wwoofers speak about their stay at plukrijp

hello frank and Martine!
Me and marcello arrived in Milan, I was very happy to see my parents and hug them was very 
nice. But I already miss pllukrijp so much and all you people off course. Today I didn't really 
know what to do with myself, I just enjoyed my home stay, and kooked a zoup with my 
mum. But my mind already started bringing me in melancholia, listening to " aint no 
sunshine when she's gone and thinking of you all" so I found a nice permaculture 
community near by here, its smaller than plukrijp, and near home, I think its what is good 
for me write now! Already wrote to them and I will join them the day after tomorrow.  
Everybody off you is here with me in my heart, I remember your eyes and smile,  and its very 
difficult to resist at the temptation off taking a flight back tomorrow morning! But I wont, 
instead i send to you all my never ending love  and my thankfulness for every moment that i 
had with each one of you. 
Frank, Martine  you are for me a Lighthouse and you helped me to discover what is life and 
joy i will be forever gratefully for that.

See you in jenuary, 
big hugs

permaculture course plukrijp 2013-2014


Aim of the course

  1. to introduce permaculture as the alternative to western “culture”

  2. to encourage (mostly young) people to develop more authentic life designs, more adapted to post-capitalist economic & social reality

  3. to pass on agricultural & horticultural permaculture techniques to people who are starting up collective gardens, CSA’s, Eco villages

  4. to share group experiences with people so they get the taste of open dynamic purposeful community life


  1. Plukrijp functions on a “circles of interest” mode

  2. we encounter each other on a free, non-sectarian base, where scarcity of money, shelter or information are transcended

  3. Plukrijp facilitates this exchange

  4. through membership fees & free donations the costs of the infrastructures are met

  5. meals, lodging, administration, websites, mailing lists, travel expenses, are paid for from this “magic hat”

  6. there is an open accountancy, members can participate in the decision making, yearly meetings & can call for extra meetings

  7. for meetings we practice the “love-unity” method, incorporating many of the new communication techniques

Practical arrangements for the permaculture course 2013-2014

  1. membership fee = € 50 or free donation

  2. each member tries to come to the 7 weekends

  3. costs for each weekend = € 50 or free donation

  4. at the end each member gets a CD with the texts of the course

  5. weekends from Saturday 10 a.m. till Sunday 5 p.m.

  6. meals & lodging are included

  7. no alcohol, drugs or violence in words or deeds please

  8. be on time, forcing others to wait for you is not nice

  9. communication= frank.ruymen@gmail.com or 0032-485.924.212


  1. www.plukrijp.be

Permaculture course Plukrijp 2013-2014

Weekend 1 : initiation weekend + garden practice

  • the 3 principles of permaculture

  • the flower of Holmgren, interactive exercise

  • our wiki at permabook.brozkeff.net, an introduction to the wide implications of perma

  • practice in the Plukrijp garden: a first visit to 15.000m² of 30+ years of perma

French5 & 6/10/2013Dutch, English12 & 13/10/2013

Weekend 2 : fertility+techniques in permaculture gardening (part 1) + practice

  • soil life, compost, minerals

  • a forest or a garden; how to feed 7 billion humans ?

  • a short history of man’s relationship to nature

  • food yearround from the permaculture garden ? How ? Why ? Tools ?

  • practical : synergy, resources, tools, techniques, systems in perma garden part 1

French2 & 3/11/2013Dutch, English9 & 10/11/2013

Weekend 3 : social dynamics+design your project (part 1)

  • why/how groups ? + practical exercises

  • situational authority, flexibility, dependance games often played in groups

  • proximity vs exclusivity, a short history of the last 60 years

  • value = alternative money systems

  • the transition town movement

  • practice = design your life project part 1

French4 & 5/01/2014Dutch, English18 & 19/01/2014

Weekend 4 : water + life design + design your project (part 2)

  • water in the permaculture garden-field

  • water as healing

  • the science of water anno 2013

  • fractals, spirals, waves : beyond the linear view

  • life design, a systemic approach to YOUR life

  • practice= design your project part 2

French1 & 2/02/2014Dutch, English8 & 9/02/2014

Weekend 5: design, tools, techniques in permaculture gardening (part 2) + practice

  • design for gardens : tools, techniques, systematic approach in time & space

  • tools : what you need + how to keep it working

  • techniques : false seedbed, superficial cultivation, line seeding, mixed crops, edible cover crops, nursery plants, plant propagation, seed saving & exchange

  • practice: create a warm bed for early planting

French1 & 2/03/2014Dutch, English8 & 9/03/2014

Weekend 6 : utopia, why not ? + design your village/town/community

  • some more & less realistic utopias from past & present

  • the story of debt, or the artificial creation of scarcity

  • deep ecology, modern slavery, tribal solutions to live a meaningful good life

  • practice = redesign your village, neighbourhood, household, town towards…

French5 & 6/04/2014Dutch, English12 & 13/04/2014

Weekend 7 : cycles in nature, life, cosmos + techniques in permaculture gardening

(part 3) + PARTY !!!

  • in nature, the year, life, the cosmos

  • ancient (forgotten) civilisation: fiction or reality ?

  • practice = seeding, weed control, to mulch or not to mulch, that is the question, cover crops, combinations, ….

  • practice = party

French3 & 4/05/2014Dutch, English10 & 11/05/2014

Keywords for the course

aerobic bacteria – co-creation – coherence – compost toilets – CSA – design – dry farming – durability – eco-villages – ecological footprint – ecosystems – edible crop cover – false seedbeds – flexibility – fluidity – food collective – give-away-shop – harmony – homeostatic dynamic balance – life design – low-impact – microbiology – microclimate – money alternatives – mulching – nomadism – paradigm change – peak everything – polytunnels – proximity – re-use/re-cycle/re-pair – resources – synergy – together – transition – value – water clusters – yin/yang