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2021 – week 1

Upside down = instead of announcing what we plan to do
(& most often find out we do not need to do), we relate what we really did

Building communities of trust is fundamental
to healing our collective wound.
At Plukrijp, we offer spaces of transparency and solidarity.
The community allows people to encounter each other
in truth and so develop trust.
We do the garden for YOU
Plukrijp functions on your frequent visits & harvests. Take along for friends & neighbours, this way we recreate real networks between us all, breaking down the illusory restrictions that now still separate many of us from our fellow man = UBUNTU.
The updated list of vegetables & fruit that can be harvested this week is available on our website under the heading “Current Harvest” :
This week @ Plukrijp
We did:

Last week of 2020 & first week of 2021 went by with the same non-winter weather.


We did:


Clean out our stock place at Hei. We already collect water for our new 10.000 water cistern from our neighbors. Steve attached a few meters of gutter to his garage, sending welcome rain water. Yana &Anthony hung a (temporary) gutter towards it. Steven promised to bring a few trucks of yellow sand to level it out with the top of the water tank. If we can lay a level floor & put up a roof over it this spring/summer, we can catch & store still more rain. Frank has given up on the idea of dry farming considering the evolution of the local weather pattern.


Scratch all the “empty” fields that got a big compost treat. In Plukrijp no nonsense permaculture we give a lot more attention to creating a super-dynamic fertile soil than to planning specific harvests. So many spontaneous plants, so many self-seeding patches, so many unforeseen plants from our network make any planning into a futile exercise. Each spring also has its own characteristic patterns. A permaculturist has to be able to listen to these subtle hints from his garden. Of course the “old” model of producing specific amounts of veggies for a fixed market does not fit well. Hence the success of the CSA movement where the farmer together with his “co-creating” clients fills the garden as nature allows it. Sharing from abundance as opposed to selling (at an always too low price) to middle men who rake up the profits & impose their (mostly external) quality requirements. Nobody can guarantee what & how much will come from the field, just like nobody can plan the amount that will be sold. Nature gives the permaculture farmer abundance each year. Being flexible allows him/her to adapt the planning to the specific weather pattern, trusting that at the end of the year there certainly will be enough. As Célestin Freinet said: “Grass does not grow by puling on it, but by feeding the roots.”

We shared/watched:
See “Interesting Movies & Documentaries”
Interesting Movies & Documentaries

New World Order Checkmated (Jean Bernard Fourtillan)

Science of Fasting HD

A superb piece of documentary making highlighting what is known about fasting and the massive benefits it confers to us.

12 Initiatory Steps To Becoming A Man

Blitzkrieg on the Masculine

Robert Moore – King, Warrior, Magician, Lover


We have been concerned about helping men to take responsibility for the destructiveness of immature forms of masculinity. At the same time, it is clear that the world is overpopulated with not only immature men but also tyrannical and abusive little girls pretending to be women. It is time for men, particularly the men of western civilization, to stop accepting the blame for everything that is wrong in the world.


There has been a veritable blitzkrieg on the male gender, what amounts to a demonization of men and a slander against masculinity. But women are no more inherently responsible than men are. The High Chair Tyrant, for instance appears in all his or her splendor in both sexes. Men should never feel apologetic about their gender as gender. They should be concerned with the maturation and stewardship of that gender and the larger world.


The enemy of both sexes is not the other sex but infantile grandiosity and the splitting of the Self that results from it.

The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien has been a beloved story to several generations since its publication in the mid-1950s. The story has a timeless quality to it, and engages with a complex struggle between good and evil, death and immortality, power and freedom. The Lord of the Rings blends otherworldly romance with the high rhetoric of epic mythology, at times interwoven with the internal depths of the nineteenth century novel and the political climate of the twentieth century. As Tolkien’s close friend and colleague C. S. Lewis once said: “Nothing quite like it has been done before. This book is like lightning from a clear sky . . . here are beauties which pierce like swords and burn like cold iron.”

