Our ‘open’ permaculture garden

Plukrijp is an open permaculture garden where the members can participate and harvest for a free donation.

The aim of the association

To be a study center for young people and adults, where everything that benefits natural nutrition and well-being are central. Promoting the public interest by raising environmental awareness of the society.

Plukrijp bears the “Sustainable Heistenaars” label.


How it works

Come and share your talents with us and let us inspire you!

Plukrijp is a special place where conscious people give a warm heart to each other and offer support to nature that gives it back in the form of an incredible abundance. We care for each other and care together for the place. Everyone is co-responsible.

The garden is central. The daily contact with the pure energy of nature helps to live more consciously. One realizes that everything is connected to each other and that every action has an effect.

Plukrijp is a place to learn to live and work together in joy and deep connection.

Our daily schedule is that we work together from 9 to 12 and from 15 to 17. The meals are taken together.