Plukrijp is a non-profit association.

The association organizes free training and activities.

All the goods and services circulating within the association are free and without consideration.

To become a member of the association, it is sufficient to write your name in the register of members.

There is no membership fee to be paid.

Plukrijp works according to the principle of free donations. This means that you decide for yourself what you think is a fair price for what you take with you, with respect for the people who have taken care of it and in accordance with what your wallet allows. With your donation you support the functioning and survival of Plukrijp.

4 thoughts on “Membership”

  1. Hello dear sir or madam
    My name is Azizjon and I would like to participate in the seasonal workers program, but I am in Central Asia in Tajikistan, can I somehow apply from here, pass the selection and get a SEASONAL visa?

    Thank you

  2. Hallo, ik ben Fabienne,
    Ik heb over jullie gelezen en vind het zo mooi wat jullie doen.
    Ik zou graag eens langs komen..
    Ik heb vooral interesse in de tuin en de doorgeefwinkel… Ik ben pas verhuisd en heb nog zoveel spullen die ik kwijt wil, kleding, sieraden, decoratie enz.
    Grtjs Fabienne

  3. 23/01/2022
    Application for the position of farm worker

    Dear Hiring Team,
    I have a real interest in the position of farm worker within Plukrijp, and I have the experience and skills needed to be the best person for this job.
    I have four years of experience working on a farm where I learned how to use a variety of farm equipment such as plows, tractors, spraying equipment, chain saws and milking machines. I am mechanically inclined with the ability to perform general maintenance on the equipment to help keep them in good working condition. This helps to extend the lifespan of the equipment, which in turn will save you money.
    My experience also includes planting and harvesting crops. I am familiar with the ideal planting times for the different types of crops and I am very familiar with irrigating systems. I have the ability to inspect the systems and to perform general maintenance to keep them working efficiently. I also have experience mixing fertilizers and preparing insecticide solutions to help yield more crops.
    I have some experience working and caring for livestock and my duties included cleaning stalls, feeding and checking the health of the animals. I am physically fit and able to handle the duties associated with this job and to work long hours in all types of weather. I have excellent verbal and written skills with the ability to follow instructions and I am dependable, trustworthy and self motivated.
    You can reach me for an interview by calling +91-7023112133 and I hope to meet with you soon to discuss the details of this position in person.
    Pawan Kumar

  4. Beste,

    Ik ben een jongen van 21 jaar die tegenwoordig hard geïnteresseerd is in fauna en flora ik heb een heel open mindset dus ook zeker niet vies van jullie yoga sessies.
    Het probleem bij ons is momenteel dat alles rond ons huis is dichtbebouwd waardoor onze tuin heel weinig ligt krijgt waardoor onze biologische groenten uit de tuin hard achteruit zijn gegaan.
    Graag zou ik meer willen weten over wat jullie doen en voor staan (ik ben momenteel jullie site aan het lezen dus misschien komt dat nog wel.
    Ik zou graag ergen gewoon terug groeten en fruit op een biologsche manier willen planten en oogsten omdat ik persoonlijk niet zhon fan ben van de supermarkt.
    Ik vroeg me af of dit mogelijk is bij jullie.


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