanates from battles inside the mind between the Parent and Child ego states, with the Adult too weak or undeveloped to intervene. In psychotics, the Parent ego state has usually incorporated crazy messages from the real parents, such as “You don’t deserve to live!” “Get lost!” “I hate you!”; these are directed at the Child ego state, which usually oscillates between compliance (“It’s true, I’m hateful—I don’t deserve to live”) and rebellion (“I’ll kill you!”).

An ambitious psychiatric social worker, Jacqui Schiff reasoned that the way to cure severely disturbed people was to replace the crazy messages of the Parent ego state with sane messages—in effect, to replace the old, dysfunctional Parent with a new, healthy Parent who would nurture the Child rather than persecute and exploit it. To replace the old Parent with a new Parent, however, Jacqui realized that she would have to become a parent to the psychotic patients, furnishing the good parenting (nurturing, discipline, modeling, messages) that the person had never experienced. So she and her husband Moe (also a psychiatric social worker) started taking sixteen-to-late-twenties “incurables” into their home and effectively “re-raising” them—an extremely arduous (and dangerous) process, since many of the patients were prone to suicide and/or psychotic episodes sometimes leading to homicidal attacks. Arduous and dangerous—but in most cases reparenting worked.

All My Children tells Jacqui’s story, detailing her trials and tribulations as a fulltime “mother” to psychotic young adults. The book is exciting and very easy to read, and the reparenting technique dramatic and apparently very effective although extremely demanding on both patient and therapist—and therefore a process that very few therapists have been willing to emulate.


What is that point on the head of a pin

where one can stand and yet be free to move

with every breeze

without losing that point of contact?

Most interesting and delicate.


Envision the leap?

Yes, but without demand.

Allow life to live you, knowing

you cannot hope to place it in some folder

of understanding.


Consider a river at its fullest, flowing unimpeded,

carrying with it what it must,

leaving behind what it will,

honoring its own course.

The river is not one solid mass of water,

but countless drops that dance and sing

and bump into rocks and bury themselves

in she silt and rise again to the top.

It is alive within itself and it is,

at the same time, totally inhabiting its flow.

Be like the river which says only yes.


Say yes to your no,

for if you are part of the river,

you are part of the journey.

– Emmanuel

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Inspiring Song

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