The Lord of the Rings is treated by many as a sacred text, one to be returned to year after year, or read aloud with loved ones. The Lord of the Rings has become a myth for our time. This course offers a deep reading of Tolkien’s magnum opus, in which we will explore the grand themes and hidden nuances of Tolkien’s epic story, connecting The Lord of the Rings to the larger mythology of Middle-earth, and situating Tolkien’s process of writing within his own powerful experiences of the imaginal realm. 

The final class will demonstrate parallels found between Tolkien’s legendarium, called within its own imaginal history The Red Book of Westmarch, and C. G. Jung’s Red Book—two projects that began within the same potent period in history, just before the onset of the First World War. There are many synchronistic parallels between Jung’s and Tolkien’s Red Books: the style and content of their works of art, the narrative descriptions and scenes in their texts, the nature of their visions and dreams, and an underlying similarity in world view that emerged from their experiences. The two men seem to have been simultaneously treading parallel paths through the imaginal realm. Such parallels hold deep consequences for modernity’s assumptions of a disenchanted world, and bring to the surface implications concerning the nature of imagination and its participatory relationship to the collective unconscious.


Inspiring Links

All the truth about Covid-19

Inspiring Book



Love your body


You have to make an effort to love your body in order to have good love. How do you live in your body? Do you experience feelings of warmth, softness? Are you aware of comfort and discomfort? Thirsty, hungry? Do you pay attention to the quality of the food? Do you take the time and the pleasure to absorb it in relaxation? Are you determined to never overwork, rush, stress under any circumstances?


The bath and the shower are privileged moments to express your love for the body. You can bring awareness, attention by breathing deeply during this daily care and practicing relaxing your muscles one by one in contact with the water. Take the time to dry yourself well and experience sensuality in contact with a towel of your chosen texture and color. Pay attention to all parts of your body and direct your mind to thoughts of acceptance even if you don’t like your feet or your thighs. There is an exercise that is known and sometimes mocked, but which is very useful. You successively massage all parts of your body with a scented oil, for example with lemon or lavender essential oil. You internally pronounce an acceptance formula: “I accept my foot as it is.”, and you continue with the leg, thigh, pelvis, going up to the hair. You will become aware of your resistance to your body, of your criticisms which are often magnified compared to reality.


Then you look at your image in the mirror, first with that critical eye that you know well and then with the most total level of acceptance possible: behind this imperfect form which is me there is an essence of beauty. Beauty is in me. My body is the temple of this beauty.


We talk too much about beauty

in terms of the exterior plastic

when it is a subtle emanation

that no exterior perfection can replace.


This deep self-acceptance is at the very heart of openness to others. How many women and men are obsessed with their physical faults, forbid themselves a meeting in the name of their faults, or remain contracted, distracted, unavailable during love at the idea of the critical gaze that the other will pose on them.


We know too little that someone

who accepts himself

is always received

as beautiful and agreeable by the other.


This mirror exercise leads in a few minutes to a change in the state of consciousness. This moment of intimacy spent with oneself is like a ceremony. Every day, every moment you are a lover, a lover for yourselves.


Make love with yourself


It is a starting point and an ending point. In a way, having sex with another does not exempt yourself from having sex with yourself. The fire of desire is tamed in the own body. Desire is always an arrow pointing in the direction of the center, in the direction of the self, and the archer in us needs to exercise his skill over and over again outside the circumstances of the encounter.


There is a physical way to make love with yourself. It is masturbation, a shameful and disparaged practice in social morality, a practice that is medically recommended in sexology. Breaking away from taboos and pretexts, we can consider the caress of his own sex as a natural gesture that the child does not need to be taught. Gesture of pleasure that allows to discover a marvelous functioning, an energetic transformation. Spontaneously, the child plays over and over again with this inner state. Everything is a pretext for the little girl to excite her clitoris. She rubs herself against her bicycle saddle, on the branch of the tree, on the man’s knees, she waddles under the table. And the boy surreptitiously touches himself as soon as he thinks he’s out of sight. It’s so good! This is a momentous discovery, but often censored by adults. Some people don’t even remember ever masturbating, many feel embarrassed or guilty about stroking.


Getting to know one’s capacity for pleasure, feeling capable of giving this pleasure to oneself is however very important, decisive even in love and erotic dependence.


Someone who knows

how to give oneself pleasure

is also someone

who knows how to bring about the best,

to lead the magic of the encounter

towards the possibilities of ecstasy.

It is also a sign of self-acceptance,

of a union between body and soul.


However, this intimate caress can be carried out compulsively, like a discharge of tension and without real adhesion of the heart. The pleasure we get from it is then very limited. In a state of mind of internalization and meditation, the same caress becomes a ceremony. You allow yourself to ride waves of pleasure, you don’t run into orgasmic relaxation. If you are a man, you take full advantage of this situation to control ejaculation and to experience “dry” enjoyment, which travels up to the brain.


If you are a woman, you reach a suspended plateau state which might resemble a state of ecstasy. It is not an eroticism fueled by fantasy, it is an exploration of oneself, a confidence in one’s capacity for pleasure. Making love with yourself isn’t furtively, shamefully fondling yourself in a matter of minutes. This intimate celebration deserves a candle, music, silky fabrics, perfume, a mirror and a meditation on the face of its male and female ideal. We visualize in a subtle body this inner lover and we feel this fusion as in a waking dream. The mirror allows you to look your genitals in the face, as you never see it and as it is perceived by the other. This taming becomes very sensual by the touch of the velvety inside of the vagina, or the velvety of the glans. The woman learns to distinguish her clitoral orgasm from her vaginal orgasm, to simultaneously caress her clitoris and her vagina, to caress her clitoris and the tips of her breasts. The man stimulates his erection by uncovering his glans, by accelerating a back and forth movement, by caressing the area of the perineum and anus.


There is a beauty in this relationship of man and woman to their own body. And this freedom acquired with oneself is then transposed into a shared intimacy. It is very exciting and very moving to watch the other caress themselves while offering themselves to your gaze.


The relationship with oneself also offers a privileged opportunity to learn to channel sexual energy. The proposal is not to give in to orgasm, to stop just before, inhaling and blocking the breath, lungs full, for a few seconds. The exhale brings relaxation and allows the energy accumulated in the penis to flow into the pelvis. By caressing her stomach, you allow this heat to diffuse. Then we continue to stimulate the sex and we direct this energy by bringing our attention to the heart center located in the middle of the chest. The caress of the belly rises towards the region of the heart. Just before orgasm, a deep breath, followed by air retention, allows the sexual energy to rise to the heart. When you breathe out the energy goes back down to sex. Likewise, attention is shifted between the two eyebrows. One hand caresses and stimulates the penis, the other moves from the penis to the heart and from the heart to the forehead. Just before orgasm, a deep inhale helps to raise the energy, to hold it with full lungs and relaxed body before letting it come back down with the exhale. This practice refines the perception of energy and communicates a more fiery vibrational state to the whole body.


Thus, by a conscious intervention,

the being learns voluntarily

to make a junction

between his brain, his heart and his sex.


There is nothing exceptional about this junction. It is present, free in children of three, four years, sometimes more. It becomes open again in adults who have learned to practice it consciously.


It brings into play

the subtle principle of changing energy,

transforming heavy into light

and fire into light.

When this axis is open,

a person changes their behavior

far beyond a psychological will.

This energetic birth allows him

a permanent access to being.


She is learning to surf in the grace of the moment. There is a capital issue here that goes far beyond learning to enjoy. Just as we learn to swim, we need to learn to circulate energy within us. The school of pleasure becomes a school of awakening and wisdom. To make love with yourself is to make love with life. The discovery looming behind this re-taming of the pleasure body is the middle way, through the psycho-body sensation of the line of ecstasy.


Love is possible from an inner availability,
from a certain quality of peace.

When the inner conflict concerning self-image and relationships with others
no longer permanently clutters the field of consciousness,
a place exists for another state of being,
more contemplative, more accessible to happiness, to joy,
to softness.
And this is how a disposition to the vast, a welcome, a tolerance,
a fiery interior chapel that burns day and night,
not with the fire of passion but with the fire of presence, slips into us.

Paule Salomon

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